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Habs call up O'Byrne

Recently recovered from injury (broken thumb) Ryan O’Byrne has been called back to the NHL from Hamilton. (Stated on Canadiens official website)

Before the injury, O’Byrne had been impressive in his first 11 NHL games, delivering 20 hits and blocking 18 shots. The injury had occurred late December when he fought Tanner Glass in a game against the Florida panthers.

This guy is big, hits hard, and will drop the gloves when called upon (Mike Komesarek style). His place in an NHL line-up is all but assured for years to come…

Movie about the Leafs

As everybody knows, there hasn’t been a good hockey movie since “Slap Shot” in 1977.

To rectify this problem, I have taken it upon myself to write a script for a good hockey movie. However I would appreciate any good suggestions I can get from HTR readers.

I want to build an intriguing story, so I have decided to make the movie about the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Don't Panick Hab Fans, But…

After watching the Montreal-Ottawa game I had a song in my head, “Reunited & it feels so good…”. Watching Heatley, Spezza and Alfredson thump the Canadiens showed what Montreal’s weaknesses are.

What can they do about it?

The Least exciting division with the Most exciting race! [+ Ovechkin/Malkin]

With the Canes’ loss and the Panthers and Thrashers’ wins, the Southeast division is in a melee for the Division leader.
The jumble of activity has the Canes still in 3rd place in the East as the division leaders, but technically this team would be in 9th place, ironically leaving not a single SE team in the playoffs. Buffalo, with 4 games in hand on both the Canes and Thrashers would take that 8th playoff spot.
Anyways, the brouhaha of the SE now looks like this:

Team GP Record Points

Carolina 58 27-27-4 58
Atlanta 58 27-27-4 58
Washington 56 26-25-5 57
Florida 57 26-26-5 57

ONE of these teams will, by default, if not merit, make the playoffs. Who do you think it will be? And if the Caps make it, is Ovechkin the Hart Trophy winner?

Note: I say this is more exciting than, for example, the NW race, because most likely only ONE of these 4 teams will make the playoffs, and that is the division winner!

Lidstrom lays out welcome mat for Mats

From The Toronto Star:

Kings and Buds trade aways

The kings and Leafs are two teams who will definetly be sellers at the deadline. So, who will the buyers go after.

Two Huge wins for the Leafs

After a embrassing defeat against Florida the Leafs would not let Montreal or Detroit throw them around like rag dolls.The reason why the Leafs lost to Florida is because they let Florida get their chances and let Florida push them around.In the game against Montreal the Leafs re a whole different team.They played one of their best games in awhile.Today I thought the Leafs played pretty solid game against the Leagues best team.

What we really need!


Ryder, Halak, 3rd for Bertuzzi and 2nd

Bouillon and 3rd for Boogaard

Trade or stay still??

Here is a simple question about the Habs??

Since the team is clearly ahead of the development plan Gainey and carbo had in mind, what direction the team must take??

Marian Hossa Don Waddell To Make Decision

Atlanta’s star forward Marian Hossa has been a hot topic lately. Rumors have been swirling around him either signing an extension, being traded or just waiting it out in Atlanta until July 1rst.

What would be the best decision for Marian Hossa and the Thrashers?

Habs Make A (Minor) Trade!

The Montreal Canadiens have acquired right-winger Brett Engelhardt from the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for forward Francis Lemieux,

Possible Sundin Trades

Everybody knows that Mats Sundin can’t be traded without waiving his no trade clause 1st therefore he won’t just go anywhere, he’ll only go to a team that have a ligitament chance of winning the stanley cup. Last year the demand was really high for young prospects and draft picks that trend will continue again this year and there is nobody better at this years deadline then Mats Sundin, if the leafs do trade Sundin they must get at least a prospect and a 1st round draft pick. Here are some trades that will benefit both teams including Sundin and some other leafs

What color do you bleed

Now, I don’t want anyone to think that this is another post to campaign for all hockey enthusiasts to “join the dark side” and bleed blue and white however, let us just agree that a true Buds fan is not just another typical hockey fan that’s found in the other 29 hockey markets. I’m no internet preacher trying to convert the flock to root for someone other then their favorite team but, perhaps I can teach some tolerance.