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Kilger Suspended

Yahoo Sports is showing a transaction that states newly acquired forward Chad Kilger has been suspended indefinitely by the Panthers for failing to report to the team.

The truth about penalties.

Do you want to know which team is the most penalized? And which the least?
Do you want to know which team has the most PP opportunities? And which the least?
Do you want to know which team has the best PP to PK ratio (I guarantee it’s a shocker!) and which the worst PP to PK ratio?

Check it out inside. I guarantee a couple of the results will definitely surprise you.

PS. It’s not Pittsburgh for any.


Best blue print for an NHL team

As more seasons go by in the current CBA, we’re seeing different models team’s use to construct their teams. I was curious what other people on this forum thought was the best model an NHL GM should use to create a team in the NHL’s Salary cap system. I’m not looking for rebuild/draft/buy/solid trades to build a winner rather I’m looking for people’s opinions on what kind of team you should build and what is the best approach to allocate your salary cap money between goaltending, defence and forwards…. to having more depth or allocating lots of money into a few star players.

Jason Smith to become a UFA

Spector reports that Philadelphia Flyers captain Jason Smith could hit this summer’s UFA market as he’s believed seeking considerably more than his $1.97 million salary for this season.

Salary Woes?…Hossa a rental?

With the addition of Marian Hossa to the Pittsburgh Penguins lineup, there has been well spread talk around the league that Pittsburgh will turn into another Tampa Bay, a team who had to eventually ship Brad Richards out of town, because they could no longer afford three prominent players and their salaries. This has in turn started the talk around the league that Marian Hossa will not sign with the Penguins and will likely seek a different destination after July, with plenty of fans speculating already on Hossa’s future zip code come next season. Although these are certainly worthy concerns, and there is truth among them, the real truth and specifics are hidden in the details of it all.


Well alot of people are saying there’s not much on the market this year, but i disagree. I think there’s a couple of good players out there for the taking and since i’m a canadiens fan i’ll post who i hope they go get and who i think is worth a gamble also i’ll post a link where you could go see who’s a free agent

Over The TOP!!

I have just reviewed the list of pending free agants, both restricted and unrestricted and I don’t see many that would help Mtl!

Ryder, Smolinski, and Streit are UFA’s, while A. Kostitsyn is an RFA. I am sure that MTl will sign Kostitsyn and Streit, but they will probably let Smolinski walk since the young guys are proving their worth this year. Ryder is still a possibility to sign if he doesn’t ask for the world, and depending on his desire to stay with the Habs. If he would sign for the same money as this year, then I would say take a chance, unless Gainey thinks he has an inside track on Hossa..

What's wrong with Chad Kilger?

Chad Kilger was traded at the trade deadline for a third round pick by the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Floirda Panthers. Kilger, a goal scoring grit player was supposed to join Olli Jokinen on the top line to give that line a needed edge. Floirda’s hopes of having Kilger play with Jokinen were dashed when the player asked for a leave of abscence from the team. Kilger had personal problems with the Leafs about a month ago but it looks like they have resurfaced and now their is some uncertainty about Kilger.


For most of the 2007-2008 season, the Habs had one problem with the team: DID NOT HAVE AN IDENTITY…
1. Were they simply a skilled team with little toughness?
2. One dimensional (depend heavily on their powerplay)?
3. Defensive experts?
4. Etc.

Jiri Fischer Skates

November 21, 2005 is a day of rememberance at Joe Louis Arena as that was the day during a Wings-Preds game, that Wings defenceman Jiri Fischer collapsed on the bench as his heart stopped for unexplained reasons. Thankfully, Wings team doctor Tony Collucci resuscitated Fischer using CPR and a team defibrillater.

Solutions For the Mess Called The Toronto Maple Leafs

Sorry for yet another Leaf article but if you don’t like it, don’t read it. As evidenced by my name, I’m a Habs fan. BUT, I am also a Hockey Fan first and foremost and as much as I enjoy watching the Leafs suffer(As I know Leaf fans enjoyed how the Habs suffered through the late 90’s and early 00’s) it’s unnatural that the 2nd oldest Franchise can’t seem to get on track.

Can the East beat the West?

After having won the Cup three years in a row with the Devils, Lightning and Hurricanes, the East has fallen from its pedestal when it was unseated last year by the Western Conference’s Anaheim Ducks. This year, it may surprise you to learn that all but two teams in the West (Chicago and San Jose) have winning records against the East, whereas only a handful of teams in the East (Pittsburgh, NJ, Boston, Washington and Ottawa) have winning records against the West. The West has 10 teams with 5 or more wins vs. the East, whereas the East has only 4 teams with 5 or more wins vs. the West. But, there is one team that stands out above all the rest, winning the most games out-of-Conference than any other team in the League. To find out who that is, look inside.

The question we should be asking is: can any Eastern team win the Cup against a team from the West? If so, who is the likeliest candidate to do so? My statistical analysis may surprise many.

Brad Boyes signs 4-year extension.

Brad Boyes has signed a 4-year $16-million contract extension with the St. Louis Blues. Boyes currently has an amazing 32 goals and is tied for ninth in the NHL in goal scoring. He is second on the Blues with 47 points and second in the NHL with a 20.1 shooting percentage.