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I’m getting a little worn out by all the Forsberg talk. All this hype over a guy who is not the over the top player he once was nor someone who is going to help lead a team in the future. The Flyers best bet does not lie in the Swede. Although i wouldn’t mind having him, their needs are beyond the scope of what Forsberg can bring. After last nights disappointing loss to the Canadiens where they failed to solve Price, and Nittymaki and mistakes by the Canadiens kept them in the game, they need a big boost if their gonna be contenders or (at this point) even make the playoffs. I don’t know why their not more focused on other availale UFAs, but they should be. My recommendation without a doubt for the Flyers is HOSSA.

What hockey deal would you offer for Hossa?

Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell will probably field offers at this week’s GMs meeting for Marian Hossa, but he’s not going to accept just picks and prospects. Waddell wants “a hockey deal”, something that’ll help his team now, and if he can’t find that deal he won’t move Hossa.

Latest Pens Speculation

Now that Evgeni Malkin has separated himself from the pack and, in doing so, cemented his claim to the #1b (Crosby = #1a) center spot on the Pittsburgh Penguins, rumors surrounding Jordan Staal have resurfaced. You see, the Penguins now understand that anything but centering a line is tantamount to letting Malkin waste-away as a winger, even as Sidney Crosby’s winger. Malkin’s dynamic presence at center commands too much attention from opposing defensive schemes. Once Crosby returns, the consensus is to keep Malkin and Sykora together and to reunite Crosby and Malone. This leaves options for each of these line’s open winger position. A popular set of combinations is currently Gary Roberts with Malkin/Sykora and Tyler Kennedy with Crosby/Malone…


Well what to do with HUET do we sign him, trade him, or just loose him for nothing
My opinion is sign him or trade him don’t loose him for nothing thats just stupid hockey i don’t see Huet bringing LORD STANLY HOME i even see price bringing the cup here more then huet….

How do contract buyouts work now?

As a leafs fan, I hear multiple times the Leafs have put away ALOT of monet to buyout contracts this summer from some of their highpaid players. AKA Pavel Kubina to clear up salary as well as roster space.


As usual, there are several big names to be had as the trade deadline looms but this year, there are 2 big name players available that the Canadiens have coveted for quite some time. Marian Hossa and Oli Jokinen have both been on the Bob Gainey’s radar, in Hossa’s case, for well over a year. Until now, Jokinen was considered an untouchable in Florida but recent developments have changed that dynamic. Of These 2, who do the Canadiens need more and are the Canadiens prepared to give up what it would take to land either of these 2 stars.

Leafy's Trade Deadline Coverage

From now until the deadline, you’ll get at least an article a day from Leafy. Sorry guys. Here’s my instant analysis on the latest goings on.

Why the Canucks should think about being sellers

everyone is concerned about the year at hand… but the Vancouver Canucks have so much promise for next year its discusting they have a good core group and with guys like Naslund and Morrison who are going to have to take a pay cut to stick around it looks all the more promising.. picture the Canucks with 3 extra scoring forwards next season… this is a possible reality but there are many factors that lead up to this… Dave Nonis has a choice he can sell the farm to pick up a player to go for a cup run against very low odds… he can sit on what he has do nothing maybe make the playoffs…. or he can sell.. if he sells he gives himself a possible young talent that can help this club in the future and he also probably picks up trade bait for next years deadline in draft picks.

Five: The Magic Number

There are several key relations to the number five when it comes to the NHL. There’s the late great Bernie “Boom Boom” Geoffrion who slid into a Canadiens jersey in nineteen-fifty-five and won the Art Ross trophy with “numero cinq” on his back, becoming only the second player in NHL history to score fifty goals. Then there’s nineteen-sixty, when Hector “Toe” Blake became the first, and only, coach in the history of the game to coach an NHL franchise, the Montreal Canadiens, to five straight Stanley Cup Championships. Now, the magic number is set for what could potentially be a historical stage for the future of a franchise – five more losses and the Canadiens long time competitor, the Toronto Maple Leafs, will officially be knocked out of playoff contention.

Fedorov to Detroit?

The Detroit News is speculating that Sergei Ferorov may be on his way back to Detroit.

Worst Coach Candidates

About 50+ games in the season these are the top 3 coaches that need to be gone when the season is done. This is based on the team’s performance, standings and the players’ response to their coach.

Rico's Rant – Habs Fans!

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First and foremost – I am a Habs fan, I was born one, I will die one, you cut me I bleed bleu, blanc et rouge – I still search Youtube to find games from the 93 Stanley Cup final to see Patrick Roy wink at Sandstrom and so on!

News from the Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun is providing a number of speculation tid bits for your reading pleasure this morning including news on Mats Sundin.