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Five Things You Don't Know About the Lockout

Since we all wait with baited breath for the next scheduled negotiation between NHL head honcho Gary Bettman and NHLPA svengali Bob Goodenow, I thought it prudent that I share some facts with you about the current state of affairs in the league and players’ association.

From First to Worst:

The story of an american in a canadian game.

When people hear the catch phrase from worst to first it means that a team has turned their previous misfortunes into glory. When you hear the phrase from first to worst I want you to think of Gary Bettman.

Goodenow and Bettman To Meet Next Week

NHLPA head Bob Goodenow is reportedly inviting Gary Bettman to Toronto to discuss a “new” NHLPA program that they say can create a new CBA. Bettman and his team will be there with bells on as time expires on any potential season.

Hockey Nearly Loses Its Best US Network TV Advocate…

While Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow duke it out in a battle that is guaranteed to end with both sides bleeding badly – the NHL’s best US TV advocate, Dick Ebersol, this weekend escaped death in a private plane crash. One of his son’s was killed in the crash.

Who suffers?

Who does the lockout actually effect? Has anyone sat down and thought of how this work stoppage really hurts a lot of people? I know some members to the site have mentioned in brief their compasion but let’s sit down and list those involved.

The Boston Globe had a very interesting montage of pictures involving people called “Portrait of a lockout”.

Lockout must end!

We would be about 1/4 into the season if not for this lockout and I have missed far too much hockey already, something must be done because this lockout must end one way or another.

So who is to blame? Well lets see how we got here the players were greedy and the owners were too now the fans are the ones that are screwed. Yes we can take this time to blame the parties responsible like the players, for being babies and making sure that they always filled their pockets no matter how it hurt their teams. Or what about the owners, o yeah they were the ones who paid the players all they wanted and signed as many haseks, hulls and robittailles as they could take from less fortunate teams. But let’s not forget the fans that never seemed to think it was unreasonable to get every free agent on the market.

Frustrated players admit NHL hockey on the decline

Here are recent quotes from Bill Guerin, Brett Hull and Jeremy Roenick, each expressing their frustration about the lack of negotiations for a new CBA. Hull and Roenick further admit that, while they don’t want to give in to the NHL, the game is on the decline.

Do we really care?

Do you visit this site?; read newspapers? listen to talk radio and generally keep up to date on the lock-out.

Draft would be lost!

Espn web site is reporting that if the NHL is in lockout come next June that the Entry Draft would not occur. For a Draft to be held there needs to be a collective bargaining agreement.

Has tradition fallen?

Talk about beating a dead horse. Many of the members who continue to visit loyally have expressed their opinions of the labor problems in the NHL. We have, a dozen times over (at least), tried to put blame on certain individuals. Players, unions, agents, owners all have taken shots. The game itself, well the north american pro league anyway has taken shots. It is boring, it has too many teams, there are too many terrible players. We have even tried to come up with several resolutions (sp?) to help the game get back and be better. As Habby would say….Blah Blah Blah.

See you in January.

Everywhere I go, people are telling me there won’t be NHL hockey this season. And that is exactly what NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHL Players’ Association executive director Bob Goodenow would have you believe.

I’m not buying it. Here’s why:

Sweden is loving it!! – Counterpoint

A little point-counterpoint to some excerpts from a story at:

“With no end in sight for the NHL’s labour impasse, more than 55 players have already committed to Swedish Elite League teams and more are expected to follow.”

–I guess Europe will become the new NHL, just like Al Strachan said it would! :)

Forbes vs the Leavitt report

Forbes released their annual “review” of the NHL teams. In this report, it says that the combined teams lost a total of $123 million during the 2002-03 season, and $96 million last season. Earlier this year, the league commissioned former SEC chairman Arthur Levitt to review each team’s financial reports as submitted to the league. He reported that the teams lost a combined $273 million for the same 2002-03 season.

My Defense of the New Jersey Devils

Every time someone on this forum suggests contraction, or moving, the Devils are usually mentioned. Yes, they arent at the top of the league in attendance. But they are not last either. Yeah, they lost money, but so did 19 other teams.

NHL may come knocking on Winnipegs Door

Many outside of Winnipeg were under the wrong impression of why the city lost its NHL team. It was not due to lack of fan support, but rather escalating salaries, and an ownership group that simply “fell into” ownership of club. Looking at finances now, that seems pretty obvious.

NFL Inks $10 Billion Deal With CBS, Fox and DirecTV For 6 Year Renewal

NFL Inks more than $10,000,000,000 With CBS, Fox and DirecTV For 6 Year Renewal

Team USA starts picking players and Vinny signs with Russia's AK Bars Kazan

The American Junior team has already selected 12 players to participate in the world junior hockey championship.

Heatley Loses an Eye?

According to, Dany Heatley has been struck in the eye with a puck.

Stars fans chat with with Daly and Jim Lites(team Prez)

Well, I heard today that as of last night (Wednesday), here in Dallas of course, around 250 fans according to a local news station “and” another local paper, met to chat and have it out with the NHL’s top negotiator, Bill Daly, and the Stars president Jim Lites.

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

Normally, during the course of any given season, I occasionally write articles like this because it gives me a chance to observe the goings on of the NHL and offer my views on trade rumors, most of which usually involve the star player of the moment headed to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a pile of dirty jockstraps and an autographed Anders Eriksson sock. Apparently, I can’t do that this year. All I can do is drum up more of the idiocy regarding the lack of the greatest sport on earth – trust me, there’s a lot of it.

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