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What if….

For leaf haters out there, this is just another leafs article..


As the summer drags on with little or no hockey news, the Sundin Saga remains front and center.


In the past few years, it has been generally accepted that MLB’s All-Star Game is the most exiting to watch of all the major sports, hockey included… And I can’t say that I disagree.

Should the NHL take a page out of MLB’s book and have the winning Conference earn home ice advantage for the finals? I don’t think that format will fly with either the NHL or NHLPA!

Here are a few random thoughts on how to improve the All-Star game:

Toronto media is worse than its fans

I was reading through the paper today when I came across the Steve Simmons article:

A Detailed Look at the 2008-2009 Toronto Maple Leafs Teams

the following is an overview of the 2008-2009 leafs squad and how it should compete barring any trades or other transactions made

Sundin to Vancouver?

According to a Swedish Newspaper (article in Swedish as well) it appears that Mats Sundin may be heading to Vancouver after all.

Wings off-season and looking forward to pre-season

Let us start this by seeing who the Wings lost from their cup winning team and who they gained.

Losses: Wings have lost Dominik Hasek and Dallas Drake to retirement (nice to see Drake go out with his name on the cup). The Wings have 2 way offers on the table for both Darren McCarty and Aaron Downey but they have yet to accept them. Mark Hartigan likely won’t be back but he played mostly in the AHL and was quickly blown out of the lineup during the playoffs by the play of young Darren Helm who quickly showed fans why he is compared to a young Kris Draper.

Vermette, Neil, and Meszaros staying with Sens; looking for 2nd line winger

According to, Senators have announced they are looking to keep Chris Neil. Also the club’s main priority is to sign Vermette and Meszaros and not trade them away.

NEEDED! Defensive defencman – What a concept

With the forward position basically set and goaltending already in place the one place that will see movement from here to training camp will be the defence. With 9 NHL caliber d-men on the roster (10 if like me you consider Jay harrison a very solid player) and a max of seven spots available. Here is a quick look at the contenders.

Jonas Frogren will be at Training Camp

The NHLPA has decided it will grieve the NHL’s decision to reject the Jonas Frogren contract, effectively allowing the Swedish defenseman to join the Maple Leafs for the upcoming season while the terms of the contract are settled in a protracted arbitration process that will likely extend well into the 08/09 campaign.

Reasoner out of Edmonton

According to, the Atlanta Thrashers have signed free agent forward Marty Reasoner. The contract was undisclosed.

Horcoff agrees to six year contract extension!

Edmotnon Oilers have locked up Center Shawn Horcoff to a six year extension. Horcoff was an All-Star and at the skills competition was named “fastest skater”. Horcoff had 21 goals and 50 points in just 53 games last season. Horcoff will be under contract until the 2014-2015 season.

Huge three way deal in the works

Sportsnet is reporting a rumor regarding a possible huge three way deal between the Kings, Senators and the Hawks.