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Thashers and Hossa having talks

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Marian Hossa is not finished yet as an Atlanta Thrasher.

Devils Are The Team To Beat!

Right behind Ottawa the Devils are looking like they will be a team to beat in the Playoffs. People said this team would not be as good because of the loss of Gomez and lack of depth up front…

A few reasons why they are rolling and will keep on rolling!

Leafs give up on Sundin! Armstrong best Leafs Captain Ever!

The wheels have fallen off and this season appears to be gone. Leafs Nation is calling for blood, starting from the top down, or down up, or anything to prove that MLSE wants to win a cup. I agree with my fellow Leafs fans, change is required now, but I must say that I do not agree with people still defending Sundin.

Crosby and Malkin Fine Together

In a perfect world, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin each would have his own line, each flanked by a dazzling, All-Star winger.

Jordan Staal would have his own line, too – a checking line designed to stifle the opposing team’s top player.

Habs and Flames talking?

While watching the Flames and Wild game Wednesday night on TSN, Pierre Gauthier was shown on screen. Pierre McGuire stated that the two teams were talking trade and that something interesting could be done soon, or at leats before the deadline. No names were mentioned…

I don’t think Kovalev’s name will come back in rumors this year… Ryder is the obvious candidate. I think at least one d-man could go, and extra guys like Bégin.

Latest Leaf rumors

Steen, Sundin, McCabe, Blake could be shopped

With the deteriorating play of the Maple Leafs over the past month, there have been increased calls for the team to be “blown up” and to shift focus to next year.

Accordingly, a number of interesting rumors have arisen of late.

Recent Speculation Tid bits

– Stall for Hossa ??
– Jackets and Ranger to make a swap?
– What’s in store for Kolzig?

Realistic 2008-2009

Ill actually be nice. sorry guys only move were making this year is Ryder and just maybe maybe Huet this would be a great year to trade huet, hes doing decent and is going to the all-star game. get a key player for him maybe. but to be honest there is no one that attractive to grab this year. not for the prices anyways. and yes i know… price isn’t ready… thats why this is a wishlist.

TSN's list of players who may be on the move provides a detailed listing of the players who they feel will be available come this years trade deadline.

Selanne Close to Making a Decision

All Star winger Teemu Selanne has decided upon a time frame to make a decision for a possible return.

Crosby simply the best… again. [NHL Production stat]

Since Crosby has been reunited with Malkin, he has gone on a scoring tear, which has led to where we are now, with 3 players tied for the scoring lead. However, not only does Crosby have games in hand on both of them, his PRODUCTION (an often overlooked stat, sadly) is leaps-and-bounds ahead of the others… and, in fact, ahead, once again, of EVERY SINGLE NHL PLAYER!

Regier disappointed Campbell halted negotiations

Buffalo Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier admitted today that he’s disappointed with defenseman Brian Campbell’s decision to suspend negotiations on a new contract with the team.

“He wants to leave it till after the season and work on it at that point,” Regier said following practice in HSBC Arena.

Flaw in Scoring Points?

Currently in the NHL, a team gets awarded two points for winning a game in regulation, overtime, or a shootout. Any team that loses in the shootout or in overtime is awarded one point, and a loss in regulation is worth nothing. However, in the NHL “without ties” era, something needs to be changed because too many points are being awarded night in and night out.

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