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Leafs set to sign 22 year old Swedish prospect

According to the Swedish paper “The Dagens Nyheter” The Toronto Maple Leafs are set to sign an undrafted Swedish prospect to an NHL enty level contract.


The most Probable Leaf Moves

Ok, here we go. I almost consider my self an expert on the Leaves, so I’m gonna give you my take on the moves that will be made in the following weeks.

You can forget about moving McCabe Kubina and Kaberle( Why would you wanna move kabby anyways?). So here are players that have good chances of being moved.

Report: Cap going higher

According to ( the cap for the 2008-2009 season will exceed $53-million.

Senators Need to Go Big At the Deadline

Over the last several seasons the Ottawa Senators have been very active at the trade deadline. Over the years, players such as Greg De Vries, Bryan Smolinski, Tyler Arnason, Mike Comrie, Oleg Saprykhin among others were acquired as the team pushed towards a championship.

08-09's Crystal Ball II

[Note: I do not believe that any of this will happen, but some of it might. The point is, it is now much more fun to speculate about the future of the Leafs – especially now with the potential of having names like Stamkos, Doughty, Brunnstrom, etc. in a Leaf uniform.]

For Leaf fans who have demanded change for a long time, one must keep their heads on straight (after all Peddie is still around and nothing substantial has happened). But it is also a fun time to be a Leaf fans JUST FOR THE VERY POTENTIAL of change swirling in the air. Below is a typical leaf plan that we often see posted here on HTR. However, the format is NOT so much a plan as a potential scenario, and there are some assumptions that have been made …

Is the NHLs reputation being tarnished ?

As a Canadian, you just can’t help but have that glint of pride when talking about “our game”. It’s something we’re tremendously proud to showcase and that is unique in defining our values and traditions as a country and as a people.

Over the years, as NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has taken over and expanded the league on his vision of bringing hockey to the lower American states and possibly even Russia, a question needs to be adressed. Is our game that popular ?

Surely to us die hard hockey fans the answer is undeniable but when compared to other pro sports how do we fare up ?

What will Dan Cleary do?

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that there is no clear call for Cleary to stay with Detroit.

Kings trying to make goalie moves is reporting that the LA Kings have recalled Dan Cloutier from the minors with the hope that he will be claimed by another team so that they can make a deal to help their poor goaltending situation.

Canucks Still in hunt for Forberg

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the Canucks are said to still be in the running for Forsberg.

Forget Forsberg, Gainey chasing Hossa!

According to the Ottawa sun reports that Bob Gainey has zero interest in UFA Peter Forsberg and is trying to put a deal together for Marian Hossa.

Check it out:

Are The Canadians Talking To Hossa's Agent???

There has been reports that the canadians are talking to hossa’s agent on a deal. The ATLANTA TRASHERS so they say has given permission to gainy to speak to his agent…. Well i think this is a good thing for both sides especially ATLANTA unlike gainy will not let an ufa hossa walk for nothing especially when there not sure even to make the playoffs.

Gainey is willing to pay big.

Gainey is not willing to part with any first round pick and/or future prospects without having an insurance plan.

Atlanta has made it clear that they are interested in some of Montreals young guns. Any hab fan thinking it’s a Ryder /Hossa deal, your dreaming.

Atlanta needs are at center, and on defence.

The fact that Gainey is trying to extend Hossa’s contract and offering him around the same amount offered to Briere this summer cleary states that Gainey is will to give up something big.
“Chipchura, Yamelin, and a firstround pick for Hossa is what I hearing.

How to fix the New York Islanders

The Islanders, losers of their last 5 games, need some fixing and tweaking in their lineup in order to be competitive for this season and seasons to come