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For Whom the Belle Tolls

There are some posters who believe that Mtl needs to sign another defenceman to fill the number 4 spot. I am not sure why some feel the need to deal away good young prospects for another d-man while there are some that complain that Mtl has too much depth on defence and need to trade some for the big centre most think they need!

My Vancouver Canucks Play B/C/D

It’s time for Vancouver, to finally admit to ourselves, Mats isn’t coming here, and with some quality players still available on the Trade Front, I think it’s time we thanked Mats for Considering us, and moved forward, and quickly.

Some interesting options are out there, and this is how I would proceed.

What the 08-09 Habs is looking like+ Sundin.

I read the article about Koivu to the Wild and the horrible trade offer he porposed that Gainey should do and I just had to post something a little better.

Toronto Maple Leafs Prospect Report

A list of prospects and what I feel there potential is in the NHL. (Tlusty and Stralman will be included to make things more interesting)

No welcome Mats!

As much as I would like the Canadiens to sign Mats Sundin I just don’t see it happening. Nor do I see him ending up in Vancouver or resigning in Toronto. If he wanted to play for any of those teams he would have signed by now. Look at the incentives, Centennial season in Montreal, $10 million in Vancouver and yet another nonplayoff season in Toronto.

Increased Pressure

We have all discussed how well the Habs did last year and how much they have progressed. I think that Gainey and his staff have done a tremendous job reshaping the club.

We are all still waiting to see if Sundin decides to play in Mtl and if he doesn’t, then we’ll all be speculating as to what Gainey will do next.

Pens May Not Be As Good But Still Very Good

When a team that went all the way to the Stanley Cup finals loses 7 key contributors to that team, many expect a decline.

Well for the Pittsburgh Penguins, the decline may not be very steep at all.

At first glance, when you see all the players who left, it is very easy to hypothesize that the team has nowhere else to go but down.

Rumours from around the League

As we all still wait for Mats Sundin to make his decision here are some various rumours…

Vermette Signs multi- year contract

Antoine Vermette has signed a multi year contract with the Senators and is going to start the season in Ottawa. Terms were not disclosed.

Filppula signs for 5 years.

Redwings have come to terms with RFA Valtteri Filppula on a contract for 5 years worth 15 million giving Filppula an average salary of 3mill a year. Another great move by easily the best ran franchise in the league. Filppula is a nice young talent that really proved last year he could hang in the NHL an even been a future top six winger, or possibly a first liner down the road. I think this was a great move, he may be a little over paid this season but this kid has potential to be a 25 goal scorer 50 points guy.

Canadiens In A Celebratory Mood

The 2008-2009 season marks the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens and the team is hoping to make this a banner season culminating with a 25th championship.

A year ago, those thoughts would have been fools gold however the Habs have developed much quicker than expected and are one of the best young teams in the league.

Sundin to choose Leafs or retire: Hockey News article

Canucks eyeing Vermette, Nylander

Friday is D-Day for Mats Sundin. In a matter of days, we will find out Sundin’s intention for next season.

According to Ken Campbell of The Hockey News, Sundin will either retire or return for another season with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Saku to Wild just makes sense (only if #13 signs in MTL)

Not just because he could play with his brother, or because The Wild lost Rolston and Demitra. But because I think that if Montreal signs the big Swede, that Saku’s role on the team will be greatly diminished. This is a player who needs a change of scene, he needs to feel needed and wanted, and he fits the bill for the style of hockey The Wild play.