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Source: Sharks not trying to lure CuJo to San Jose

San Jose doesn’t have Curtis Joseph on its radar contrary to Internet rumors, the Sharks are not among the teams trying to lure the veteran goalie back to the NHL.

Bowman: Maple Leafs turned me down

If the Maple Leafs tailspin calls for the firing of JFJ weren’t bad enough in Toronto, the team’s fans got another punch in the gut from an interview with Scotty Bowman on Saturday night.


Looks like Montreal will make the post-season (unless they have a free fall like last season) So how many people think Bob Gainey will make a move before the deadline?

What can they use?
What do they need?
Who will they be willing the trade?

Some good news for once

The Leafs are in a position to have a good season in 08-09, but not in the standings.

Your All-Star line-ups.

Once again the All-Star game will be filled with questionable players that don’t deserve to be there, or rather, other players deserve to be there over them.
In the East I’m talking specifically about Marian Hossa, Scott Gomez and Eric Staal. Nothing about their play or numbers has been superior to Mats Sundin or Evgeni Malkin, who are tied for 13th in points in the League (and 9th in the East) and have superior +/-. Stats-wise, the top 8 in the East made it in, and then Sundin and Malkin got snubbed.

Now with the injury to Heatley, who do you think will, and should, get his replacement spot?

Leafs, Rangers show interest in Cujo

Apparently the Toronto Maple Leafs feel bringing an old face in can possibly help the team out of its latest flunk, and you can also add the New York Rangers as well to the list of teams interested in Curtis Joseph.

Disapointing Players of the 07-08 Season So Far

So half way through the seasons I’m sure many of you have hockey pools and probably have a few players not performing like last season. Here are some players that have just flopped/not performed this season.

How To Turn the Leafs Around

In this article I will give a possible solution of how to turn the Leafs around, so that they are not forever a mediocre team.

Leafs Cancel Team Photo! Change To Come?

This was reported by Eklund from, so take it for what it is. The article stated that the Leafs have cancelled the team photo which was scheduled for this afternoon. I am one to jump the gun, so I’m going to say that there are changes coming in Leaf Land, if not now, then in the near future. What are your thoughts on the cancellation?

Peddie: JFJ can't fire Maurice, doesn't have the authority to.&q

So who really is running things in Leafland like I’ve stated before, Peddie, or JFJ. John Ferguson still has a job. But he has no real power left.

Does Paul Maurice Remember What He Said Before The Season Started?

Does Paul Maurice even remember what he even said before the season started? Well, if you don’t, here is some review, he said, “We will make the playoffs, and compete for the Stanley Cup.” Does that sound fimilliar anyone? Ya, what are the chances of that happening for the Leafs? Ya, not much of a good chance! Paul Maurice looks like an idiot now because he said that! The Leafs arn’t going anywhere right now!

What do you think will happen to the Leafs at the end of the season?

Hawks G.M. Tallon expected to make trade soon

Dale Tallon was a busy guy Thursday: He made a trade, extended a player’s contract and reassigned another player to Rockford.

Leafs GM on the way out!

Hey guys,

According to the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Maple Leafs will fire GM John Ferguson Jr. very soon.