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NHL Cancels Most Anticipated Player Draft In Sport's History

Man, I didn’t see this one coming. The NHL, claiming an unwillingness to block out hotel rooms in Ottawa despite having a $300,000,000 war chest of funds, said that they will cancel this year’s entry draft.

Gooden-dough Up to his Old Tricks

You might think that the fact an NHL season has been lost, there’s the very real possibility of replacement players being used, there’s a good chance teams may go under and the union will lose jobs might have some effect on Goodenow – of course you’d be dead wrong.

The league met today and what they talked about has already been released. Read on for more…

Wow Baseball Season Preview Update

Here is an update on the Wow Baseball season preview.


NHL Offers Up Two More Proposals To Luke Warm Response From Union

The NHL offered up two new proposals today to the NHLPA union. The first was a 37.5 million dollar hard cap and the second was more of a return to the linkage system that the owners have wanted all along.

Bruins experiment with rules changes

“Bruins bosses Harry Sinden and Mike O’Connell a few weeks ago called up the entire Providence Bruins squad to Boston, essentially tossed the rule book in the trash can, altered the lines on the ice, and looked for new ways to open up the game. The most radical alteration was moving the blue lines closer to the nets, in theory creating smaller offensive zones.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby…

right round, like a record, baby…

According to the always quote-worthy Jeremy Roenick, the whale might be on the loose once again.

Experts Look: WoW Needs Some Help

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “come-back” for me here at HTR.

But more of a request of HTR’s “member” to give input on what can be done to help improve HTR’s “sister-site”

So please give your thoughts…..

Wow Baseball Season Preview

I know we all miss hockey but I think by now we all know we won’t be see any NHL this year or maybe not even next. But if you’re like me you watch more then one sport, which brings me to the reason I’m doing this article. As you may or may not know the new MLB season is getting close. I’m an admin on Wow Baseball and we are looking at/hoping to do a HTR style season preview.

Devil's Advocate: Goodenow is right, Bettman is wrong

Almost everyone who is on this site, including myself, any many others have been on the side of the owners and feel it is the players who have caused the most problems that eventually led to this lockout and cancelled season. But let’s look at it from a different point of view to play devils advocate.

Free Agent Frenzy

If and when there is a new CBA, the possibility remains that the current unrestricted free agency structure could change from how it was in the last CBA. It is very possible that the age of unrestricted free agency could very well be lowered. If that was the case, then we could very well see the biggest and most talented crop of free agents be available this summer. For argument sake, lets say they get a new CBA done by July 1st and they agree to lower the UFA age to 30. Here is who would be available:

Ducks Still Swiming For Now

I’m surprised that this wasn’t posted earlier but Disney has sold the Ducks to Dr. Henry Samueli and his wife, Susan. Here is the link.

Isn't it Ironic? Dontcha think?

From an AP story:

“Marshall Faulk, now resigned to a backup role with the Rams, has agreed to a pay cut in a restructured contract that will essentially guarantee he’ll end his career in St. Louis.

Dan Blackburn Update

New York Ranger goalie Dan Blackburn, the 10th overall pick in 2001 has recently signed a contract and is playing with the ECHL’s Victoria Salmon Kings. Now why is this news?

Bettman’s Hiring Was The First Domino to Fall in the NHL

This is a really divided topic regarding who is to blame. To be honest, every facet of hockey including the fans must accept some blame in this lockout but NHL hockey’s decline really started when Gary Bettman was hired.

Did Someone See This Coming?

Well, I guess I’ll write another “short, stupid” article and see if it gets posted. I will refrain from giving a personal opinion on the current state of the NHL until I have the time to do a full dissertation.

But, it appears a certain iconic Canadian band foresaw the current situation in the NHL many, many years ago, and sent forth a prophetic metaphor that we are just beginning to comprehend now.

No New Meetings in Sight, But Cup Awarded in 2005?

Well, The Season is truely over, and that is the worst, but at the same time could be for the better.

What The Hell Is Going On Here???!!!

Why is it that the league and the union can not get a deal worked out? Why is it that one minute we here that they have comed to an agreement and the next minute they have nothing. What the hell is going on here?

Union Being Broken Today?

I am not sure if I am seeing things or not but the scuttlebutt with Eklund and his sources (including a Detroit radio station, WXYT) say that a faction of players are trying to undo the unthinkable acts of yesterday. The radio station is reporting that Brendan Shanihan couldn’t comment on what is going on right now for fear of getting in the way of what was going on.

What needs to Change? Take Over the NHL Yourself.

What needs to change in order for the league to move forward and get a deal done for next season? There are also many other questions in need of the answer for the game of Hockey.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what we should do from here on out.

NHLPA Rejects Yet Another Offer From NHL

Breaking news (or not so breaking news for fed-up and tired hockey fans) the NHLPA has quickly rejected yet another offer from the NHL today as the two sides met in secret.