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NHL Drawing Line In Sand Moves Parties Closer To A Deal

The NHL today announced that commissioner, Gary Bettman, would meet with the 30 teams likely to discuss the end of the 2004-05 season on January 14, 2005. This announcement comes as the NHL has been publicly reluctant to mention at what point the season would be lost.

It's time to start thinking boycott

After almost 100 days, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of not being able to taunt my friends who are Leaf fans, or of not being able to kick back on a Tuesday night to catch some mid-season action. I’ve had enough hearing from Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman, about how they are supposedly trying their hardest to fix the game for the better. I want NHL hockey back.

Who and When???????

Try to imagine you are given a chance to go back in time for a five year time frame and that you will return to the point in time when you left. You will return unaged and nothing you do would change history as it was when you left. No you can’t bring Velcro back with you and give to a relative for the purpose financial gain.You would have sufficient funds and would be able go about through that time frame doing as you please. No need to work. Don’t fall in love because you can’t stay there. This would allow you to choose an era of hockey that you would like to have seen but, only know of it as history.

Fame and Fortune


Pain is Temporary and Glory is Forever. If you have not heard this slogan then you have now. It is used to entice people into risking ones own personal safety for one moment of glory. No one needed to explain this train of thought to Bobby Baun, the Maple Leafs defenceman who scored an overtime goal in the 1964 playoffs while playing with a fractured bone in his right leg. No one needed to explain it to Ronnie Lott either when he had the tip of his little finger cut off during half time so that he could play in a football game for the 49ers. These guys went over and above the call of duty and will be forever glorified for those acts of courage.

Pity Party For Luke Richardson

In a recent article on NHL Defenseman, Luke Richardson gave his take on the current CBA battle with the following quote:

“If the season gets cancelled, I’m going to start sending out job applications because hockey is done and they’re going to have to abolish the league.”

Some numbers, couple thoughts

Feel free to disagree with any of this but be prepared to present a decent case instead of left-wing commie-pinko rhetoric.

A Guaranteed Ending To The Labor Dispute

Today the NHLPA and NHL rejected each other’s plans to solve their labor dispute leaving the season basically in ruins for 2004-05. It could be argued that the two sides couldn’t be further apart philosophically.

Yzerman scores two for Team Russia

Monday night hockey from Moscow had NHL talent from Russia and around the world competing in a friendly all star atmosphere honoring Igor Larionov. Larionov retired from the NHL last season and this game would be his last before hanging up the skates for good.


So what everyone wants to know is how do we fix hockey, because I can tell you right now. Hockey IS DONE FOR THE SEASON. Let’s all just get that straight. But to Fix it, Why not take a page out of footballs book, one of the best systems in today’s sports.

NO HOCKEY WITHOUT A CAP? fine let’s put on a CAP. but let’s allow players to make money.

Are NHL Owners Owed a Profit?

I would like to address an idea that seems to float around on boards such as this, and others that I read. The idea that the owners, by paying the expansion fee, have a right to make a profit.

Will the NHLPA's Deal Fly With NHL Owners and Save the Season?

The NHLPA has made their offer and it is a big one. Some of the highlights include a whopping 24% rollback in player salaries and a luxury tax that kicks in at 45 million at 20 cents on the dollar and increases at 50 million and 60 million.

What is it with hockey players?

The players union and the owners brass met yesterday and there has been a new proposal that looks like a deal could be made. It involves a huge salary roll back but who cares about that for now. We won’t know until Tuesday.

Draper's Comments Make It Easier For Fans To Side With Owners

Kris Draper has come out a day before the NHLPA and NHL brass will meet to discuss a CBA for the first time since September 9, 2004. Draper, before boarding a plane to play in a European exhibition with other NHL stars, blamed the NHL’s ills completely on Gary Bettman and Bettman’s plan for expansion.

Five Things You Don't Know About the Lockout

Since we all wait with baited breath for the next scheduled negotiation between NHL head honcho Gary Bettman and NHLPA svengali Bob Goodenow, I thought it prudent that I share some facts with you about the current state of affairs in the league and players’ association.

From First to Worst:

The story of an american in a canadian game.

When people hear the catch phrase from worst to first it means that a team has turned their previous misfortunes into glory. When you hear the phrase from first to worst I want you to think of Gary Bettman.

Goodenow and Bettman To Meet Next Week

NHLPA head Bob Goodenow is reportedly inviting Gary Bettman to Toronto to discuss a “new” NHLPA program that they say can create a new CBA. Bettman and his team will be there with bells on as time expires on any potential season.

Hockey Nearly Loses Its Best US Network TV Advocate…

While Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow duke it out in a battle that is guaranteed to end with both sides bleeding badly – the NHL’s best US TV advocate, Dick Ebersol, this weekend escaped death in a private plane crash. One of his son’s was killed in the crash.

Who suffers?

Who does the lockout actually effect? Has anyone sat down and thought of how this work stoppage really hurts a lot of people? I know some members to the site have mentioned in brief their compasion but let’s sit down and list those involved.

The Boston Globe had a very interesting montage of pictures involving people called “Portrait of a lockout”.

Lockout must end!

We would be about 1/4 into the season if not for this lockout and I have missed far too much hockey already, something must be done because this lockout must end one way or another.

So who is to blame? Well lets see how we got here the players were greedy and the owners were too now the fans are the ones that are screwed. Yes we can take this time to blame the parties responsible like the players, for being babies and making sure that they always filled their pockets no matter how it hurt their teams. Or what about the owners, o yeah they were the ones who paid the players all they wanted and signed as many haseks, hulls and robittailles as they could take from less fortunate teams. But let’s not forget the fans that never seemed to think it was unreasonable to get every free agent on the market.

Frustrated players admit NHL hockey on the decline

Here are recent quotes from Bill Guerin, Brett Hull and Jeremy Roenick, each expressing their frustration about the lack of negotiations for a new CBA. Hull and Roenick further admit that, while they don’t want to give in to the NHL, the game is on the decline.