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CAPS LOCK UP SIZE – Biron, Majesky to Washington

FA defensemen Mathieu Biron and Ivan Majesky have signed with the Caps … they are 6’6″ and 6’5″, respectively.

Keenan Trying to Re-Create the Leafs?

Late last night I decided to tune into sportsnet to see if the leafs had acquired Eric Lindros. As you should probably all know by now, the Toronto radio stations have been all over the “Lindros to Toronto” rumours for the past couple of days or so. The FAN 590 even went as far as stating that the two sides had already reached an agreement, and were simply just ironing out the last few details.

Lindros Contract to Count Against Cap

If the Toronto Maple Leafs want to seal fate and bring in Eric Lindros, it is going to cost them money and cap room.


Negative Nancy — Coaches on the go?

Excitement has stormed the NHL!

Free agents signings, new rule changes, a salary cap. So many diffrent and new ideas entering this league.

But why focus on the positive when one can just as easily focus on the negative.

That’s right, I’m talking about the annual predictions of which NHL coach will lose his job first.

Will it be Pat Quinn? Can he keep his new look leaf team afloat?

How about Eddie Olczyk? The Penguins are a revamped team, will their coach be up for the challenge?

Or maybe even Bryan Murray in Ottawa. As much as Jacques Martin failed he still succeeded during the regular season… mighty big shoes to fill.

Allow me to analyze and comment on all thirty NHL coaches this season, starting with the first 15 in alphabetical order.

The Thrashers sign Trio in hopes of toughening up

The Thrashers went out an signed a pair of decent players and one who has been plauged with injuries for several years now. The Thrashers signed free-agent forwards Eric Boulton, Ramzi Abid and Scott Barney on Monday.

Best Canadian Team…Play-Offs Version

This year I think every Canadian team SHOULD make it into the playoffs. Here is my breakdown for each team:

NHL re-instates bertuzzi

Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi, who had been suspended indefinitely by the National Hockey League on March 8, 2004 for a blind-side punch that injured Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore, has been reinstated for the start of the 2005-06 season, the League announced today.

Next Years Best Canadian Team?

The six Canadian teams are all looking fairly well, and we may see the first time in a while that all six make the playoffs. Most people see Edmonton as the best team next year, but will they really be?

Pittsburgh interested in Stumpel and ready for more!

If you think the Penguins are done signing free agents, think again. The recent additions of Sergei Gonchar, Andre Roy and Ziggy Palffy, plus last year’s signing of Mark Recchi, have drastically improved the Pens’ roster, but according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, they plan on adding a goalie, another center and one more defenseman. Including Stumpel! Read on…


To Coach or not to Coach…

According to a news release by, sources are inclined to think that Gretzky might not coach this seson due to the length of time it has taken to either accept or reject the coaching job. GM Barnett said he has a backup plan if Gretzky decides not to coach.

Give JFJ a Break. Goalie Musical Chairs. Where are the Caps? Sens No. 1

5 days have passed since the beginning of the most wildest off-season in NHL history. And we fans have not been disappointed. This has been great for the game to see all this movement and get every place excited about hockey again.

''Lets Roll the Dice''

For 37 years all over North America, but mostly Toronto die hard leaf fans begged to ask the question, “Is this the year?” And year after year disappointment filled the minds of crushed leaf fans who had dreams. Dreams of partying down Younge Street and finally seeing Mats Sundin raise that Stanley Cup and skate around the ACC.

Lindros to Toronto All But Done (And As a Defenseman)?

According to both and Eric Lindros is all but signed by Toronto, for 1.5 million for one year, with a team option in year two. confirms this in their “five for Fighting” page, also commenting on the possibility of Lindros being signed as a defenseman.

Whitney signs with Canes!! has reported that Ray Whitney has signed a two year deal with the Carolina Hurricanes. Whitney, bought out last month by the Detroit Red Wings will earn $1.5 million per season.

My favorite…

I wanted to do a new twist on a article I started years ago called “getting to know each other” in that article we listed facts about ourselves, all very nice and all but what if this year we do things a little different. This time I want each of us to just simply list their favorite things. The things that make them smile. The parts of their life that help motivate them to get up in the morning. The things they love about life. Whatever they may be. Favorite musical group, person, place, book…whatever! Just tell us what makes you happy, I think it’ll be a great way for us to each to get to know each other (and provide ammunition for future jokes and insults at all of your expenses)

Hejduk Resigns!

According to Colorado inked Milan Hejduk to a 5-year deal. Financial terms were not disclosed. This means all Colorado has to do is round out their roster!

Toronto Signs Jason Allision is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed unrestricted free agent Jason Allison to a one year contract. Terms of the deal are presently unknown.

Kariya Signs is reporting Nashville and Kariya have agreed to terms. The deal is reportedly worth 4.5M$ a season over 2 years.

Brad May Signs

According to Brad May has agreed to terms with the Avalanche.

Should Leafs Trade Sundin?

Should the Leafs trade Mats Sundin?

It really all depends on what plan John Ferguson has. No one really knows what he plans on doing to make the Leafs into a contender. If you believe the talk, it appears as though JFJ has been caught flatfooted and very offguard in this wild off-season so far. He has overestimated the players love for coming to Toronto and so has Richard Peddie who boldly stated that players would come here for less.