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Who's the Best Defenceman in Hockey?

Assuming each of the 30 teams in the NHL carry 7 defencemen, there are 210 blueliners playing in the NHL. Which one is the best? Well here is who I think are the top 10 defencemen in the NHL today.

A look at some of the sleeper picks of this NHL season

Now I am in a couple of Fantasy Hockey leagues and the drafts are not too far around the corner. It got me wondering as to who will be some of the sleeper picks or have a “breakout season”.

Every year there are guys that virtually come out of no where to have a great season and continue doing so in the NHL for years to come. There are a few players that are my pick as this years sleepers and if available in your draft you might want to think about picking them up.


We all have our thoughts, opinions and biases as to which teams have improved, which are sure-fire playoffs bound, and which are bound for a miserable season. But although a fan, I like to think and try my best to be one of the apparent minority that takes and makes well-founded criticism of his own team. And is that type of thinking that has led me to think about the articles that have been posted here on people’s take on how teams will fair. My thoughts are that given all being equal from other years we could answer these questions with a higher degree of accuracy, but so much has changed that in all truthfulness, we have to wait.

A tribute to one of the greatest athletes in sports history!

Recently a story was posted pertaining to the possible retirement of two hockey greats Scott Stevens and Mark Messier. This article got 16 comments! SIXTEEN COMMENTS PERTAINING TO THE RETIREMENT OF ONE OF THE GREATEST ATHLETES AND ABSOLUTE GREATEST LEADER IN ALL OF SPORTS MARK MESSIER!! In this day and age of Hockey Trade where a rumor of the Leafs signing Marius Czerkawsk…how ever you spell his name gets 310 comments how does the retirement of an undeniable all time legend get packaged with another news item and only get 16 comments? So I want to do the Moose justice and Give Mark Messier the tribute he deserves.

Potential Unrestricted Free Agents for 2006-07

There has been many people wondering what the class of 2006-07 unrestricted free agents will look like. I will attempt to put together a list of such free agents. From the rules as stated on the website a player will be unrestricted in 2006 if he is 29 years old with 4 years experience or has 8 seasons in the NHL.

Let HTR Help out Katrina Relief Effort!

We all know what is going on and the scenes on TV are just horrifying. However, I must congratulate CNN for not “censoring” some of their video. Showing all the destruction and hearing words and not beeps makes it seem all the more tragic.

The Forgotten & Restricted Class of Free agents

There are still free agents available for teams who have the cap room or trade bait.


The latest Salary cap update from TSN. This is purely fact, with no speculation.

NHL releases U.S. Television schedule

NBC, and OLN released today the schedule of the U.S. Nationally televised NHL schedule, and both schedules have one thing in common: There is hardly any Canadian team on it.

Does not

The Toronto Maple Leafs get laughed at alot for only “honoring” numbers, instead of retiring them. Right now there are only three numbers a Leaf can’t wear. 99, because Gretzky’s number is retired league wide, 6 for Ace Baily, who is the reason the all star game was started, and number five, the number of the legendary Bill Barilko, who’s story is famous around Leaf Nation.

Pilar's Heart Condition Returns

According to tsn, a czech paper claims that Pilar’s heart problems are back, and that he will miss at least a couple months.

This leaves a bit of a hole on the leafs defence, and also pretty much kills the rumors floating around about Pilar being traded. Who would want to trade for someone with what is now a reacuring heart problem who can’t play till Christmas?

Too Much Money For Too Little.

After reading H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS’ latest article, I thought why not reverse his idea?

The Most Overpaid Player Signings Of The Free Agent Market 2005.

Steal of the Free Agent Market 2005?

Quite simply, this question goes out to everyone. Who do you think was the steal of the 2005 free agent market?

In my opinion, there were 3 steals of the 05 free agency market this year:

Cap Casualties

As most of us know there is a group of about 10 or so NHL teams either over the salary cap or running out of wiggle room. Most of these teams still have a handful of roster positions to fill and very little money to work with.

Rookies to Watch in 05-06

Because of the lock-out, several notable rookies that would have debued last “season” have had a further year of development. This means that the race for the Calder Trophy, normally a race between a one-year-lucky goalie and a couple of 40 point scorers, could become just as exciting as that for the Hart, Norris, Vezina, or Art Ross. Here’s a preview in my view of the rookie class of 2005-06. An “A” means they should be able to win it, no matter what their supporting cast, a “B” means it will take luck, and a “C” means that they might not make they’re debut, or else they’ll be a darkhorse, but shouldn’t be counted out.

Scott Stevens Leaning Towards Returning

TFP.COM and report that Devils Captain and 41 Defenceman Scott Stevens is seriously thinking of returning for the upcoming season.

Erat re-signs, Smolinski to join the Preds?

Martin Erat has signed a 1 year contract believed to be worth 875k.

With Ottawa looking to dump off Smolinski’s salary, Nashville is rumored to be one of the teams interested.

Senators Sign a Pair. is reporting that the Ottawa Senators have signed free agent defenseman Lance Ward and forward Jeff Heerema. Also, the Senators have shown interest in free agent defenseman Jason York.

Lightning Look to Contend, Long Term

The Bolts have been busy this week and last, adding depth and leadership to an already cup-worthy squad.

by Bardia Sinaee

Several teams will HAVE to make trades

There have been many articles lately speculating possible trades. I say look at the numbers and you’ll see who HAS to make some moves before the puck drops in October.