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The Greatest Leaf of all time

Very soon, we’ll have to say good bye to the greatest Toronto Maple Leaf of all time. He’s been criticized for never having won a Cup, but that really isn’t his fault at all, because of the weak teams he played with. He gave everything he was to this team for the time he was here, and I hope we’ll see a lot of him this year.

Ballard loves Sunrise

Keith Ballard, just acquired by the Florida Panthers along with Nick Boynton in the Jokinen trade, has just signed a 6 years extension with the Cats. Terms have yet to be disclosed.

Tampa dives into the Mats Sweepstakes

I know a lot of people are getting sick of the Mats Sundin story, myself included. However when I saw this on Sportsnet today during the baseball game I did find it very interesting.

Bruins on the Right Track

Consistency. Thats the element the Boston Bruins are looking for after having a pretty decent season last year. The B’s have had a rather bumpy last decade or so and are looking to getting back to being the team that never missed the playoffs from 1968 to 1996.

The Top 5 Goalies of 2008-09

As the season nears, there are lots of sites discussing who will be the top players this season.
Let’s take a look at the NHL’s Top Goalies.

In my opinion, these are the who the Top 5 Goalies SHOULD be in 08-09.

Lightning Fast Turnover In Tampa

Like track star Usain Bolt running fast like lightning, the Tampa Bay Lightning have overhauled their entire organization with similar blazing speed.

After owners Oren Koules and Len Barrie took over the team early in 2008, the Bolts underwent a massive makeover from top to bottom. They have not been boring to say the least.

Evaluating Lidstrom. How a man can be at times so overrated, and at times, not

Nicklas Lidstrom is one of my favorite topics in the National Hockey League, because knowledgable hockey people seem to have a hard on for this guy that I just don’t understand. But your average fan, young kid, or passive fan doesn’t know his name like he’d know of Chris Pronger, Dion Phaneuf, or Scott Niedermayer. How exactly can I evaluate one of the greatest defensemen of all time?

NHL Awards: Who's This Year's Best Defensemen Going To Be?

I’m planning on writing some articles on the contender for all of the major awards in the NHL. First we’ll start with the Norris.

Panthers Banking on Backend

It appears as though GM Jacques Martin is taking a page out of his early days with the Ottawa Senators and going with a very strong defence first approach with his Florida Panthers.

KHL playing with fire

The new Russian KHL was designed to compete with the NHL, and provide a second top tier hockey league for players to choose from. They then went and signed an agreement with the NHL agreeing to honor each others contracts.

Then they blew it a week later.

Kramer's view: What the Leafs should do

The goal of the Toronto Maple Leafs should be to win the Stanley Cup, preferably in our lifetime.

To make this happen, they need to break free from The Big Conspiracy!

Futility Has Its Rewards

As the saying goes, sometimes you have to be bad before you can be good again. This is so true for the Toronto Maple Leafs. A 41 year cup drought and no playoff appearances since 2004 have resulted in the franchise bottoming out and starting from the ground up. The hope is they gradually make their rise up the standing doing things the right way and avoid the quick fix.

Sundin out ; Lang and Brisebois in

The closer we get to the beginning of the season the more it looks like Sundin won`t start the season with any team , let alone the Canadiens. He may opt for the selanne/niedermayer/forsberg route of joining a team at the end of the season. We all now that did not work out well for Anaheim. I suspect that Gainey doubts that it would work well for the Canadiens. Gainey has stated recently that Plan B would be to try to work out a deal with one of the teams that is over the cap. Enter Chicago.