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Latendresse Brothers Unite

According to, Phoenix has traded Oliver Latendresse to the Montreal Canadiens. He will be joining his younger brother Guillaume in the Canadiens organization. No talk yet of who the Yolks get back in return.

The Latest On Oli

Here is the latest from around the league about Oli Jokinen:

Hossa, Havlat on Habs radar

The Montreal Canadiens are reportedly on the verge of pulling off a deal for either Martin Havlat of the Chicago Blackhawks or Marian Hossa of the Atlanta Thrashers respectively.

What hockey moves should the Canucks make?

With the trade deadline quickly approaching rumors are at a season high. But with Dave Nonis already stating he would NOT be trading away the Canucks future for rental players, what moves will he be making?

Question For Leaf Fans

I know a lot of hockey fans have had enough of Leaf rumors and trade suggestions. This is niether but is a delicate topic none the less.

Would Toronto Maple Leaf Fans be bitter towards Mats Sundin if he doesn’t waive his No-Trade Claus in the following days?

Report: Red Wings Interested in Kings' D Brad Stuart

Three Red Wings scouts were in St. Louis to watch the Los Angeles Kings on Feb. 12, leading rumor-mongers to heat up the speculation that Detroit GM Ken Holland is really, really interested in L.A. defenseman Brad Stuart. But this part of scouting is just due diligence on the part of the Wings’ GM and his staff in case he can find a bargain to make his team stronger going into the playoffs (To me, LA d-man Jaroslav Modry would fit in Detroit’s lineup better and would be much less expensive.).

Forsberg Announcement by Tuesday?

According to Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren, Peter Forsberg will make the announcement of whether or not he will return to the NHL and, presumably, the name of the team for which he will be playing.

50-goal club or 100-point club hard to come by these days.

Currently there are only two players, Ovechkin and Kovalchuk, who are on pace for 50+ goals. That’s it. There are a half dozen players just on the fringe on pace for 44-49 goals.
Currently, there are only five players, Ovechkin, Malkin, Lecavalier, Alfredsson and Spezza, who are on pace for 100+ points, with more just shy of it.

Last season we had only seven 100-point scorers (with Hossa and Sakic having multi-point nights to reach it on the last day) and likewise two 50-goal scorers (Lecavalier and Heatley), with two on the fringe over 45 (Selanne with 48 and Ovechkin with 46).

I seem to recall near the start of the season many people on here going gaga over the prospect of dozens of 50-goal, 100-point players. Now that the season is nearly 3/4 completed, we can start to see how it’s really shaping up.

Hawks chasing Forsberg

According to RDS.CA (the french TSN), The Hawks are offering Forsberg a 3 year deal at $11 million! Crazy stuff, in other news the Hawks hired the tandem of JFJ and Mad Mike Milbury as new co-GM’s…

Trade Deadline Notes: What can the Senators do to win the Cup?

Every year the Senators are the clear Cup favorite, and every single year, for the past ten years, they’ve found a way to lose. This year they have something they haven’t before. Cup experience in Mike Commodore and Cory Stillman.


I’m getting a little worn out by all the Forsberg talk. All this hype over a guy who is not the over the top player he once was nor someone who is going to help lead a team in the future. The Flyers best bet does not lie in the Swede. Although i wouldn’t mind having him, their needs are beyond the scope of what Forsberg can bring. After last nights disappointing loss to the Canadiens where they failed to solve Price, and Nittymaki and mistakes by the Canadiens kept them in the game, they need a big boost if their gonna be contenders or (at this point) even make the playoffs. I don’t know why their not more focused on other availale UFAs, but they should be. My recommendation without a doubt for the Flyers is HOSSA.

What hockey deal would you offer for Hossa?

Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell will probably field offers at this week’s GMs meeting for Marian Hossa, but he’s not going to accept just picks and prospects. Waddell wants “a hockey deal”, something that’ll help his team now, and if he can’t find that deal he won’t move Hossa.

Latest Pens Speculation

Now that Evgeni Malkin has separated himself from the pack and, in doing so, cemented his claim to the #1b (Crosby = #1a) center spot on the Pittsburgh Penguins, rumors surrounding Jordan Staal have resurfaced. You see, the Penguins now understand that anything but centering a line is tantamount to letting Malkin waste-away as a winger, even as Sidney Crosby’s winger. Malkin’s dynamic presence at center commands too much attention from opposing defensive schemes. Once Crosby returns, the consensus is to keep Malkin and Sykora together and to reunite Crosby and Malone. This leaves options for each of these line’s open winger position. A popular set of combinations is currently Gary Roberts with Malkin/Sykora and Tyler Kennedy with Crosby/Malone…