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Who is the Best Left Winger in Hockey?

As good as the Right Wingers are in the NHL, the Left Wingers are no slouches either. Here is the top 10 Left Wingers in the NHL

1. Markus Naslund – arguably one of the best scorers in the league. He has a wonderful shot, great hands and terrific hockey sense. Yeah everyone can harp on him not doing a whole lot in the playoffs but he is one of the league’s best players. On the rush he may be the most dangerous. His great speed can break teams apart. playing on perhaps the best line in hockey certainly helps the cause.

Canucks goalie situation + Cooke Situation

The Canucks have an interesting situation going into the start of training camp. The have a fan favourite and world class agitator who is threatening at holding out. They have an absolute dogfight for the 6th spot on defence and they have three goalies, all who will want to play in the NHL. I think it is time we break this down.


According to, The Boston

Bruins GM Mike O’Connell continues to “touch base” with the agents for holdouts Andrew Raycroft and Nick Boynton. Meanwhile, O’Connell has invited former Bruins starter Byron Dafoe to training camp for a tryout. Dafoe has yet to announce his intentions.

Young Signs

St. Louis Post reports that Scott Young has returned to the Blues. The announcement should come sometime today.

Who's the Best Centre in Hockey?

So who is the best centre in the NHL? A very tough question indeed since there are so many to choose from. But I will try to narrow it down to the 10 best centres in the NHL. I also threw in rankings for top young centre and checking centre.

Saskin, Linden Asked to Resign

Files from and The Toronto Star make up this report.

The Toronto Star reports that a group of NHL veterans are calling for the resignation of NHL Players Association executive director Ted Saskin, union president Trevor Linden and other players association officials amid allegations that Saskin was hired improperly.

Bondra to the Thrashers?

Eklund claims that according to “an Atlanta Based source” Bondra signed a deal late sunday night to play with the Thrashers. There currently is no mention of either the term or value of the contract.

Perreault going to Preds camp

Center Yanic Perreault has accepted a tryout invitation extended by the Nashville Predators and will attend the team’s training camp, which opens Monday.

The Hockey News: Top 50 Players — Complete Stupidy 2005-2006

Can I ever take Mike Brophy seriously again? As a writer, ‘expert’ or man. The Hockey News’ Top 50 Players of 2005-2006 had the most bizarre and insanely ludicrous rankings I have read in a long time.

Stumpy Accepts reports:

Steve Thomas has accepted the Toronto Maple Leafs’ invitation to attend camp on a tryout basis.

Messier expected to retire

sources =

It looks like the 2005-06 NHL season will begin without the league’s second-leading scorer of all time.

According to the New York Post, Mark Messier is done playing after 25 seasons in the NHL.

Other newspaper reports say that the future Hall of Famer will not be reporting for a training camp physical with the New York Rangers on Monday, and may take the opportunity to announce his retirement from hockey.

Who exactly is left?

There are more remaining free agents then people think, but I guess it’s time we once again go over the list of players still on the market.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports Pens have signed Crosby

It is being reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Fox Sports Pittsburgh that Sidney Crosby has signed his rookie deal.

Keen on Keane?

38-year-old veteran forward Mike Keane has been invited to attend the Toronto Maple Leaf’s training camp.

If he accepts the offer to attend camp, Keane would have to fight for his place on the Maple Leafs roster.

Yet another defencemen retires

TSN is reporting that St.Louis defencemen Al MacInnis has decided to call it a career. It is expected to be announced sometime friday morning.

Hatcher injures knee!

According to

Derian Hatcher’s debut with the Philadelphia Flyers may be delayed.

Kovalchuk SIGNS…in RUSSIA! **UPDATE***

Eklund is reporting that Kovalchuk informed the Atlanta Thrashers today that he had signed with a Russian team and that there was NO OUT clause. That means he cant play in in the NHL this year.

If this news gets confirmed then thats a huge hit to the Thrashers and the league as a whole losing your most exciting young player.

To read the UPDATE, click Read More

Who's the Best Defenceman in Hockey?

Assuming each of the 30 teams in the NHL carry 7 defencemen, there are 210 blueliners playing in the NHL. Which one is the best? Well here is who I think are the top 10 defencemen in the NHL today.

A look at some of the sleeper picks of this NHL season

Now I am in a couple of Fantasy Hockey leagues and the drafts are not too far around the corner. It got me wondering as to who will be some of the sleeper picks or have a “breakout season”.

Every year there are guys that virtually come out of no where to have a great season and continue doing so in the NHL for years to come. There are a few players that are my pick as this years sleepers and if available in your draft you might want to think about picking them up.


We all have our thoughts, opinions and biases as to which teams have improved, which are sure-fire playoffs bound, and which are bound for a miserable season. But although a fan, I like to think and try my best to be one of the apparent minority that takes and makes well-founded criticism of his own team. And is that type of thinking that has led me to think about the articles that have been posted here on people’s take on how teams will fair. My thoughts are that given all being equal from other years we could answer these questions with a higher degree of accuracy, but so much has changed that in all truthfulness, we have to wait.