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Are They Still A Suprise?

As a previouse post on said, “Its great to be a Habs fan” and as a Montreal fan myself I agree, Its great!

Breakdown of Montreal’s success this season…

Kesler or Burrows For Selke!

In my opinion, players such as Alexander Burrows and Ryan Kesler should not be overlooked in this years selke candidates.

Can The Leafs Do The Improbable?

After their big win in Buffalo last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs have moved within 5 points of the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. With wins in 4 of their last 5 games, the team refuses to give up and still remains mathematically in the race.

Upcoming Leaf Superstar?

I Believe there is a prospect in the Leaf system that is under rated big time. He was the Maple Leafs 2nd round pick 44th overall in the 2006 draft. His name is Nikolai Kulemin. In my opinion Kulemin has the potential to be superstar in the NHL like other Russian forwards such as, Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Kovalev, Semin and Frolov. Dont believe he compares to these players?.. Well in my opinion i think he does. Check out these stats.

WARNING: Hurricane storm will hit the POSTSEASON!

Okay, so HTR hears alot of opinions about how great Montreal has been this year and how poorly the Leafs have been, but what about the team that has been the most dangerous team in the NHL as of late. I’m talking about the Carolina Hurricanes. Yes, you have all heard me right, the Carolina Hurricanes.

As alot of fans wondered about how New Jersey, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittstburg and New York have been doing in the East, Carolina has quietly been climbing the standings with now 87 points and 5 behind tops in the East. Not to mention barely behind Ottawa in points as well.

It's a great time to be a Habs Fan

First and foremost I feel it is important for me to point out that I am a hockey fan – I don’t really have a favourite team but I tend to pull for Vancouver a lot because of Luongo – he is more better then any goalie in the league right now – and the Senators because Heatley is more better at the grit game then anyone else in the league – but I have to say this.

Olympic Teams??

for the past few days ive been wondering who will be on the teams for the main contenders come 2010 for the olympics and in my opinion these will be the teams for 7 contenders:

Should Datsyuk win the Selke?

Who should win the Selke this year? Easy enough question but there are plenty of worthy candidates for this award this season but the one that stands out for me is Pavel Datsyuk.

I know some won’t think of him for this award and being a Wings fan i might be a little bias since i see all the Wings games but this guy is among the best two way players in the league. Most people that don’t watch him much might think of him only as an offensive wizard with slick stick handling moves and head scratching passing but he has become much much more then that.

Future Is Uncertain For Penguins

Pittsburgh is having another excellent season surprisingly without their franchise player Sidney Crosby. Their success can be broken down to coaching, chemistry and the one important ingredient to a successful team….Depth!

The CBA/Salary Cap will it’s affect on the Pittsburgh Penguins…

Does Price make Montreal the team of destiny? A look at history

I normally write about my Leafs, but an interesting observation inspired me to write this story.

Back in September, Habsrock99 wrote an article comparing this year’s Canadiens to the 1986 team. At the time, I thought “you’re joking, right?”. But in hindsight, the article was actually ahead of its time, written when most analysts picked the Habs to miss the playoffs.

Meanwhile, I did some research of past hockey eras and found out a very interesting fact about Montreal rookie goalies going back 65 years.

If history is any indication, this might have implications for Montreal’s performance in the upcoming playoffs.

Goaltending Duo Remaning Schedule

20 year old Carey Price is Montreal’s future franchise goalie but it seems that he will need to once again prove himself that he is #1.

22 year old Jaroslav Halak just came off a shutout and got the nod in goal against the St. Louis Blue.

Is Carboneau gearing up Price for the last 8 games?

Which team is the most/least exciting in the NHL?

Which teams do you think are the most exciting to watch in the NHL?
Which teams do you think are the least exciting to watch in the NHL?
Which teams do you think will be exciting in the future, starting next year?

Which teams, aside from your favorite, can you actually tolerate watching an entire game of?

Present Future

As I was watching the Montreal / Ottawa game I began to think about Montreal’s future with Saku Koivu. Not so much about still having him on the team but who will be their to take his spot as #1 center in the next few years.

Also some thoughts on the game…