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Are They Underrated Or Overrated?

When I’m watching, or thinking about hockey there is just one thing that really annoys me…….

Who Is Going To Win The President's Trophy?

With the trade deadline past us, the NHL excitement now turns to the playoff races that are evolving. This year, the major race is not who is going to make the playoffs, rather, who is going to finish first overall in the league and win not only the President’s trophy, but home ice advantage throughout the entire playoffs as well.

The intention of this article is to break down the remaining schedules for the 7 teams that still have a legitimate shot at #1.

Be An Analyst : Komic-J on the Montreal Canadiens and Trade Deadline.

Well, now that the trade deadline is behind us, it’s time for us, fans, to speculate about our favorite team’s chances in the playoffs. Living in Montreal, my favorite team is, of course, the Montreal Canadiens and, hopefully, they’ll be in the playoffs this year. Are they in good shape ? Are they going far ? Could they have done more ? What’s wrong, what’s good…here’s what I have to say;

Punishment doesn't fit crime

I’ve been watching Canuck games for 10 years, but I’ve never been this embarassed.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, the humiliated look on Markus Naslunds face says it all.

Monday/Early Tuesday Trades Review

Check out the trades that occurd Monday and on Tuesday morning (early)!

Messier says Don't try it with me.

The Captain has been rumored all over the board more and more, but this time Mark Messier won’t let a Leetch type deal happen to him.

How? He said he simply won’t go to any team who trades for him.

Since Leetch is gone. Messier has no desire to play anymore. But he will not leave N.Y. by letting Sather ship him out like the leetch deal.

Ranger Faithful Pulling for Leetchie

I haven’t had much time to make a post the last week or so, but there is just too much stress building inside of me regarding my beloved NY Rangers. Alexi Kovalev, Petr Nedved, Jussi Markkanen and Chris Simon being dealt were just mere flesh wounds. If this gets posted great, if not it’s a great way for me to vent on a very sensitive subject aka the low blow of all low blows: Brian Leetch being dealt to Toronto.

Trade deadline deadpool!

Hi kids! I’m Titans! Let’s play a game! The game is the NHL trade deadline deadpool! Here’s how it works! You pick FIVE names of players you think are gonna be traded before Tuesday’s 3:00 pm deadline! The person who picks the most players actually traded wins!

Moves on this day

TSN reports:

“The St. Louis Blues have traded goaltender Brent Johnson to the Phoenix Coyotes for centre Mike Sillinger, TSN has learned. Details to follow.”

The Montreal Canadiens have made a trade with the Wild for Jim Dowd. In return the Wild get a 4th round pick.

Leetch a Leaf!

Info from Sportsnet: Toronto has picked up Brian Leetch, it will include a combo of picks and a prospect back to New York no details have been issued as of yet. Details soon.

Big Winners And Big Losers

With all the trades that have happened before the deadline this year, it’s always fun to look at who won which trades. These are all the major trades that have taken place so far this year and the winners of each trade.

The Latest on Gonchar!!

Who are the front runners, and which teams have backed out…


With the CBA coming in the off-season and an expected drop in season ticket subscriptions, the Islanders yeterday announced a novel idea to get fans both new and old to subscribe to next season. That is, buy seaon tickets for next year at this year’s rates and the first two round of playoffs are FREE. If for some reason the Isles don’t make the playoffs, the next time the Isles make the playoffs, those fans would receive free tickets. And in case fans pay for their tickets and there is a work stoppage, fans will be 100% reimbursed + 2% interest for all missed games.

Stick with em or throw in the towel.

Alright, what have they proven to anyone as of late? Well they score 7 goals against Phoenix and well everyone gets excited… They have the opportunity to make a dint in the playoff race and then blow games against teams there fighting with.

Latest Rumors from around the League…

The latest on the Avs, Devils, Rangers, Blues, Islanders, Leafs, and Sabers….

Where Will They End Up? Players From Teams A-M Edition.

After having a look at the deadline from a team-based point of view in the Buyers and Sellers articles, I’ve decided to look at it now from the players perspectives and determine where I think some of the big name players may be playing after Deadline Day this (March 10th Australia time) March 9th.

Trade Deadline Preview – Eastern Conference

Find out what each team needs going into the playoffs, and what they may give up to get it. Which teams are sellers, and which team are buyers?

Overrated and Underrated Players

Have you been listening to some of these rumours lately? Players that were hardly even looked at are being thrown around in rumours, in packages including top prospects and good round-picks. I’m going to analyze some of the players that aren’t worth much and players that are good but aren’t given enough credit.

To start of with the Overrated Players, I think there are many who are being mentioned in trade talk. Some are good and some are having a good season but will that last?

Current GMs, how do you rank them?

It seems that with every trade I keep seeing how people are complaining about their General Managers. Now some I agree with. But I would like to rank them, not based on performance necessarily, but how they build a team, and the deals they make. Performance could be due to the coach. Not too many teams win the Cup with a crappy coach. So for Sutter, I am just looking at their front office moves. I am ranking the current 30 too. Some GMs inherited great teams.

Caps to scratch Gonchar tonight?


Sources have told TSN there is an ”excellent chance” Gonchar will be scratched from tonight’s Washington Capital lineup as they play the Florida Panthers in Sunrise, Fla.

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