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HTR sister site, – Reloaded!

Over the years we have changed as we have grown up and have taken on many different forms and many different looks. Where did it all begin? We began on our sister site with this inconspicuous announcement: – Writers Wanted

NHL rejects Frogren's contract with Leafs

The Leafs had hoped to announce Swedish defensman Jonas Frogren’s signing with the team to a standard contract by Wednesday, but it appears there is a problem.

Radulov signs with Slavat reports that Radulov will be playing with Slavat in UFA next year []. This could be the worst turn of events ever for the city of Nashville.

Demitra Signed, Sundin Next!

The Canucks have signed Pavol demitra to a 2 year deal worth 8 million.

Also the TEAM 1040 is reporting that multiple sources are saying that Sundin is close to signing with Vancouver and that the signing could come down as early as next week!

When hockey takes a back seat

When sports take a back seat to something more important, you know something bad has happened. On September 11th, football took a back seat to Pat Tillman, who decided he’d rather fight for his country than sign a large contract with the Arizona Cardinals. In September 2003, hockey took a back seat to many people around the Atlanta Thrashers, when Dany Heatley and Dan Snyder were involved in a serious car accident, Snyder dying several days later. We once again have a story about dreams of sports stardom taking a back seat because of, well, bad luck, misfortune, whatever you want to call it, as I read in this weeks issue of Sports Illustrated

What is Bob Gainey's best play at this point?

So, ten days have passed since free agency started. The Mats situation continues and BG seems to be waiting for his decision…which in my mind is the right play.

Steve Bernier is a Canuck

Mere hours after St. Louis signed Steve Bernier to a 2.5 million dollar offer sheet, Canucks matched it.

Jason Smith Signed By Ottawa

Free agent Jason Smith, 34, has signed a 2-year, 5.2-million contract with the Ottawa Senators. The Senators needed an offensive defenceman, but had to settle for the reliable back-end play of Smith.

St. Louis signs Bernier!

The St. Louis Blues have signed Steve Bernier to an offer sheet, could this be pay back for David Backes. Terms were not disclosed.

Bettman : Commisioner or Gradeschool principle?

It would have been interesting to see this played out awhile longer.

Demitra du Vancouver!

The Team 1040 in Vancouver is reporting that a Czech newspaper is reporting that Pavel Demitra has signed a 3 year 12 million dollar deal with the Canucks. This has been reported for weeks and this could very well be a pre-curser to Sundin signing with the team.

Ohlund to speak to Sundin

The Vancouver Sun says that Ohlund, who has been with the nucks his entire career, will speak to Sundin about playing in Vancouver.

Ohlund told Elliot Pap if Mats calls him, “he’ll put in a good word”. Then he goes on to wonder if he should call Mats instead.

Lightning Continue Adding Forwards; Other Free Agent News

The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed veteran forward Mark Recchi to a 1 year contract worth 1.25 million plus bonuses which could make the contract worth up to 1.5 million. Adding Recchi is a great move for the Lightning as it will give them a great mentor for Steven Stamkos. The Lightning also signed Evgeny Artyukhin to a 2 year 1.9 million dollar deal. Artyukhin comes back to Tampa after playing 2 seasons in Russia. As it stands, the Lightning look like this heading into the 2008-09 season:

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