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Nonis, Head Coach, Young Talent More

Well, the Maple Leafs saga has since calmed down from the thought of hiring Dave Nonis and the firing of head coach Paul Maurice.

-Here is a bit of enlightment for this Dave Nonis saga. He is apparently not been given the GM position, nor was he to get it, even for a year. The real reason why the Maple Leafs want Nonis is for their long-term plans. They believe that Nonis has the potential to be a great GM in the future and they want to sign him to be an assistant to whoever will be GM now, Cliff Fletcher and the future, possibly Brian Burke.

The Rebuilding Process Is Complete, Let The Contending Begin

Believe it or not, the rebuilding process is now complete in Montreal. The last thing that was needed was Play-Off experience and Montreal got just that, in fact, they got 12 games worth which is terrific. Yes, we lost to Philly but I’ll give credit to Philly, they just wanted it more. Congrats.

Looking toward to the Draft, Montreal should be drafting a forward as that is our weakest aspect when it comes to our Prospects. They shouldn’t Draft just any forward but a big forward. Personally, I have 4 in mind:

Penny Pinching Sabres Need to Save Some Players For A Change

If you are a Buffalo Sabres fan, you should feel happy that the team is not owned by someone who will be going bankrupt any time soon. What you should not be happy about is the way ownership is going about business to ensure no significant losses.

Tom Golisano, the Sabres owner, has certainly done all he needs to do to save a few dollars. In the meantime, his methods have begun to alienate the loyal fanbase of the team.

Mellanby To Assist Gillis

Scott Melanby has joined the Vancouver Canucks as an assistant to Mike Gillis. Melanby, 41, Played over 1400 games in the NHL, retireing at the end of the 06-07 season.

Do the Canadiens really need to sign a Free agent??

Hi guys!!

Two weeks after the elimination of the Habs by the lucky Flyers, let me ask you a question about the Habs lineup.

After what we saw during the season and the playoffs, do the Canadiens really need to add players to their lineup???

Kobasew resigns for 3 years/7 mill

The Boston Bruins have signed a three-year contract extension with forward Chuck Kobasew.

Oilers Need To Pass Middle Ground

After a few wild offseasons in Edmonton, the Oilers appear willing to stay the course and allow what the team it has now to grow and come together as a team.

Penguins take 3-0 stranglehold… again

With their 4-1 road victory against the Philadelphia Flyers, the Pittsburgh Penguins have taken their third consecutive 3-0 series lead. They swept the Ottawa Senators in Ottawa. They lost Game 4 to the Rangers only to come back and win Game 5 at home. Now they are looking to sweep the Flyers (as Leafy predicted).

The Pens are only the 4th team in NHL history to win 11 of its first 12 playoffs games. The last team to do so? The 1983 Edmonton Oilers, who, interestingly, got swept by the NY Islanders in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Oilers then went on to win the Cup the following year and 4 times in the next 6 years, setting up the NHL’s most recent dynasty.

Conference Finals Predictions (and Schedule)

Now that we are down to just 4 teams, what are your predictions for the Conference Finals and for who will make the Finals and win it all?

The Penguins, the conference’s worst team two years ago, will meet the cross-state Philadelphia Flyers, the conference’s worst team last season, in the first all-Pennsylvania conference final.

The Red Wings, winners of 4 of the past 6 President’s Trophies and in the Semi-Finals back-to-back years, will meet the Dallas Stars, who ousted many people’s picks to win the Cup in the Ducks or Sharks.

Leaf rumors: Quenneville, Hartsburg possible coaches; Campbell, Nonis as execs?

Leafs targeting D Jay Bouwmeester? Gretzky another option as GM

Although the Maple Leafs are enjoying their prolonged summer vacation, they are still managing to make headlines around the NHL.

But then again, this stands to reason, given that the buds currently have no General Manager, Coach, or team Captain.

As such, some new rumors have arisen in the aftermath of Paul Maurice being sacked.

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What a day

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The Best Move the Flyers Could Make This Offseason

I don’t think I am being disrespectful or overly assuming when I say that the odds are that the Flyers season will be ending in the very near future. Based on that, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at a specific move that I feel they can make that will do wonders for their future.

Ready? Here goes: