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Bruins Out Of Hibernation

After a few down and out seasons, the Boston Bruins made it back to the playoffs and the team is hopeful it will continue to rise up the standings.
GM Peter Chiarelli has gone the tried and true way of building within and building with youth and was rewarded this past season with some fine performances from the team’s younger players. Players like Milan Lucic, David Krejci and Vladimir Sobotka made some surprising contributions to the team giving the B’s hope for a good future. What he needs now is to ensure that development does not stall and the team continues to grow and get better.

Ward resigns with B's 2 yrs/5 mill

According to an NHL source, Ward signed a two-year, $5 million contract. His annual cap hit will be $2.5 million.

Predators Still Going Strong Despite Off Ice Woes

After being forced last summer to gut, or watch players depart, a roster that achieved back to back 100 point seasons, the Nashville Predators are hoping for more encouraging news this time around. In all likelihood, the team will not only be able to keep this current roster intact, but actually add a couple of bodies and maybe improve on their, albeit surprising, 8th place finish in the Western Conference.

With Gillis at the helm, what's in store for the Canucks?

We’ve all heard that Gillis is going to make changes, and we all know that he needs to address the offense, so what kind of deals is he going to make?

The EXACT Reason why Toronto is a Leaf City and not a Hockey City

To all the over-zealous Leaf fans out there that give the rest of us normal leaf fans a bad name, I present to you this beautifully written article from the Toronto Star that could not prove my point any further.

Philadelphia Flyers: Offseason Plan

Now that the Flyers are officially done for the year, I’d like to give a realistic examination of their potential off-season activities.

The wrong backwards

After last season everyone knew it was time for the leafs to take a step backwards. However, no one predicted they would put themselves this far behind the 8 ball.

Canes Need to Eye the Future

After winning the Stanley Cup in 2006, the Carolina Hurricanes have proved the last two seasons that their championship was a fluke. The team has missed the playoffs the last two seasons and look to be a team that is merely middle of the road, in playoff contention only by taking advantage of their placement in a weak division. Despite 24 games against lesser opponents, a gift few teams enjoy, they still missed out and that is not a good sign.

Nonis, Head Coach, Young Talent More

Well, the Maple Leafs saga has since calmed down from the thought of hiring Dave Nonis and the firing of head coach Paul Maurice.

-Here is a bit of enlightment for this Dave Nonis saga. He is apparently not been given the GM position, nor was he to get it, even for a year. The real reason why the Maple Leafs want Nonis is for their long-term plans. They believe that Nonis has the potential to be a great GM in the future and they want to sign him to be an assistant to whoever will be GM now, Cliff Fletcher and the future, possibly Brian Burke.

The Rebuilding Process Is Complete, Let The Contending Begin

Believe it or not, the rebuilding process is now complete in Montreal. The last thing that was needed was Play-Off experience and Montreal got just that, in fact, they got 12 games worth which is terrific. Yes, we lost to Philly but I’ll give credit to Philly, they just wanted it more. Congrats.

Looking toward to the Draft, Montreal should be drafting a forward as that is our weakest aspect when it comes to our Prospects. They shouldn’t Draft just any forward but a big forward. Personally, I have 4 in mind:

Penny Pinching Sabres Need to Save Some Players For A Change

If you are a Buffalo Sabres fan, you should feel happy that the team is not owned by someone who will be going bankrupt any time soon. What you should not be happy about is the way ownership is going about business to ensure no significant losses.

Tom Golisano, the Sabres owner, has certainly done all he needs to do to save a few dollars. In the meantime, his methods have begun to alienate the loyal fanbase of the team.

Mellanby To Assist Gillis

Scott Melanby has joined the Vancouver Canucks as an assistant to Mike Gillis. Melanby, 41, Played over 1400 games in the NHL, retireing at the end of the 06-07 season.

Do the Canadiens really need to sign a Free agent??

Hi guys!!

Two weeks after the elimination of the Habs by the lucky Flyers, let me ask you a question about the Habs lineup.

After what we saw during the season and the playoffs, do the Canadiens really need to add players to their lineup???

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