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Shanahan to TO?

I was watching Sportscentre the other morning like I do every morning and Pierre McGuire indicated that the Detroit Red Wings will not resign Brett Hull and although they will probably offer Brendan Shanahan a new contract he’ll probably end up in Toronto.

Who's going where – Star Player Edition

Well there is not enough time to do articles on every team so I am going to just do one for all the big name players in the NHL. Note this is UFA’s only.

All Leaf Fans want is a winner.

I know there are plenty of Leaf bashers out there and that is fine as Leaf fans do their share of bashing too. But we all have something in common and that is we want to see our team win. For Me I want the Leafs to win but they have plenty of work to do.

RJ Umberger to Philly

Apparently the Rangers have lost out on supposedly a great young talent, but with all of their current young skilled players i am not that concerned although it would have been nice to keep him. Anyway……..

Where Next?? Philly Edition

Now that the Stanley cup finals is over and done with, and the heartache of another year out of my system, I feel it is time to look objectively at what the flyers need to do in order to win next year (assuming of course there is a next year)

Avs Season in Review (a Long Time in Coming)

I realize that there’s been a “where are they going” article for the avs, but never a season in review, and since we’ve all got lots of down time now…. here is something to spark some comments.

2004 Regular Season Review

The 2004 NHL Season brought to us many Shocks, reactions, and disappointments and now let us relive them all.

This Years Mock Draft

The NHL Entry draft commences June 26th in Raleigh, NC. Here is a look at who might be picked where.

Rangers need to get the right Coach

It has become more clear that Sather just can’t pull the trigger when it comes to a coach. Sadly, he needs to pick it up before the draft.

But a few things might be holding him back which is hurting the organization.

Sather won’t cut his power in half, and wants to dominate this team so that he is the reason the Rangers win.

2004 NHL Awards

The NHL will give out its awards 3 days after the Stanley Cup in Toronto. Here are the nominees and who I think will win.

Islanders Off Season Plans

The Islanders are comming off of what could considered a disapoinitng campaign, and with the labor uncertanity it can be said that a few veteran players with big contracts who didn’t step up could be gone.

Who's going where – New Jersey Devils Edition

Well Drkballz said he would like to hear my Jersey post and I couldn’t think of another team to write about so it’s time for the Devils.

Get to know your Top Prospects in the 2004 Draft

All right well let’s take a look at each position and let’s see how good some of these guy as that could go in the top 10 overall picks.

I think it’s about time we get to know these guy’s… hey they might be on your team by the end of this month.

Prospects inked to contracts

Today was relativly busy in prospect signing, with several teams inking players to entry level contracts.

Should Sather be IN or OUT?

The current GM of the New York Rangers, Glen Sather has seemed to be under fire, not only by the Garden Faithful, with their “FIRE SATHER” chants not only at games, but charity events. However is Sather to blame? And what has he done under his own terms that has made him so very bad in the MSG boxseats?

Salo Sweden Bound

According to the Dever Post, Tommy Salo a veteran of over 500 NHL games will retire from the NHL and return to Sweden to play for MoDO of the Swedish Elite league.


Here’s a list of the notable unrestricted free agents this summer, and a little speculation as to who might want them and where they might end up.

Espn 100: NHL2night's 100 best of all time (1st 100 players they thought of)

There has been discussion who are the top players of all time. Here is the top 100 according to Melrose, Pang and Ferraro.

They put some thought into it but there are players who are higher then they should be and lower then they should be.

Deadline deals during the Cup finals?

Well,… not really … but many deals could arise in late June when the Entry Draft is set off to be not as strong as last year….. but a few sleepers are sitting in the shadows.

With the Lockout brewing in all sorts of story’s still, a few dumps for picks could just as well happen.

Many teams do have guys they still wanna deal … and many of them have replacements in there farm ready to move up.

Ken Dryden leaves presidency to enter politics

According to Ken Ulmer of the Toronto Sun, Ken Dryden has officially stepped down as President of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Canadian PM Paul Martin has seduced Dryden into a political career, and Dryden has chosen to ally himself with the Liberal Party. The article can be found at :