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Wings Might Be Too Good To Stop

The rich get richer. So it appears anyways when the Detroit Red Wings landed prize free agent Marian Hossa. In the background you could hear a collective groan from the other 29 teams who fell behind the Wings last season.

Already an elite squad that is difficult to play against, have few weaknesses and have more depth at each and every position on and off the ice, the Wings are built once again to win it all much to the dismay of their lesser opponents.

Year Of The Sharks

They are a relatively young team that constantly has an eye for the future and continuously implements good young players in and out of the lineup. But this season the San Jose Sharks have one goal in mind. Stanley Cup.

Miscellaneous (or whatever the spelling is)

I read someone recently on HTR who was complaining about the lack of interesting trade rumors (hem hem mojo :)), so I decided to write a quick summary of what we’re hearing these days on internet, or what I consider could be potential trades between teams. I won’t write the cap hit or each team after each trade, but consider they WILL stay under the cap with these trades.

Pac-Power has arrived!

Max Pacioretty had a great camp and if he learns as quickly in Hamilton as he did in camp, he will be back soon. Patches as he has been called will become Pac-Man if he can play the way he did in pre-season with consistency! Patches will get to play in all situations in Hamilton and log lots of minutes which will accelerate his learning curve and better prepare him for the big league!

Canucks and Lightning make trade.

The Vancouver Canucks have acquired defenceman Shane O’Brien and right wing Michel Ouellet from the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for defenceman Lukas Krajicek and right wing Juraj Simek.

O’Brien will report to Vancouver and Ouellet will report to the team’s AHL affiliate in Manitoba.

One Last Hurrah For These Ducks

This is a big season for the Anaheim Ducks. With only 8 players under contract for next season and no GM signed after this year, this is the last hurrah for this group of Ducks as they seek to rebound and win their 2nd cup in 3 years.

It will be an awfully big challenge in the difficult west, but with so many players with something to play for and a GM looking to go out with a bang, there will be plenty of motivation in Anaheim.

Quietly Efficient Stars Looking To Make Noise

The appearance of the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference final was quite stunning to many. The dispatched the reigning champs the Ducks with ease and got past another tough opponent in San Jose only to lose to the eventual champions the Wings. No one really expected this from Dallas after firing their GM early in the season and finishing with 10 less points in the standings than the previous year.

08-09 Predictions

Here is a look of what we can expect from the 08-09 season.

Teemu Selanne vs. North American Bias

Despite being one of the most productive players in the league at age thirty-eight, Teemu Selanne is still being over looked by essentially all hockey media. It is becoming apparent that being born outside of North America is still reason to be ignored in the NHL, unless you play for the Detroit Red Wings.

Gaborik Watch In Minnesota

Things are about to get a bit wild in Minnesota for the Minnesota Wild. The franchise has been the most successful of the 4 teams added the last decade and have been pretty consistent playing a conservative safe defensive game.

Young Oilers Hungry For Playoff Action

After reaching to within one game of winning the Stanley Cup in 2006, the Edmonton Oilers have struggled the last couple of seasons missing the playoffs both times. But there is plenty of optimism for this coming year as some young faces and new faces look to bring the Oilers back to the playoffs as they look maybe to surprise again in the West.

NHL vs KHL All-Star Game?

Although the hockey season hasn’t even started, it’s never too late to open up the All-star game discussions. We all know, and expect that this years All-Star game will be as boring and lifeless as the other one’s before it. The reason? There’s nothing at stake. Even when there’s a loser, no one seems to lose. The players claim that the game is just “for the fans” but if that’s so, then why when we complain that it’s boring, do they not raise the stakes and maybe at the very least throw in a check or two? Well I came up with a solution to this little dilemma of the All-Star game, and although it most likely will not get answered, it’s still something to think about.

What the Leafs need to do: Kramer's view

With the Leafs playing garbage hockey, they have to make several important moves.

These are the Kramer recommendations.