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Future Is Uncertain For Penguins

Pittsburgh is having another excellent season surprisingly without their franchise player Sidney Crosby. Their success can be broken down to coaching, chemistry and the one important ingredient to a successful team….Depth!

The CBA/Salary Cap will it’s affect on the Pittsburgh Penguins…

Does Price make Montreal the team of destiny? A look at history

I normally write about my Leafs, but an interesting observation inspired me to write this story.

Back in September, Habsrock99 wrote an article comparing this year’s Canadiens to the 1986 team. At the time, I thought “you’re joking, right?”. But in hindsight, the article was actually ahead of its time, written when most analysts picked the Habs to miss the playoffs.

Meanwhile, I did some research of past hockey eras and found out a very interesting fact about Montreal rookie goalies going back 65 years.

If history is any indication, this might have implications for Montreal’s performance in the upcoming playoffs.

Goaltending Duo Remaning Schedule

20 year old Carey Price is Montreal’s future franchise goalie but it seems that he will need to once again prove himself that he is #1.

22 year old Jaroslav Halak just came off a shutout and got the nod in goal against the St. Louis Blue.

Is Carboneau gearing up Price for the last 8 games?

Which team is the most/least exciting in the NHL?

Which teams do you think are the most exciting to watch in the NHL?
Which teams do you think are the least exciting to watch in the NHL?
Which teams do you think will be exciting in the future, starting next year?

Which teams, aside from your favorite, can you actually tolerate watching an entire game of?

Present Future

As I was watching the Montreal / Ottawa game I began to think about Montreal’s future with Saku Koivu. Not so much about still having him on the team but who will be their to take his spot as #1 center in the next few years.

Also some thoughts on the game…

Wings clinch first playoff spot! Who else will make it?

With 100 points, the Detroit Red Wings have officially clinched a playoff spot. It’s also looking like they’ll win the President’s Trophy… which would make it the 3rd time in 4 seasons and 4th in 6 seasons… sickening. Also, the LA Kings have officially been eliminated.

Take a look inside for current playoff standings, which teams are virtually guaranteed to make it, and which teams are on the fringe. 90 points seems to be the minimum mark this year to reach the playoffs, though naturally a strong push by a fringe team could push that up.

Also, let’s hear your predictions for who will make it and who will fall just short.

Give Pronger 30 games

For God’s sake! If I’m the one complaining for a longer suspension, the guy should be kicked out of the league.

Rating the Goalies

A recent article about Marty Turco not being appreciated has inspired me to RATE THE GOALIES!

I posted a list of several NHL goalies that sparked some debate and discussion, so what I’ve done now is put together a list in order of the NHL’s goalies from best to worst. Criticism expected and welcomed.

Who Should Win The Calder Trophy

In 2005-06, the Calder race was between Ovechkin and Crosby(with Ovechkin winning). Last year it was between Malkin, Stastny and Kopitar(with Malkin winning). We are now nearing the end of the 2007-08 season and the Calder race may not be as spectacular as it has been over the last 2 years ago, however, it is one of the closest races in recent memory and it is between some potential NHL Superstars. Here is a list of who I believe should be the main Calder Candidates(and in no particular order):

More Awards – Who Wins The Vezina?

In keeping with the current trend of late season awards nominees (Hart and Jack Adams have already been examined), I couldn’t help but wonder which goaltender the members of this forum felt has been the most outstanding this season. As I began to mull this topic around in my head, it has occurred to me that unlike other seasons, there isn’t any one goaltender who is dominating this year. Many goalies have been fantastic, but each is also guilty of stretches when they haven’t played the way they normally do.

Nash Captain in Columbus

According to TSN, Rick Nash has been named the 5th captain in team history following the deadline trade of Adam Foote. He will bear the “C” for the first time Friday when the Blue Jackets take on the Chicago Blackhawks.

Cleary re-signed

TSN is reporting that the Detroit Red Wings have re-signed Left Winger Dan Cleary to a 5 year/14mil deal earning him 2.8 million per year. Cleary’s contract has a no-trade clause in the first 4 years, however the fourth year has a modified no trade. In his first season with the Wings he had 3 goals and 12 assists but in the past two seasons with the Wings he has passed the 20 goal mark and has 40 points this year in 57 games.

Season Winding Down – Who wins the Adams?

As there are about a dozen or so games left on the sked it’s time to discuss who could walk away with the Adams Trophy – Coach of the year this year and really it comes down to three choices. The West has the best teams but the East has the best coached teams.