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A numbers game?

Fans continue to argue whos team has a shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup but only one group of people will be right. And that group of people might not develop until the final weeks of the playoffs.

The NHL Playoff Tournament Pool!

I know this site is based on trade rumors, and there is nothing to write about after the deadline so how about a playoff pool! It’s easy. You just pick 8 forwards, 4 defenceman, and 2 goalies……….

Maple Leafs: Experienced…or just plain old?

I know everyone always talks about the invaluable benefit of leadership, character and experience come playoff time, but how much is too much? Surely Leafs fan know of all the failed trade deadline signings from recent years; Phil Housley, Doug Gilmour, Glen Wesley, to name just a few. What’s to make anyone think this year will be any different? Can the additions of Ron Francis, Brian Leetch and Calle Johannson make a difference this year, when it’s never made a difference before? Is management really trying to win each year or are they just leading their faithful (obsessive) fans back to the trough so they’ll buy seasons tickets for next year? Or worse still, spend all their money on those stupid flags that Leafs fans hang out of their car windows each year.

HTR's First Annual (and probably last) All-Star Geriatric Team

In my response to one of the last Flyers posts I jokingly said that the Flyers do in fact have one of the greatest teams ever assembled……if the year was 1992/1993….Ba Dump Bump. Then I started thinking about that (there I go thinking again) and decided to look into it a little deeper…(not Jenna Jamison or Marianis Trench Deep….but deeper nonetheless)…..hmmmmm

J.R. returns from injury Thursday & are reporting that Jeremy Roenick will return to the ice on Thursday vs the Islanders. He will most likely wear a protective cage for the next month to protect his jaw.

Russians Clamping Down On Transfers- May Lead to Amazing Draft News

“With the first overall pick in the 2004 NHL Draft, (ANY TEAM) picks, from Dynamo Moscow, Alexander Ovechkin!”

Well, that scenario might not work.

What the NHL player needs now is more heart sweet heart…

…may be not for some but for everyone.

Anyway sorry for the derivation of the Burt Backarack song, but I was watching Austin Powers in which he and/or Mike Myers song that song in all three of them. Although I personally don’t like it, the song just sticks in the head.

Anyways there is always some idea that someone has for creating more offense OR getting more fan support behind this sport… or just random ideas that would help the game.

What a Finish (Early End of Season Report)

What was once thought to be unthinkable has happened. The Penguins have put together a run that puts them at the top of the league over their last 10 games. The Penguins have the top powerplay in the league since February 1. The Penguins just might be working themselves out of the 48% chance at Ovechkin. Lots of the talk here in Pittsburgh is surrounding that last point, and many people are calling for the team to somehow tank the rest of the season and secure the best shot at Ovechkin.

Congrats to the Leafs… Organisation.

After all the drama caused this week by the ”law” that the Ottawa City Counsil wanted to adopt in order to fine everyone entering the Corel Center with a Maple Leafs jersey on to make a small donation to the local food bank, the Maple Leafs organisation responded the best way they could today.

Does Hockey Need More Scoring?

Hopefully, all of you have heard about what the NHL’s ideas are for more scoring, and what they’re going to do about it. They’ve come up with ideas like goalie’s can’t come out of the net to handle the puck(i certainly don’t like it). Wouldn’t that make the goalie’s really bored? Or there’s other ones like make the pads smaller. How stupid are all the people hanging around Gary Bettman? Why don’t you just……..

Some Random Thoughts from the Fan of our Game

Well after a unusually quite deadline day, mostly due to the fact that most were completed before the Trade Deadline. But with the HTR staff not posting too many articles, and not a lot of recent messages by members, I figure I will bring up some things that I know would/could/should spark a lot of comments from the viewers, and members of HTR.

NHL Awards

With approximately 10 games remaining for each team in the regular season, the race for the NHL’s Individual Awards will not change much. We can now make an educated guess on who the recipiants will be. Who do you think will take home the hardware?

Lack of Important Trophy

Every year the debate rages over who will win the big trophies, The Hart, The Ross, The Veznia, The Norris, but there seems to be one missing that makes the most sense of all. There should be a trophy awarded to the best “Stay-at-home” defenseman.

Reasons why people hate Toronto!

Over the years the Toronto Maple Leafs organization have been heavily criticized by many hockey fans coming from all over North America all the way to Europe. It’s gone as far that Sports Illustrasted in an article last year, considered them the “most-hated team in professional sports.” Now what is the reasoning for this hate? Is it the Toronto players? Is it the Toronto Media? Or is it just the Toronto fans themselves? The point of this article is for people to state their reasoning behind their hatred of the leafs and for the Leaf fans to defend themselves. Because we all know just how passionate they are. I know this is the last thing Leaf-haters want, another Maple leaf article. But this one will be on the basis of bashing them. Being a leaf-hater myself I thought I’d share my reasons for hating the biggest team in Canada and in hockey.

Surprising Playoff Race

As you look at the playoff race, their are a lot of new and surprising teams in it like San Jose, Calgary, Nashville, Tampa Bay, and Buffalo, But the question is are they for real…….?

Experts Look: I'LL Tell Yuh Whats Really Wrong With The Game!..

With all the Bertuzzi exploitment and hockey personalities being scapcoated.

I won’t keep my view back, and I’ll go ahead and tell you what it is that’s killing our game, along with its respect and dignity….

-Look no further then your “reliable” media.

Top 10 Hockey Lowlights In History

In light of the recent Bertuzzi incident, I received an interesting email from a friend. Its an article done by cbc rating the 10 worst hockey incidents of all time…

The Truth is Finally Told about Hasek

A local Detroit TV station (WDIV Channel 4) today showed an interview with Detroit Red Wing GM Ken Holland where Holland set the record straight on Detroit Red Wing Dominic Hasek abruptly walking away from hockey in Detroit for the rest of this season, and perhaps for good.

This Years Trade Awards (I Know, Bad Tittle)

There have been lots of trades to look at this year, so lets take a look at the best and worst trades made this year.

Battle for the last spot in the East

It all comes down to who is hot, and who is cold in these last 12 games for each team.

Buffalo, St. Louis, and even Edmonton are just points out of the last spot.

St. Louis 1 point behind Nashville and LA. Have a the best chance to take the last spot in the West while Buffalo is just 4 points away from pushing the Islanders out of it.