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Enough is Enough


Trade Rumors from a variety of different sources

Selanne Skating

Senators to move a goalie?

Teams inquiring about Glen Murray?

Dan Boyle on the move?

Rucinsky on the move?

What would koivu waive is NTC for ??

Just like the leafs, it has been well speculated that the habs should try to get rid of their captain. But with his NTC, where would koivu could possibly accept to go ?? This is pure speculations based on nothing but logic, but it would make great sense to me that only 2 teams could be where koivu would like to pursue his career. Those 2 teams are the wild and sharks. Obviously, these are 2 good teams and possibly contenders but i guess that koivu would waive his claude only to go find his pal Rivet or his brother Miko. Would these teams have something good to offer in return ?? sure they would.

MLSE For Sale?

Now that I have seen the full segment on this, I decided to re-write my original article. According to Al Strachan, Russian-Canadian Billionaire Alexander Schnaider has inquired about purchasing at lea

If the playoffs started today…

If the playoffs started today with today’s standings, what do you think the outcome would be?

Eastern Conference:
Ottawa vs Philly
Carolina vs Boston
Pitty vs Habs

Western Conference:
Detroit vs Colorado
SJ vs Ducks
Flames vs Wild
Vancouver vs Stars

Steve Downie Should Be Thrown Out!

Even before his 1rst NHL game this season started Steve Downie was suspended 25 games for his torpedo like hit on Dean McAmmond, But he continues to show a lack of respect towards players in the NHL…

Potential Powerhouse?

Now we all know how good of a franchise the Detroit Red Wings have been over the past decade or more, always putting a competitive team on the ice and we all know how good of a team they are this year, simply tearing up the western conference.

Emery Trade Talk? Rangers Continue To Want A DMan? Ryder Available?

– According to the Ottawa Sun, the Sens have been shopping G Ray Emery around the league. Emery hasn’t played well after off-season wrist surgery and didn’t do himself any favors by showing up late for practice the day after a reported stick-breaking tantrum.


Enough is enough, Seriously!

I just came across an article stating that the flyers Darren Hatcher actually BITE, another players finger through the glove, that required stiches. Um, is enough enough already flyers? I personally think the league now has to give a WHOOPING fine to Hatcher, the coaches, an the organization. I mean a serious one. This team has been just acting like 16 an 17 year old goons on the ice. An it’s obvious that the organization/coaches aren’t correcting behavior problems. BITING I mean BITTING…. when I was two years old my mother taught me not to bite…

Leafs Up For Sale???

I was watching The Spin with Steve Kouleas, Steve Ludzik and Al Strachan on The Score tonight. Well, I don’t usually pay attention to these guys but something quite interesting caught my eye. According to at least Strachan anyways, Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich is interested in buying MLSE. And he isn’t just any old Russian Billionaire, Abramovich is the same person who tried buying the Vancouver Canucks a few years ago but failed.

A little history on Abramovich. According to a Russian finance magazine, as of January 2007, Abramovich’s worth is apparently over 21 Billion dollars. Abramovich also bought Chelsea FC of the English Soccer Premiership and immediately poured funds into the team in order to produce a winner. Money is no option for Abramovich as he reportedly offered AC Milan over 89 million dollars for one single player (Andrei Shevchenko). Abramovich is also an owner of the CSKA Moscow soccer club.

European Hockey

These are exciting times for European hockey. With all of the talk of expansion in the NHL to Europe, and of a new Russian proffesional hockey league, it seems that Europe hockey is just about ready to strike gold. But this could also mean tough times for the NHL and its players.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will definitely miss the playoffs once again this year

Hey guys,

It is extremely revolting to witness John Ferguson Jr.’s intentional mismanagement of the Leafs long-term salary cap structure by signing and trading for aging and unproductive mediocre players, and mortgaging the Maple Leafs future by trading away many high draft picks and top prospects in a feeble attempt to make the playoffs this year and secure a coveted contract extension from MLSE for himself. Also, Ferguson is such a disgraceful, self-serving and incompetent GM who never acknowledges or corrects any of his mistakes!

give the kid a chance

With the recent injury to Toskola , and both raycroft and clemmenson playing worse then trevvor kidd did in 03/04. Why not give Pogge a chance, the kid has been playing well for the marlies this year with a 12-2-4 record and a .909 save percentage why not give him a chance to show us what he gots. What do you guys think?