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News out of Florida

The Sun Sentinel is speculating that with the recent losses in Florida, the interest in Olli Jokinen is continuing to grow.

Rumors from the New York Post

Larry Brooks of the New York Post is reporting that the New York Rangers are in hot pursuit of Tampa Bay Defenseman Dan Boyle.

The Return of Sundin

Attention Cliff (or whoever is calling the shots……..petty Peddie) and fans of the TML……………when and if Captain Mats is traded to a contender with actual hockey players on their roster don’t hold your breath for his return in the off season. Do you really believe that if Sundin gets a chance to be flanked by guys who know how to put the biscuit in the basket he would want to come back to T-Dot to be reunited with Jonas Hoglund or whoever the next pilon is that MLS&E try to tell you is a front line, top caliber winger who deserves to play with Lucky Number 13.

Gagne done for the year

According the Philadelphia Flyers, left winger Simon Gagne was seen by Dr. [Jim] Kelly today in Colorado and advised Gagne to shut it down for the remainder of the season.

Kramer's spin: Sundin going to 1 of 6 cities, bet on it

Over the past several weeks, there have been countless rumors and articles on where Mats Sundin is going if he’s traded by the deadline.

But none of these articles provided information on the ODDS or probability that Sundin will be dealt to any particular team. No numerical information has ever been reported.

Well, the bookies in Las Vegas have addressed that, and the front runner in the Sundin sweepstakes might surprise people.

Losing is Winning?

I’ve thought a lot about what needs to be done with this team, and I’ve finally come up with it, and although many believe the asking price for Mats Sundin is to high to get what we want, I tend to disagree.

Kings likely to deal more players

Yesterday, the Kings traded Jaroslav Modry to the Flyers for a 3rd-round draft pick. That trade has opened the flood gates and become the first of many moves that the Kings are expected to make between now and the trade deadline.
The 4th period is reporting that Brad Stuart and Ladislav Nagy are the likely candidates, and name NJ, Detroit and the Flyers (again) as likely candidates for the defenseman, and Pittsburgh and Vancouver for the LWer.

Speculation from the Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun is providing a ton of speculation regarding trade rumors and players who may be on the move.

More Atlanta Players Could be on the Move is reporting that Marian Hossa may not be the only Thrasher to be on the move.

Gainey confirms: looking for an impact player

Gainey commented publicly after a spectacular win over New York Ranger 6-5, that he is looking to acquire an impact player.

When asked he said he had certain specific players in mind.

Islanders interested in McCabe

What’s another day without a fresh new Maple Leaf trade rumor?

TFP is reporting that the New York Islanders are interested in acquiring Leaf defenseman Bryan McCabe.

Flyers Trade for Modry

The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired Jaroslav Modry from LA for a 3rd rounder. Don’t know how much this helps. Flyers are loaded with average defensemen and need a great puck mover. Don’t know how much Modry will solve any problems. Thought they were more in the market for Campbell or Kaberle. Maybe this is a set up move for something else…i sure hope so.

Leafs asking too much for Sundin?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs are asking way too much for Mats Sundin.