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Saving the Rangers Season

All this talk about the Rangers and Sundin shouldnt be the focus. Its not even possible until they clear cap space, and even if they had the room hes not going to solve their problems. Hes a great addition to a solid team so that being said they might not even be in the running because of their recent play. Theres been rumors of potential trades to open up the room to possibly sign him and that is what I am going to focus on.

Forsberg to return to the NHL? Drury to the Avs?

According to Adrian Dater of the Denver Post, Peter Forsberg has set his eyes on returning to the NHL yet again. Foppa has a home in the Denver area and has a girlfriend who is attending a college there as well, so it’s very much safe to say that Forsberg will sign with the Avalanche, and it’s no secret that Forsberg loves Colorado.

But this won’t happen until some time after New Year’s.

He recently had another foot surgery and is planning a full-scale test on it. Apparently, this last surgery has made his foot feel amazing. Forsberg stated that if it does not work out, that this will be it. He will retire.

The Real NY Rumors: Sundin to SIGN with Rangers Islanders interested in Av

It is no longer just a rumor, but the truth that Sundin will wait for the Rangers to clear cap space to become a NY Ranger. IT IS NOT TRUE WHATSOEVER that Gomez or Drury or even Rozival will be dealt to clear room.

It is also believed and known that the Islanders would love to bring Avery to the Island. ticket sales are at an all time low on the Island and bringing Avery in would be there best move to spice up the team and give them a name.

Rumors from the Toronto Sun

Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun is reporting that Tom Renney could be in trouble. He also indicates that the Stars may be looking to deal Avery back to the Rangers and provides his latest updates on the Mats Sundin saga that never seems to have any closure to it.

Fantasy Hockey This Week: Western Conference

Written by Joe Cutroni, Staff Writer

December 12, 2008

HIGHLIGHTS: Joe Cutroni provides an inside look at who’s hot and who’s not around the Western Conference to give you the edge you need in your fantasy hockey league.

Possible Upcoming Moves

So as the NHL season comes up on going into the new year their are a bunch of intriguing stories. Where will sundin sign? Dallas and Avery. Ottawa and Dallas being in the bottom of the league. Boston being second in the league and so on. Now with these stories come moves and trades that will possibly come.

Fantasy Hockey: Eastern Conference Scene

Written by Frank Mazzola, Staff Writer

December 11, 2008

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Should Ottawa start to rebuild?

The question is simple: should the senators make a trade for a puck moving defenseman (and possibly others) to make the playoffs, or become sellers? Over the years, Ottawa’s success in the regular season diminished their prospect pool, not only with poor draft positioning but buying at the deadline. (2nd rounder for arnason, 2nd rounder for saprykin, 2 2nd rounders for bondra). Not only that, but their scouting and development has become increasingly poor. With the exception of (possibly) Zubov in the minors, there arent many jewels for ottawa drafted past the second round.
Now, salary cap reality has shown us that you can’t win without youth. Youth are enthusiastic, energetic, built for the new NHL, but most of all, they are cheaper than veterans. Getzlaf and Perry in anaheim were underpaid given their contributions. Zetterberg was paid 2.7 million last year (he’s not as young, but you get the picture). Heatley and Spezza were paid 4.5 million 2 years ago. Lets not forget Staal in carolina, crosby and malkin in pittsburgh, etc.

Habs Minor/Major Adjustments

Here is just a thought as to what the HABS could do to changing things up by the numbers with 1.550 Cap space.
If they were to try to sign Sundin

Is Havlat on his way out ???

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun is reporting that the Black Hawks may be looking to deal Martin Havlat.

Problems brewing in SJ

San Jose is a solid team. They do have one glaring weakness. There 3rd line. Now my suggestion? Very simple. TRADE CHEECHOO!!! I dont care what his value is get rid of him. Dump him to another team. He should not be in SJ any more. Sure he won a Rocket Richard with 56 goals. He hasnt scored more then 30 in 2 years! He is injury prone lazy and frankly could cost us the cup. Trade him to a team desperate for scoring. Say Ottawa as a possibility. I say get a 2nd and maybe a 4th. Remember this team is desperate and would be willing to take a chance on him.

Recent Trade Rumors

Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun provides his speculation regarding Mats Sundin, the Canucks, Panthers, Rangers and he also speculates that the Thrashers may be ready to trade both Kovalchuk and Mathieu Schneider.

Vrbata and Gratton waived by Tampa

Poor Tampa and their new owners. They had such high hopes for this season but now they’re losing money and trying to move some guys who have been dead weight so far this year. has reported that Vrbata and Gratton have been placed on waivers