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The New York Rangers should……..

1. Play their kids: Up front they will have Lundmark, Balej, Betts, Murray, Ortmeyer, Josh Green, Mike Green, Prucha, Giroux, Heerema, Dominic Moore and on defence they have Tyutin, Pock, Rachunek, Kondratiev, Lampman, Grenier, Nycholat, with a good shot at making the team. Prucha may be the guy to centre a line with Jagr on it, allowing Holik to play a more defensive role. He was productive in Europe, and yes I know that isnt the same as teh NHL but I think he could be similar player to Robert Reichel. I know Reichel sucks now but he was a 70-80 point player in his younger days who could play an ok 2 way game and be a good playmaker.

Who's better, the Detroit red wings or Colorado Avalanche

Me and my freind rj ( a Colorado fan ) got into a fight of who was better the wings or avalanche

Bertuzzi Offically Charged

The following were taken from an Espn article. I know how everyone feels about cutting and pasting but given the nature of the topic I thought it best to keep portions word for word.

Ovechkin or Crosby??

With the 2004 NHL entry draft on Saturday, you really have to wonder who would you rather have? The next Kovalchuk or the next Gretzky?

What to look for in the Draft

Here are some rumors that are circulating…

Weekes to be dealt soon?

Lately many hockey “experts” have been commenting on the high possibility of Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Kevin Weekes and forward Jeff O’Neil being traded.

Ottawa Senators’ Draft Preview

Heading into the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, the Ottawa Senators may be looking to make some splashes. Find out who John Muckler may trade, who he might get in return and Ottawa’s potential selections.

The Best NHL Goaltender/Player Next Season

Going into the 2004-2005 NHL season next year, there are so many great goaltenders and players that can be considered the league`s best. From Martin St. Louis to Roberto Luongo to Adrian Aucoin… there are tons of players that can be found in this category.

2003-2004 NHL Awards

I know this happened about a week ago but no one posted it so here we go.

The Post-Burke Era

I haven’t written an article in a long time, but here we go. With all the talks about the CBA and how it will affect teams and the league, why just talk about some hockey, especially the Canucks. Vancouver surely has grown well as a team from the Quinn ERA, losing and not making any money, to a team full of talent and selling out most games. However I feel the need to talk about some things.

Take on the Caps #1 overall pick, Minor Trade

Is George McPhee the right person for the Caps?

Irbe a Blue Jacket

According to Arturs Irbe has been acquired by the Columbus Blue Jackets for future considerations.

Madison Square Garden 10 years ago today.

It seems as if 10 years ago today players from around the league in the NHL were terrified, if not mortified to play in the most famous arena known around the world. Players came in just trying to make a name for themselves in the spot light, but worrying every stride of the way while on the ice, which would almost make or break their careers.

No arena has ever matched Madison Square Garden’s essence of 10 years ago…. But many have come close. Which arenas now scare the majority of players to do their best?

Shanahan to TO?

I was watching Sportscentre the other morning like I do every morning and Pierre McGuire indicated that the Detroit Red Wings will not resign Brett Hull and although they will probably offer Brendan Shanahan a new contract he’ll probably end up in Toronto.

Who's going where – Star Player Edition

Well there is not enough time to do articles on every team so I am going to just do one for all the big name players in the NHL. Note this is UFA’s only.

All Leaf Fans want is a winner.

I know there are plenty of Leaf bashers out there and that is fine as Leaf fans do their share of bashing too. But we all have something in common and that is we want to see our team win. For Me I want the Leafs to win but they have plenty of work to do.

RJ Umberger to Philly

Apparently the Rangers have lost out on supposedly a great young talent, but with all of their current young skilled players i am not that concerned although it would have been nice to keep him. Anyway……..

Where Next?? Philly Edition

Now that the Stanley cup finals is over and done with, and the heartache of another year out of my system, I feel it is time to look objectively at what the flyers need to do in order to win next year (assuming of course there is a next year)

Avs Season in Review (a Long Time in Coming)

I realize that there’s been a “where are they going” article for the avs, but never a season in review, and since we’ve all got lots of down time now…. here is something to spark some comments.

2004 Regular Season Review

The 2004 NHL Season brought to us many Shocks, reactions, and disappointments and now let us relive them all.

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