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Are the Habs contenders ?

When was the last time the Montreal Canadiens were ranked 2nd in points in the east…It’s been a hell of a long time. So what do the Habs need to remain contenders in the East ? I would say a power forward and a right handed D-man. So how bout this…

Alternative Approaches for Fletcher, Trade Everyone

Whats the point of holding on to Antropov, Toskala and Kaberle if the Leafs can’t build around them? The Leafs clearly have no future and the conventional wisdom in addressing the team’s many issues is trading Sundin in order to get a couple of draft picks and prospects, however this isn’t the best course of action. Shallow depth within the farm system isn’t the obstacle to future success, bad contracts are. This being the case, the most pressing concern isn’t restocking the farm system but getting rid of the likes of Blake, McCabe, Tucker and Kubina. This is a tall order, but not an imposibility. To achieve this end, Fletcher must aggressively attempt to rid the Leafs of all asset, there are no untouchables on this roster or within the farm system.

Carolina Hurricanes moving Eric Cole before deadline?

Talk won’t go away that the Hurricanes are going to move RW Erik Cole before the Feb. 26 trade deadline according to the Toronto Sun.

There’s talk in NHL circles that Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford would like to shake up things and shed Cole’s $4-million salary for next season. The Senators are interested, but GM Bryan Murray would have a tough time taking on that salary.

Couple of Teams Making An Impression In The East

The All-Star break is here and a couple of teams that were predicted to finish close to last or not make the post season are proving otherwise.

A few surprises…And disappointments…

Leafs won't buy or sell… but they will be active

The Toronto Maple Leafs won’t be just selling off any contracts they can. They also won’t be adding players on for a long playoff push. They’re going to do a little of both and finally start this rebuilding process. It will be a Fletcher style approach though.

Tampa Bay to start making some moves

Tampa Bay Online is reporting that the Lightning may be willing to part ways with several of their players.

It is time for Blake to go

The LA Daily News is reporting that defenseman Rob Blake has to go ….

Forsberg Skating with Swedish Team

Peter Forsberg is skating again with his hometown team in Sweden. He says his ankle is good so far and that he is in constant contact with his doctor.

Ponikarovsky out six weeks with shoulder injury

According to NHL official site, The Leafs placed Ponikarovsky on injured reserve with a shoulder dislocation and is expected to be out of the lineup for six weeks. Darryl Boyce was recalled on Thursday to fill the roster spot.

Call me Cliff..

Call me Cliff…

What I’m going to do is write what I believe a shrewd and smart GM would do with what the Leafs have and then draw conclusions.

Youngstars or Youngrinders game?

When you look at the Eastern forward line-up for this year’s Youngstar game, with the exception of Niklas Backstrom, I’m wondering if the term “star” is appropriate to define such a group of grinders. Young and promising grinders I would pick any day on my team, but still grinders…

Where Do The Habs Stand At The Deadline?

Sorry to non-Habs fans for another Habs article, it’s just I haven’t written about them in nearly 6 months. So yeah, sorry.

Now, over the last 4 or 5 days, I’ve been asking myself just where does Montreal stand going into the Trade Deadline, which is in 33 days. Should they be big buyers and go after the Marian Hossa’s and Mats Sundin’s? Or should they continue to do what they’ve they’ve the last several seasons and aquire minor pieces like the Todd Simpson’s and Jim Dowd’s? Or should they stay the course with the current roster and the only changes should be the promotions of players like Kyle Chipchura and Carey Price near the Play-Offs?

Canadiens need a good center, who's available?

With the trade deadline looming soon, the Canadiens are on track to have their best season since Serve Savard was general manager. During the Rejean Houle era the Canadiens posted the following record: