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Foppa Flipping to Montreal?

After marrying a girl from Montreal and saying that he wanted to play in the eastern conference and wanted a shot at the cup could Forsberg suit up for the Canadiens?

Leaf rumors: Vultures reported at the ACC, fire sale coming

Alfredson would like Sundin in Ottawa

It’s Groundhog Day, again, and the trade deadline is 25 days away.

And since the Maple Leafs hired Cliff “let’s make a deal” Fletcher as their new interim GM, you can bet your grand-daddy’s gold watch that significant roster moves are going to be made.

As such, we can expect an assortment of trade rumors up until February 26th. Here are the latest ones.

Oilers and Jackets make Swap

According to, the Oilers and Jackets have swapped players with Dick Tarnstrom going to Columbus for Curtis Glencross.

Preds About To Sign Dumont Long-term is reporting that the Nashville Predators are on the verge of re-signing J.P. Dumont to a long term deal reportedly for 4 years. Details click on the link.

More on the possible Forsberg return

According to Slam Sports the Ottawa Senators have made contract with Peter Forsberg’s agent in an effort to initiate discussions in an attempt to lure Forsberg to the nation’s capital.

Many teams could be interested in Steve Staois

The Hockey News is reporting that Edmonton Oilers defenseman Steve Staois is attracting a lot of attention as of late.

Speculation from the Calgary Herald

The Calgary Herald is reporting that as many as 15 teams have lined up to try to get their hands on San Jose’s Patrick Marleau.

Many teams want to deal … no partners yet

The Boston Herald is reporting what we all ready know. Many teams are in desperate search of goal scoring but there are really no teams that are willing to deal.

Possible Trade Deadline Moves

I am a huge Habs fan and right now the team is sitting in fourth place in the East 5 pts back of Ottawa for first overall.

What's happening to the Canucks?! West playoff race tight!

The Canucks now officially have the worst record in the last 10 games, going 2-7-1, which has pushed them out of the playoffs for the first time since October. Only St. Louis and Florida, having gone 3-5-2 and Atlanta 3-4-3 are close to as bad. This is not a good time to be going on a losing streak for the Canucks.

What can they do, if anything, to get back on form? Trade for Sundin now? Give up their future for a chance to make the playoffs? Or scuttle the season?

Sundin and Fletcher talking?

TSN is reporting that Maple Leafs center Mats Sundin has been talking to Cliff Fletcher about his future with the Leafs. What should Mats do?

Forsberg Nixes Modo for NHL

The hot rumor that Peter Forsberg might be returning to the NHL appears to have been stoked with gasoline.

Atlantic Division KILLING the Penguins!

I want to start by saying how happy I am that the NHL finally remedied their atrocious schedule for next year. Having said that, I did an interesting study of the Penguins and how well they would be doing if they didn’t have to play in their own division. I used Montreal, a team that’s been neck-in-neck with the Penguins all season, as a foil.

There are some interesting numbers in there, I suggest you check it out!