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Who will wear the C for the Panthers?

Now that Olli Jokinen is gone from Florida, two legitimate questions come to mind.

1rst : Who will get 1rst line center duty

2nd : Who will wear the C and be the leader?

So what's Plan B for Gillis and the Canucks?

With Sundin’s recent interview on a Toronto radio station, it sounds more and more like his return to the NHL is not going to happen. He has made it clear that he is not even close to making a decision wether he wants to keep playing in the NHL, not to mention what team he would play for if he did come back. So what are Mike Gillis’ options?

Waddell Righting Own Wrongs

Don Waddell is a lucky man. Not too many GMs who make a plethora of mistakes get to have a second chance at things. But in Atlanta, Waddell is getting that opportunity to fix what he broke previously.

The failed attempt by Waddell and his Atlanta Thrashers to load up for a playoff run almost cost the team’s future and would have cost other GMs their job. But Waddell survived and he is making the most of it reshaping the team for the future.

The trade of Marian Hossa has been a big boost to the team’s future as they were able to add 4 young assets into the fold.

QA with Daniel Tolensky

I had the incredible chance to ask hockey blogger Daniel Tolensky of some interesting questions. Hope you enjoy.

-Q: How did you get your start in hockey blogging?

Some rumors: Toronto, Montreal, NYR, Florida

Sundin possibly to Montreal, New York; Maple Leafs may target Bouwmeester or Weiss

If you’re like me, you’re probably starving for fresh new trade rumors.  Well here are the latest I managed to dig up.

Meszaros and Senators can't work out a deal. He's traded to Tampa

The Ottawa Senators finally resolved their contract dispute with defenceman Andrej Meszaros on Friday, trading the restricted free agent to the ever-changing Tampa Bay Lightning.

Islanders In Full Rebuilding Mode

After years of stripping themselves of young talent for the quick fix, it appears now that the New York Islanders have fully embraced a rebuilding process.

Forget Sundin, possible deals to look into!

I am sick of all this talk about what Sundin is going to do, it’s time to move on, the Habs should forget about him and look at some possible deals to improve their clubs chance for this season.


My last post broke news 3 days before the NY post about Sundin’s interest in NY and before it hit about Montreal and Vancouver really not having a great chance to acquire Sundin. I told you he had 2 places left on his list in my last post, which was Toronto or New York. …

I’m telling you now, before the rest, and for sure, that Sundin will be a Ranger or he will Retire.

Here is why.

Trades forced by the Salary Cap

With the end of the summer approaching so is training camp and more importantly the beginning of the season. The beginning of the season also marks the end of the window teams can be over the cap. Teams that are over the cap at the start of the season will be penalised. As of what the penalties are I have no clue since nobody has been penalised up to date. Five teams are over the cap and three are under.

Smolinski looking to come back to Ottawa

According to the HockeyBuzz, Bryan Smolinski is eyeing to return to the Ottawa Senators. It is said he is willing to accept a contract under a million to be back with the team.

Alex or Sidney?

I have been having a friendly debate with some friends over who is the best all around player in the NHL. Outside of Pens and Caps fans I would like to see what everyone believes without just saying their name. My vote goes to Alex Ovechkin and I will explain why.

Senators better than people think

The Ottawa Senators, the year after the Stanley Cup run were still the same team, but ended up bombing the season and playoffs. Deja View? Didn’t the Ducks do the same thing? and what happend? Stanley cup 2 seasons later.