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5 Questions

Here are 5 burning questions that I would like to hear your answers to.

Are the Players Sellouts? Players who Sign With European Clubs

As is reporting,

the list of NHL players running off to Europe is now at 178.

Question: Do you think that it is unfair to have players sign contracts with European clubs while the NHL is under lockout? Do you think that it kind of compromises the players position and enforces the greed aspect of professional sports, or do you think that it is a clever bargaining tool to try to force the owners into a resolution?

Bell – Making the Cut Challenge

I’m sure all Canadians were sitting around their television sets Tuesday night watching the newest reality show. “Bell – Making the Cut” If not…do it!

Holik Tells NHLPA Players To Shut Up

TSN is reporting NY Rangers checking center, Bobby Holik, is telling his fellow union members to shut their traps in regards to the battle of wills over a new CBA. This comes as New Jersey Devils’ forward John Madden leaked his willingness to play under a cap assuming the games would begin soon. Madden since said the comments were taken out of context.

A Crack in the Foundation

Dominic Hasek showed up at the Senators’ camp yesterday. No, the lockout isn’t over, unfortunately. It was the AHL’s Binghamton Senators. But it should make for an interesting scenario.

Who would you like to see be the player on HTRs Logo?

First McCabe, then Naslund, I think that the staff of HTR needs to take a poll of who should be the featured player.

Why Teachers Are Tougher Than NHL Hockey Players

This Saturday I spoke with my mother as I am apt to do on a Saturday. By profession she is a teacher in the Philadelphia public school system at a school so bad they have to pay a bonus for teachers brave enough to teach there. She has a masters in education as well as a masters in fine arts. She taught at one point in her career (back when I was an infant and the Flyers could actually WIN a Cup) and then returned to teaching later in life.

Trade speculation

I know no moves will likely be made for a long time, but I think we need a cheer up in this National Association of Greedy Bastards lockout.

JR Done With the Game? has reported a number of stories recently about Jeremy Roenick and his health including this one today from Ed Moran.

The Evil Player's Union or The Wicked Owners

Ok, I’m sure everyone has their opinion on the CBA. I’m sure some of you are cursing the players (I am) and some of you are cursing the owners.

What I found interesting and disturbing while reading an article on the official CBA site was some people actually agree that the NHL is in a healthy economic state! Up to 30%!?

It's the Rangers' fault!!!!!!!

What’s the reason we aren’t warming up our couches for a long winter of yelling at useless refs? The answer comes from the big apple, and not those fishy lookin players either, the ones from downtown. In 1997 the Rangers, working within the current CBA, destroyed hockey.

Forsberg out, season or no

The Score is reporting Peter Forsberg won’t play in the NHL this season, even if the CBA thing works itself out in time.

Bettman Has To Go

The only way that the NHL lockout is going to be settled in a timely manner is for this to go through a third party arbitrator, and seeing as this will not happen it’s time for the owners to can Bettman.

All star antithesis

As the current CBA has expired and the next NHL game may be months or even a couple of years away, it’s time for the fans to let loose their venom. Both sides are at fault in this situation. The owners, for years of misrepresenting their finances and moronic abuse of the CBA, and the players, for saying “you know what, a million dollars a year to play a child’s game just isn’t enough”. For the players’ side, this is the all-star antithesis – the NHL All Loser teams, first and second.

Lock Out or Check Out?

This little article is an enlargement on my response to the news on Brian Burke’s suggestions for settling the difference that have led to the lock-out.

Though I may not understand all of what Mr. Burke is proposing, one thing that I do understand is that both sides are in the wrong.

Canada: The Best In the World!

Shane Doan scored early in the 3rd period to lift Canadian Hockey back to #1!

Oilers Signings

The Oilers signed RFA Jason Smith and FA Todd Harvey today.

Burke has a working solution

During tonight’s telecast of the World Cup final, Brian Burke offered a 15-point(?) operating agreement that he believes will resolve the league’s labour impasse. It’s also posted on the CBC website

Can Canada take it all?

One more game to go and Canadians wonder if their Dream Team can pull off one more win.

Canucks Depth Chart Takes Blow

I just read the article about how the Vancouver Canucks are pretty much the same team, but I think otherwise.

Of all the seasons in the past couple years, I think this team is the most different.

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