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To be a Contender, You Need an Actual Tender

So far the 2008-09 season has seen the avalanche start the season with an abysmal 5-7-0 record. For avs fans this record simply isn’t good enough and an arguably be attributed to the lack lusting performance of their “goalies”. For God’s sake, even the Toronto make-me-laughs are doing better!

Brodeur out for 4 months, Devils must find alternative.

Very, very bad news for the New Jersey Devils. In the 6-1 victory against the Atlanta Trashers, a few days ago, Brodeur injured himself while sliding on the ice. He has a torn ligament in the left elbow. He’s going under surgery later this week. It’s a huge blow to the Devils. Brodeur is really the masterpiece of this team. Kevin Weekes is a fine goaltender, but can he carry the team on his shoulders until Brodeur return for the playoffs?

Roloson stepping it up

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that veteran goalie Dwayne Roloson has gone from expendable trade bait to a guy on a roll.

Ducks chasing Sundin? is reporting that the Anaheim Ducks have been meeting with Mats Sundin in an attempt to lure the aging star to their team.

Brendan Shanahan Update is reporting that the Blues have made contact with Brendan Shanahan. Although it is reported that the Blues have not made an offer to the former 50 goal scorer one can only imagine that the Blues would love to have their former fan favourite back in the fold this season.

Penguins may be looking at Ilya Kovalchuk

Mark Madden of the Beaver County Times is speculating that a major blockbuster would make sense for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Fantasy Hockey: Around the Western Conference

Fantasy Hockey: Around the Western Conference

Written by Joe Cutroni, Staff Writer

October 31, 2008

Joe Cutroni provides an inside look at what’s happening around the Western Conference to give you the edge you need in your fantasy hockey league.

Fantasy Hockey: Eastern Conference Scene

Fantasy Hockey: Eastern Conference Scene

Written by Frank Mazzola, Staff Writer

October 30, 2008

Frank Mazzola takes a look at the NHL’s Eastern Conference and keeps you up to date on the latest developments.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Let's Get Real Edition

The Leafs as we sit at our box and key stroke machine, are 4-3-3 after 10 regular season games. A record most so called experts, including the shameful Howard Berger, did not see coming after 10 games. I have been on various sites the past couple months and anytime I was sucked into talking about what I thought of this season’s edition of the Leafs I came to one conclusion: Better collectively than last season’s edition of the squad with or without Sundin. Not to toot my own horn, but so far my suspicion has been correct.

Leafs Trades for the Deadline… Preview

The Leafs are definately going to blow up their team this year, but who are the potential players that could be traded for something valuable to the rebuild??

Alfredsson close to 4 year contract

According to TSN, with only one year left on a opotion deal, Alfredsson is close to signing a 4 year deal worth 22 million. It is said Alfredsson will be paid heavily in the first 2 years and then very light in the last two to balance out the salary hit. It is expected for the hit to be 9mil, 5mil, 5 mil, 3 mil.

Likely Offer Sheets in 2009

Every year since the lockout when Philly GM Bobby Clarke sent an offer sheet to Vancouver’s Ryan Kessler there has been speculation on who is going to be signed to an offer sheet, which team is going to be forced to overpay for a restricted free agent.

When Is Too Soon?

Plenty of talk early this season has been about the 4 young defencemen drafted this year and being in the NHL already.

Drew Doherty, Zach Bogosian, Alex Pietrangelo and Luke Schenn all made their NHL teams and some are poised to stay for good.