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Hull Close to Signing with Stars

TSN reports that Brett Hull is set to sign a one year deal with Dallas worth $2.2 million. Hull’s agent says the Stars are “serious about getting Hull.” Armstrong, Tippet, Hull and Hull’s agent are set to meet sometime next week to discuss a contract.

Spliting time between 4 goalies.

The Rangers have found a way to split their 3 top goalie prospects time apart and still have a starting goalie with Duhnam.

The question is who out of Lundquest, Blackburn, and Montoya will get a shot at number 1 in the 2005-2006 season?

Pronger Stays A Blue

According to the St. Louis Blues have re-signed norris trrophy winning defensemen Chris Pronger to a 1 year $10 million dollar contract.

Match `Em Up!

Below are sets of players going one on one with each other. Who do you feel will win?

Top 15 Best Players for the Next 5 Years

Below is 15 NHL players that I believe will be most valuable for the next 5 years.

(Ranked from best to worst)

Canucks Sign Morrison

The Vancouver Canucks announced Tuesday that the club has re-signed forward Brendan Morrison to a one-year contract worth $3.55 million US.

Most underrated goalies

Being a former Jr. goaltender, I thought it would be cool to pay homage to some of the most underated goalies I’ve seen past and present.

I’m sure, you will have a ton of your own opinions.

It's Official Blake's Out Of The World Cup

Hockey Canada confirmed Monday that Rob Blake would not be able to play in the World Cup of Hockey with an official announcement on Tuesday.

Canucks Sign Cloutier

The Vancouver Canucks avoided arbitration with goaltender Dan Cloutier, signing him to a one-year, $3 million deal.

Cloutier, who earned $2.5 million last year, tied a career high with 33 wins last season, while posting a 2.27 goals-against average and .914 save percentage.

Finnish Players Say: There will be no hockey next season.

Today’s edition of the Finnish sport’s magazine Veikkajaa(a really poor version of Hockey News)

Featured interview’s with several Finnish NHL players.

Teppo Numminen, who was apart of the 94´ CBA says ” I’m sure, not a single NHL game will be played next season” Other players including Ville Nieminen, Jarkko Ruutu and three-time Selke winner Jere Lehtinen agree with him.

Rangers Ink Pair to Improve Weak Defense

Sather is starting to show activity. He just anounced the signings of Jason Strudwick and Trevor Gillies.

Central Division Preview

Here is a preview of the Central division. Included is the list of the players each team has at each position, UFAs, prospects, needs for each position (if any), coaches and ratings for each position for each team.

An in depth look at the Toros……. Kinda

Here is my in depth look at what the Toros could be like.

Arbitration Predictions

In this article, I will give my predictions and thoughts on all 67 players that filed for arbitration and what they will earn.

Southeast Division Preview

Here is a preview of the Southeast division. a continuation of my previous previews of other divisions. Included is the list of the players each team has at each position, UFAs, prospects, needs for each position (if any), coaches and ratings for each position for each team.

Just in Case of a Lockout…

If the lockout does occur, how will we satisfy the craving of watching a good ol professional hockey game? We could either:

Play ESPN NHL Hockey, or for those of us with just a PC, NHL 2005

We could watch AHL, OHL, WHL… or college games

Turn the TV to ESPN Classic

or the WHA. Part one of the draft occurred today with the nonprospects being taken.


“The reports that if Ron Francis wants to return for a 24th NHL season, it won’t be with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Carolina general manager Jim Rutherford told Francis on Tuesday the Canes are not interested in bringing the 41-year-old center and future Hall of Famer back as a player, offering him a position in the front office instead.

Panthers At It Again

The Panthers are expected to announce the signing of Carolina defenseman Sean Hill to a three-year deal today, reports the South-Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The WHA will conduct its draft…Who would you take #1?

The WHA will hold a player draft July 17-18, allowing each team to draft 30 NHL/AHL Free Agents on July 17 and another 30 Entry Level players on July 18. The Entry Level draft will be for players drafted but not signed in the 2002, 2003 and 2004 drafts and will also be open to players who turn 17 by January 1, 2005.

Some Free Agent Destinations are Intriguing.

Well I thought that I would weigh in on the talk of who is going where. I spend alot of time working on my NHL Free Agent site, so I have some ideas about rumors of the destination of some current unrestricted free agents. I have listed in the brackets the teams I have heard from legitimate media that are interested in the players. I also have noted where I feel they may end up at. But I could be way off too. It should give you all something to read, as I have noticed that hockey media is slow these days.