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Lang and Brisbois signed!

So it’s official.  The Habs have signed Lang for a second round pick acquired from Toronto in the Grabovski trade.  They have also signed Brisbois to another one year deal for additional depth.  Looks like Sundin is off the charts…or maybe not.  Maybe some wheelin’ and dealin’ at the deadline to free up some cap space( Bouillon, Dandaneault), make a trade or rub a genie’s lamp.  Maybe there is still a way – not likely however.

Eric Staal (not Stall) blows the bank.

Eric Staal, the leading scorer of the Carolina Hurricanes last season, has just signed an extension with the team. The contract is 7 years long, worth 57.75 millions. The cap hit will be 8.25 millions.

Senators Season Preview

The Senators enter this season under the gun. Once Hunted, the Sens now are a middling team, and they have become the hunters. This approach by their new coach might be the change the Senators need to rediscover their passion for winning, believe in their team again, and prove to themselves and the NHL that they deserve to be Stanley Cup contenders.

Leafs To Rotate Captains

On the Fan 590 “Hockeycentral” this afternoon, Ron Wilson was in studio being asked a few questions. One that came up was the question of if Mats Sundin retired or moved on else where, who would be the captain? Wilson answered with the solution of rotating captains, similar to the system he had in San Jose before giving it to Marleau or of what Minnesota has, unless he found a strong, talented leader who would be ready to take the ‘C’ and flourish with it for a long time. He didn’t sound too confident he would. He said the rotating system works like so: Each month the players will vote- along with the help of the coaching staff- to determine the select amount of players who are the team leaders.

Something has to be acknowledged

Generally, Micky makes these posts, but there’s some stuff on this that I think needs to be said, and I’m going to do my best to keep this as a-political as possible, because I think too many people make this an issue of right or left, as opposed to right or wrong.

Sabres Looking To Rebound

After a rough couple of years where a significant number of their leadership core left the organization, the Buffalo Sabres appear more settled and ready to get back to playoffs.

They have managed to lock up some of their key core players like Roy, Vanek and Miller and this time dont really have a heart and soul player due to be unrestricted after this year.

All time line-up

This being the 100th year of the greatest hockey organization, how bout we make an all time best line-up

This Years Rookie Crop

The long wait is almost over!! Summer is done and training camp is just around the corner. This time of the year the average hockey fan is trying to figure out what his respective team will look like, how well the new players will mesh with the team, and most importantly in today’s salary cap era…Who and how well will your team’s prospects fill the gaps left by UFAs or retirements.

So I thought Id give you all a look at this years rookie crop in no particular order:

NHL Awards: Who's The Best Rookie?

This will be a good year for rookies. A couple guys really stand out, but there’s many 2nd tier prospects who could be good.

The Greatest Leaf of all time

Very soon, we’ll have to say good bye to the greatest Toronto Maple Leaf of all time. He’s been criticized for never having won a Cup, but that really isn’t his fault at all, because of the weak teams he played with. He gave everything he was to this team for the time he was here, and I hope we’ll see a lot of him this year.

Ballard loves Sunrise

Keith Ballard, just acquired by the Florida Panthers along with Nick Boynton in the Jokinen trade, has just signed a 6 years extension with the Cats. Terms have yet to be disclosed.

Tampa dives into the Mats Sweepstakes

I know a lot of people are getting sick of the Mats Sundin story, myself included. However when I saw this on Sportsnet today during the baseball game I did find it very interesting.

Bruins on the Right Track

Consistency. Thats the element the Boston Bruins are looking for after having a pretty decent season last year. The B’s have had a rather bumpy last decade or so and are looking to getting back to being the team that never missed the playoffs from 1968 to 1996.