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Who the Penguins should target.

Instead of the top-line scoring winger we always hear that Pittsburgh needs, I have a slightly different idea:
Target Alex Tanguay, and target him HARD. Get a playmaker to play with Crosby or Malkin who can turn those guys into goal-scoring centers. Tanguay is one of the few star playmaking wingers in the League, and this may just help Crosby offensively pick up those goals.
Also: Target John-Michael Liles.

Rick Nash: Goal of the Year?

It’s not often that we see a Blue Jackets article on here, but for those that have seen it, what do you think of Rick Nash’s so-called “Goal of the Year”?
Are there any better goals you’ve seen so far? If so, please provide a youtube or such link.
Nash’s goal can be found:
Nash took a penalty leading to the game-tying goal against his team, only to come back with a vengeance to make up for his mistake.

Who Is Really The Unadaptable One?

This is along the lines of Koivu: Fallen Leader

Ryder for Tanguay?

According to RDS (durign tonight’s game against Atlanta) and to CKAC Sports radio, the Habs and Flames are talking and the rumor is sending Ryder to the Flames for Alex Tanguay…

Koivu: Fallen Leader?

This article is by no way, shape, or form meant to disrepsect my favorite player. It’s just an observation that I have notice over the past year and a half.

Jokenin for Tanguay? Sens After R.Blake?

Spector and Yahoo sports reports that there might be a potential trade between the Pathers and Flames before the deadline…

Also being reported from the Ottawa citizen is R.Blake being linked to a potential trade between the Sens and Kings…

Craig Adams a Blackhawk?

According to The Score television station, the Carolina Hurricanes have traded forward Craig Adams to the Chicago Blackhawks for Future Considerations.

Adams will provide the Hawks with some solid 4th line checking depth and offers good PK skills.

How much to lock up Higgins, Plekanec and komisarek???

This article is to clarified the position of Gainey heading trough to the trade deadline.

By that i mean what kind of cap space will be available in the next two years so we can trade, prior to this year’s trade deadline, for a no.1 center with a long term contract. And the short term cap space will be directly affect by those 3 players new contract.

Kaberle, Boyle or Campbell To Chicago

According to Eklund at, the final touches are being put on a deal that could happen within the next 72 hours that would see one of Tomas Kaberle (TOR), Dan Boyle (TB) or Brian Campbell (BUF) being dealt to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Cam Barker +.

Thashers and Hossa having talks

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Marian Hossa is not finished yet as an Atlanta Thrasher.

Devils Are The Team To Beat!

Right behind Ottawa the Devils are looking like they will be a team to beat in the Playoffs. People said this team would not be as good because of the loss of Gomez and lack of depth up front…

A few reasons why they are rolling and will keep on rolling!

Leafs give up on Sundin! Armstrong best Leafs Captain Ever!

The wheels have fallen off and this season appears to be gone. Leafs Nation is calling for blood, starting from the top down, or down up, or anything to prove that MLSE wants to win a cup. I agree with my fellow Leafs fans, change is required now, but I must say that I do not agree with people still defending Sundin.

Crosby and Malkin Fine Together

In a perfect world, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin each would have his own line, each flanked by a dazzling, All-Star winger.

Jordan Staal would have his own line, too – a checking line designed to stifle the opposing team’s top player.