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Pure Speculation – Bryan McCabe

Nice job everyone here who posts on HTR. In a couple of the articles on the front page here on HTR I’ve been reading a lot of people’s suggestions for where Bryan McCabe will be traded to and for what. We know he’s going to be traded, its only a matter of time so all you smart people tell me where you think he’ll go, let’s make an official guessing forum here. The face of hockey trade rumors is being traded!

Dog days of Summer!

It is like watching paint dry! They say no news is good news, but not for hockey fans in summer!

The latest Sundin report….In an interview on Sportsnet, he still hasn’t said anything. He hasn’t made up his mind to play, forget about for which team. He has stayed in shape and hopes to decide in August. But, he doesn’t have a deadline!

Bouwmeester to Flyers??

I read this article and found it quite intriguing.

Patrick O'Sullivan??

Now let me just preface this with the fact that this is just an idea, so let your comments ride on that…

O'Neil invited to training camp is reporting that former Hurricanes 1st round pick is coming out of retirement and will attend the Hurricanes training camp as an unsigned UFA in hopes of making the team.

Pavel Valentenko, Ryan O'Byrne or Josh Gorges, Who Should Be The Habs #4 D-

I’ll start by saying that yes, on paper the Habs lack a true #4 defenceman. However, this is far from being a significant problem and in time, one of two things will happen. Either:

The Canucks Report

This is whats going on:

Marlies add a killer assistant coach

TSN, Sportsnet and The Canadian press report that former Leaf great Doug Gilmour has been named as an assistant coach to the Toronto Marlies.
Gilmour had spent the previous two seasons in the Leafs organization as an advisor to Maple Leafs management.
The former Leafs captain now joins Greg Gilberts coaching staff alongside Joe Paterson, and Jim Hughes.

For Whom the Belle Tolls

There are some posters who believe that Mtl needs to sign another defenceman to fill the number 4 spot. I am not sure why some feel the need to deal away good young prospects for another d-man while there are some that complain that Mtl has too much depth on defence and need to trade some for the big centre most think they need!

My Vancouver Canucks Play B/C/D

It’s time for Vancouver, to finally admit to ourselves, Mats isn’t coming here, and with some quality players still available on the Trade Front, I think it’s time we thanked Mats for Considering us, and moved forward, and quickly.

Some interesting options are out there, and this is how I would proceed.

What the 08-09 Habs is looking like+ Sundin.

I read the article about Koivu to the Wild and the horrible trade offer he porposed that Gainey should do and I just had to post something a little better.

Toronto Maple Leafs Prospect Report

A list of prospects and what I feel there potential is in the NHL. (Tlusty and Stralman will be included to make things more interesting)

No welcome Mats!

As much as I would like the Canadiens to sign Mats Sundin I just don’t see it happening. Nor do I see him ending up in Vancouver or resigning in Toronto. If he wanted to play for any of those teams he would have signed by now. Look at the incentives, Centennial season in Montreal, $10 million in Vancouver and yet another nonplayoff season in Toronto.