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Canada Advances To The Semi-Finals!

In Wednesday’s quarter-final between Canada and Finland, Canada came on top with a 4-2 victory over Finland. Canada (4-1-0) is going to face Team U.S.A (4-0-0) on Friday, January 4th, 2008 in the semi-final. Team U.S.A, who is 1st in Pool B and Canada is 2nd in Pool A (behind Sweden). Hopefully, Canada keeps the streak going! GO CANADA!!:D


There are many articles posted that offer Joe Random’s two cents on their favourite team and how they should trade for Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovenchkin. A lot of these articles come from ignorant leaf fans such as myself. Unfortenetly for those of you who are looking for an article that insists that John Ferguson Jr. should trade our garbage for pure goal scorers and first round picks, that is not the type of article this is. Hopefully this will inform leaf fans such as myself as too where the leafs stand and how the team can improve.

All Time International Dream Teams

We have all seen All Time Teams for NHL franchises but what about international teams? Given the current World Junior Tournament and the upcomming Olympics, I thought it would be fun to see what these international all time teams would be like.

Holmgren In Trouble This Summer?

When Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren signed 22-year-old center Mike Richards to the richest ($69 million) and longest (12 years) contract in team history, he took several calculated gambles. He gambled that Richards, who missed 23 games last season with a sports hernia and a separated shoulder, would remain healthy throughout the rest of his Flyers career.

Blake Open To Trade? Maybe

He is 38 years old, has a no-trade clause and makes a lot of money. But Rob Blake would still be attractive to many NHL teams at the league trade deadline or sooner, and the former Avalanche defenseman said he would consider waiving his clause to go to the right team. ”

Arnott Out Of Nashville? Bruins Want A Dman, The Golden Brett Can't Swing A

The Washington Capitals aren’t willing to pay the price to keep Alexander Ovechkin. At least not yet. Sources say Caps GM George McPhee “insulted” Ovechkin by offering a five-year, $37.5-million (all terms US) deal. Ovechkin thumbed his nose at the offer.

Samsonov On Re-Entry Waivers, Anyone Interested…

Sergei Samsonov cleared NHL waivers on Monday, and has been placed on re-entry waivers by the Blackhawks on Tuesday. Samsonov has appeared in 23 of Chicago’s games without scoring a goal. He has four assists, and a -7 plus/minus on the year. On July 12th, 2006, Samsonov signed with the Montreal Canadiens for a 2-year contract worth $7.05M. Through a lackluster season, the Canadiens placed Samsonov on waivers in February of 2007. He was dealt to Chicago last June from Montreal for Jassen Cullimore(playing with Florida) and Tony Samelainen(signed by Toronto).

Rebuliding the Leafs

According to TFP Boston is looking to add some dept to there team since losing some key players due to injuries. They are will tp part with kessel Axelson, or draft pickpropects.

Nobody Wants Raycroft Anymore?

Well, after the Leafs have lost 3 straight including getting blown out of the water by the NY Rangers 6-1, it seems nobody has and interest in Raycroft anymore. Well, that can’t be trouble because if he keeps playing like he is now, the Leafs could just place him on waivers and sign Cujo to backup Toskala.

Bruins looking for big trade and willing to trade Kessel or Axelsson to get it

With the bruins having alot of cap space to use there has been many teams wanting to acquire the assistance of P.J. Axelsson and young star Phil Kessel

Canadiens Loss Is Symbolic of 2007

The Canadiens lost their last game of 2007 in overtime to the New York Rangers. They fought back from a 1-goal deficit and then took the lead late in the second. Yet victory was not assured. Once again, the Canadiens were unable to lock down a game and really finish it off. I blame this in part to Guy Carbonneau.

what to do from here

what do the oilers do from here? With a medicre 16 19 4 in the teams first 39 games of the season. In the dustin penner offer sheat the oilers parted with their first, second and third selections in the 2008 draft…
Althouh we do have the Anaheim Ducks first and second selections in the ’08 draft as pat of the blockbuster trade that sent Pronger to the ducks.

No chance at the playoffs for the Leafs?

(I am wrighting this as of December 31st, 2007, morning). What I think, is that as of now, the Leafs don’t have a chance at the playoffs.  Well let’s look at it here, for the first half of the season (2007