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Gaborik on the block?

Some rumors have the Wild close to re-signing the budding winger. Others have the Wild looking to shop him. Here’s what’s been reported, and here’s what’s been rumored.

The Price Is Right… Or Is It?

Lately it seems like everywhere you find a Montreal Canadiens related article, you’ll find a whole bushel of Carey Price “enthusiasts” who won’t hesitate for a second to share their opinion on why the rising young star is the second coming of the hockey goaltender’s version of christ (Patrick Roy). Well now I’m here to put out an opinion that I believe is a bit more of a realistic one.

Two More Wins Are All The Pens Need

The Pittsburgh Penguins are close. 2 wins away in fact from achieving their goal. Unlike the more recent Stanley Cup runner ups, its unlikely this team will fall too far and fade out of contention.

The foundation is there for some great things to happen in Pittsburgh over the next few years. GM Ray Shero has locked up most of his key components including their big two, Crosby and Malkin, giving them the means to compete over the next several seasons. The nucleus is young and the learning experience the team got the last two years, getting humiliated in their first playoff and tasting bitter defeat in the finals in their 2nd, will serve them very well in what could be a very challenging year.

top 10 Reasons Why the HTR UPP Kicks Unholy Amounts of Azs

Number 10 – It’s Pretty.

Lovely color patterns, Splash Screen, Logos, but not too much, just enough to be tasteful, or at least full… of something. Hell, we even kept the little country flags on the Salary Cap page. The educational value of that alone is worth the price!

Lehtonen Has A Leash, But How Long?

Kari Lehtonen is often recognized as one of the NHL’s premier goalies. He has the talent, the skill, the ability to be a starter in the National Hockey League. But Atlanta can’t wait forever for him to blossom into the goalie he’s supposed to be. So it’s obvious that the Thrashers will go into this season with Kari on a leash of some sorts…but how big of leash, and to what extent the repercussions might be, are the questions.

Top 10 d-corps of the NHL.

Hello to all.

I was reading tonight an article about how the Florida Panthers’ defense was greatly improved with Ballard, Boynton and McCabe. The author even said that they should be considered in the top 5 d-corps of the NHL. So I was wondering : Which teams are making the top 10? All of this, of course, is only my opinion, and your thoughts and comments (polite and kind, thank you) will be welcomed.

Here’s my ranking, 1 being the strongest and 10 the least.

The career killer, Paul Maurice

I have never seen a coach as bad as Paul Maurice stay employed for as long as he has. He’s coached since Hartford had an NHL team, and he’s only spent a season and a half in total away from the NHL. The worst part about Paul Maurice is, when he doesn’t like a player, it shows, and there are quite a few players whose careers have gone steadily down hill due to the failures of Paul Maurice.

Chris Drury to Bring the BlueShirts to the Next Level

When you hear the name Chris Drury what do you think of? The number 23? Clutch? Former Av, Flame, Sabre? Leadership? Little League Baseball World Series Winner? Hobey Baker, Calder Trophy, Silver Medal, Stanley Cup Winner? Captain of the New York Rangers.

Kids Must Deliver For Habs To Succeed

The renaissance enjoyed by the Montreal Canadiens last season was buoyed by the play of some of their veteran players. It is ironic now that in the year where the team will celebrate its 100th anniversary and reminisce their rich history, its the team’s future that will determine whether the Habs succeed or fail.

All Eyes On Theodore In Washington

Armed with arguably the league’s best player and its most dynamic scorer, the Washington Capitals are hoping to take another step in their development after a very surprising and successful campaign last year.

While they have Alex the Great Ovechkin and the reigning coach of the year in Bruce Boudreau, success will only be achieved by how well goaltender Jose Theodore plays.

Lindros makes huge $5M donation to Health Centre

Donation is larger than other sports figures, Hollywood celebrities

He was known as “The Big E”. Now we can call him “The Big G”. “G” for generous, that is.

The Toronto Star reports that former NHL star Eric Lindros is making a huge $5-million donation to the London Health Sciences Centre.

It is considered the largest donation by a sports figure.

Rangers Leaning More On Skill

When a team enjoys success over a long period of time, other teams try and emulate that blueprint in order to forge their own winning ways. Its appears the NY Rangers are trying to mirror the champion Red Wings and build a winner based on speed, skill and smarts.

Why The Wings Won't Repeat

Your first instinct when you read that title is to bash me isn’t it? Thought so. So let me start off by saying I have nothing against the Wings as a team. They won the Stanley Cup, and earned it, by making a very good Pittsburgh team look like a peewee team at times. But facts are facts, and if I’m going out to bet on a Stanley Cup winner today, I’m not placing a cent on the Wings. Now let me tell you why (point by point).