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JR lashes out

The National Hockey League and NHLPA may be off for the weekend from CBA talks, but that didn’t stop Jeremy Roenick from speaking up!

Better Be-Leaf It, Toronto Will Be Buyers This Off-Season

At first glance, it appears that the Toronto Maple Leafs will be in quite the bind come the time a new CBA is in place. With the likelihood of the Cap being anywhere between $35-40 million, it leaves little opportunity for Toronto to spend freely as in years past. Though a rollback in salaries will help increase team’s cap limit, the Leafs are still not that well off as they will have approximately $27 million in salary tied to a mere 8 players.

Super Mario's World

Things are looking up for Mario and his Pittsburgh Penguins. Despite bankruptcy, the inability to get a new arena and losing seasons the last few years, the Pens have a promising future. The new CBA should allow Pittsburgh to play on a more level playing field with the rest of the league. And new investors are on the horizon from the west coast that should put the team in more stable financial position.

HTR Olympic Fantasy League!

Ever wondered if you could go for the Gold, and bring one back for your country? Now you can, welcome to the new HTR Olympic fantasy league.

A King's Ransom for Free Agents

The LA Kings are in great shape once the offseason gets going. They currently have half their team signed and with rollbacks are only committed to roughly $15 million for these players:

Who would I pick?

I have very different views on who could make team Canada 2006, no Mike Fisher or Chris Phillips…(Sorry, they’re good hockey players, just not good enough!) So who would I pick for the team?

I Guess No More A-Rod Contracts From Tom Hicks

Tom Hicks and the Dallas Stars have dug themselves a deep hole down in Texas. Hicks has never been shy about opening up the chequebook and signing star players. Just ask Alex Rodriguez who got $250 million to play shortstop for the Texas Rangers. Ask the likes of Pierre Turgeon, Bill Guerin and Phillipe Boucher who hit paydirt by coming to the Lone Star State.

Top Ten International Canadian Hockey Moments

I’ve seen alot of team Canada games in my life, here are my top ten moments in Canadian hockey history.

Turning Over a New Leaf

The Toronto Maple Leafs building through the draft. It kind of has a weird ring to it considering the Leafs have not developed a home grown talent since probably Felix Potvin and before that Wendel Clark. In the Pat Quinn era, the Leafs have mainly gone with veteran talent brought in from outside. Younger players at the time like MacCauley, Smith, Sullivan, Johnson, Modin, Markov as well as prospects like Boyes, Immonen, and high draft picks were moved out and in their place were more experienced players like Nolan, Leetch, Cross, Khristich, Reichel, Renberg in an effort to bring a Stanley Cup to Toronto.

What needs to be done to make the game Better?

Alright The lockout will be over soon. They just want to make a big deal and make it look like there is no deal now so all the hockey fans can get excited. We all know new rules will be added to the game and all types of changes. This is what I think should be done without going crazy. Tell me what you think. Or tell me what you rather see done.


With an apparent end to the nightmare that was the 2004-2005 NHL season nearing, I would like to issue a formal statement, challenging all hockey fans to return to our game, to abandon the feelings of frustration and bitterness towards the NHL or NHLPA, and to once again be excited about the future of the greatest game on ice! I wrote this article to inspire some conversation that, to be frank, has been missing from this site for quite some time. Let’s talk hockey!


Hab-Nots No Longer

In the late 1990′s the Montreal Canadiens were being decimated and through some terrible trades became a team bereft of any talent on the parent team and in the system. Once a proud franchise with a rich tradition of winning, the Habs became one of the league’s worst teams with bad coaching and a terrible GM in Rejean Houle.

Rev Sharing To Help Low Pop. Cities?

This has been speculated around a few times, but with revenue sharing and a salary cap, low population cities could get teams back.

Top Ten Things That Happened in the Lockout

There have been alot of interesting things that happened during the lockout. Here’s my top ten.

Post CBA rumors

I’ve been hearing alot of rumors lately. Alot of them are from Eklunds associates, I don’t know if you guys still believe him after February. I do. Any ways. Here it is.

Mad Mike's Fantasy Island

You’ve gotta like Mike Milbury. He certainly adds plenty of excitement come trade deadline, draft, off season, you name it. If you are an Islander fan, you must hate him with unholy passion. He has only managed to discard the likes of Palffy, Chara Bertuzzi, Jokinen, Luongo, McCabe, Brewer among others and pass up on chances to draft guys like Spezza, Heatley and Gaborik. How he has managed to survive the several owners that have passed through the organization the last several years remains a mystery.

Make Your Own NHL CBA here at HTR

It has been almost a year since we have been able log on here at HTR and post about an NHL game that we saw. In the time of this lockout we have had posts which included opinions of those who Blame one side or the other for things becoming as they have and why things have not improved. It may help to prevent this situation from repeating itself by knowing the who’s and Why’s. However what really matters is that they both sides come to an agreement. If this was the movie Jerry Maguire this is not the part where Cuba Gooding Jr. screems “Show me the Money” this is where Tom Cruise says “Help Me Help You!!”.

Too Many Problems with a Weighted Lottery

It appears as though the league will proceed with the “weighted lottery system” in order to determine where Crosby will end up. However, in my humble opinion, this is the wrong way of going about. There are just too many problems.

St-Rangers in Manhattan

As recently as last season the Rangers read like a who’s who of superstars. There was no shortage of top notch talent in New York with names like Messier, Leetch, Jagr, Kovalev, Holik, Lindros, Bure Nedved among others.

Capital Gains

It sure pays to lose. Lose games, lose money. That is what happened to the Washington Capitals. The result was the Caps gutting their team of most of their veteran core players and getting the top pick in the 2004 entry draft. Gone are the likes of Lang, Gonchar, Konawolchuk, Jagr, Nylander, Grier, Klee, Bondra, Simon in what was one of the biggest dumping of players and contracts that the league has ever seen.