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Ryan Malone signs 7 year deal with Tampa Bay!

The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed Ryan Malone to a 7 year $31.5 million dollar contract.

Ducks and Bruins to make a swap? is reporting a possible rumor that would see the Ducks and Bruins making a swap of highly paid veteran players.

Canuck Rumors

The Vancouver Province is providing speculation on the possible players that the Canucks are likely to target on Tuesday.

Columbus to sign Morrison?

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the Columbus Blue Jackets are expected to try to sign Canucks UFA Brendan Morrison on July the first.

Carter Signed!

The Flyers have signed Jeff Carter to a 3 year $15mil contract. More details are to follow. I believe they overpaid (just by a little). But in today’s RFA market, and teams offering big contracts, it was the right move for the Flyers.

Todd Bertuzzi place on waivers

The Anaheim Ducks are parting ways with Todd Bertuzzi, as the club has placed the veteran winger on waivers with the intention to buy out the remaining season of his contract with the organization.

Bertuzzi was reunited with Ducks general manager Brian Burke last summer after signing a two-year, $8-million deal. If unclaimed, the team will pay two-thirds of his remaining deal and he will become an unrestricted free agent.

The Sundin Situation

If you are a GM of a contending team and require a UFA player to take you over the top for a cup run this year, there is no better then Mats Sundin. Yes, there is better scoring talent but for what he brings to the table for offense, defense, face-offs, experience and leadership, he is the total package. The question right now is, will he return to the NHL next year and then the next question would be, where will he play?

McCabe done in Toronto?

The Toronto Sun is reporting the speculation that the Leafs are actively trying to force McCabe out of Toronto. The article reports that the Leafs will most likely not buy McCabe out of his deal and will not invite McCabe back to team next year possibly in an effort to force McCabe to waive his no trade clause.

Jagr to the Russian Super League?

Larry Brooks of the New York Post is reporting that Jagr has received a three year 35 million dollar contract offer from Omsk of the Russian Super League.

Top 30 RFA's and UFA's

With just 5 days until Free Agency day I decided to put a list of the top 30 RFA’s AND UFA’s plus which teams are interested in them and their market value.

Bouwmeester wants out of Florida?

After the Panthers dealt Olii Jokinen to the Coyotes in exchange for Keith Ballard and Nik Boynton it’s believed that their top defenceman and RFA Jay Bouwmeester wants out of Florida. If it’s true the Panthers say they might want to trade him before July 1st.

Salary Cap to go up to 56.7 million reports the salary cap for the upcomming season can go as high as 56.7 million and it seems they will put it up as high as possible as it seems a lot of players are testing the free agency this year and they will get big money which means less room for other players on other teams.

Bruins to go afer big names

The Boston Herald is reporting that Bruins GM Peter Chairelli is planning to be ready for a big move come July the first.