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Can Evgeni Nabokov break Brodeur's record?

In 73 games played this season, Evgeni Nabokov has 44 wins, just 4 shy of Martin Brodeur’s NHL record 48 wins from last season. The SJ Sharks have 5 games left, and if Nabokov keeps on winning, the team may give him the chance to break that record. He would need to win all 5 remaining games to break it, 4 to tie it, and 3 to tie for 2nd place with Roberto Luongo and Bernie Parent.

The only real thing stopping him is the fact that the team will undoubtedly want to rest him, seeing how many games he’s played, and the fact that Brian Boucher has been sensational in his 3 games this season. [He’s 2-0-1 with a 0.86GAA and .969SV% with one shutout!]

Post-deadline rumors

Latest on Carter, Sundin, Tucker, Streit, Niedermayer, Redden, Morrison, and possible UFA’s

One month after the NHL trade deadline, the first post-deadline rumors have started to trickle in.

Canucks Lose Morrison For Season

During the game against Colorado, Canucks Center Brendan Morrison tore his right ACL. He is expected to miss the rest of the regular season and all of the playoffs.

Morrison is a UFA in the summer, so there is a chance that he has played his last game as a Canuck.

Price or Fleury?

I know most of you will say they’d take Carey Price over Marc-Andre Fleury in a heartbeat for the duration of their careers. Heck, I might be convinced to agree with you given Price’s potential.
My question is: Who is currently better? A 20-year-old Price or a 23-year-old Fleury?
and: Who would you rather start in the playoffs: A goalie who couldn’t handle the pressure in the 2004 WJHC as some claim, but was only the third goalie in NHL draft history to be chosen first overall and the second youngest goalie in NHL history to get 40 wins (Terry Sawchuk being the youngest), or a young goalie with no NHL playoff experience but who was chosen 5th overall and who has dominated in the AHL playoffs?

Before you decide, please arm yourself with some knowledge about how these two goaltenders have played of late. [Also, an offer of reconciliation with Habs fans.]

Luongo to leave Canucks to be with his wife.

Luongo’s wife has been having what is being described as a ‘difficult’ pregnancy. I’m sure it has weighed in on his mind and I wish him and his wife the best luck. Now, the question that remains is what effect this will have on the Vancouver Canucks and their playoff hopes?

Luongo’s wife Gina is due to give birth to the couple’s first child the first week of April when the Canucks play their last four games of the season.

By all means it’s the right move to do, but what does this mean for the Canucks? Do they have the depth, heart, determination, but most importantly the goaltending to pull through and make the playoffs?

Can the Oilers Pull this off??

First and foremost I’d like to say as a Habs fan it’s a sigh of relief to clinch a playoff spot before the last game or 3rd last game of the season this year – Good job boys!

Now as a fan of the Oilers – here’s where things get sticky after last nights impressive win over the Wild the Oilers now sit with 83 points, 3 points back of the Avalanche/Canucks for the 7th and 8th spot, the problem lays in the fact that the Predators also sit 4 points out of the spot – while Nashville has a game in hand on the Oil and the Avs.

The Mechanics of Lord Stanley's Big Dance

That special time of year is coming around. The time where you find yourself watching hockey and drinking beer while there is still sunshine outside. This time of year always holds a great deal of excitement for hockey fans everywhere. Some are sulking over their non-playoff bound favorite team, probably waiting to find solace in the world championships where they will root for their home country. Others are suffering self-induced migraines for over-cheering (I’ve been there) a team that is on the verge, or not, of a playoff spot. Finally there are those who are waiting in anticipation the drop of the puck in the second week of April, marking the beginning of “the dance”, to arguably the most difficult trophy to win in professional sports, the Stanley Cup.

Leafs pick first overall!!!!!!!!!!

I believe we may have a way to improve this team and be able to do it in a couple of years.

First what we need to do is trade Toskala, Kubina and our 1st (probably 8-10 overall) to LA (assuming they win the lottery) for 1st overall (stamkos), Cammalleri, and a second.

I think this works for both teams and here is why

Playoffs, if the Season ended today

What with the general lack of NHL news lately I though it would be fun to simulate the results of the playoffs if they started today, let’s see how things would unfold.

Penguins' fate rests in their hands

With 7 divisional games left in their regular season, with the most wins in the Eastern Conference (43), and with one point behind the Montreal Canadiens, with a vital game-in-hand, the Pittsburgh Penguins have the ability to control their own fate in the Eastern Conference (and Atlantic Division) standings.
By going 6-0-1, the Penguins will guarantee first place, regardless of what Montreal or NJ does. It would also give them 106 points, one more than last year’s amazing season.

With 7 goals scored in 3 of their last 4 home games, including 7 against the Devils (who previously had allowed only 5 in a game this season) with five in the third period, all without Sidney Crosby (who is due to return shortly), the Penguins are now looking like the favorites to win the East and that all-important home-ice throughout the Eastern playoffs.

Let’s break down the games left, and how the team has played of late.
Also, a few comparisons with the Habs to keep Habs fans’ interest.

Are They Still A Suprise?

As a previouse post on said, “Its great to be a Habs fan” and as a Montreal fan myself I agree, Its great!

Breakdown of Montreal’s success this season…

Kesler or Burrows For Selke!

In my opinion, players such as Alexander Burrows and Ryan Kesler should not be overlooked in this years selke candidates.

Can The Leafs Do The Improbable?

After their big win in Buffalo last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs have moved within 5 points of the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. With wins in 4 of their last 5 games, the team refuses to give up and still remains mathematically in the race.