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Forsberg Turns Down Detroit based out of Detroit is reporting that Forsberg has said “no” to the Red Wings.

Who's to blame for Ryders misfortunes ?!

So we all know that Micheal Ryder is out of town for sure by Feb 26th. He’s had a less than stellar year with a mere 8 goals and 18 points. What happened to the guy who scored 25, 30 and another 30 goals the past 3 years ?

It’s easy to blame the guy for his lack lustre year but lets keep in mind all the factors bearing in his downward spiral.

The Toronto Maple Leafs future

First of all now that the trade deadline is approaching more and more teams seem to be more interested in Sundin.

Good time to be a Leaf fan

Following the Leafs win Saterday night against the Senators, I realized just how interesting it is to be a Leaf fan now a days.

More canadiens Rumors

As everyone Knows Ryder has been rumored o be out of Montreal for a long time now. On Sunday, he showed up for the game, and was simply told not to bother dressing, packed his bags, and went up to the dressing room. He needs a change of scenery like Mike Ribiero. He too can be a top line forward in this league but not in Montreal. This is the biggest trade rumor right now in Montreal:

Forsberg Speculation

Rather than continue creating team-based articles based around speculation that Forsberg might return to one NHL team, I thought it might be better to have an open forum wherein everyone can express their opinions.

What is Bob Gainey Doing with Carey Price?

So Carey Price gets called up after playing about a month in the AHL and he had average numbers. A lot of fans are questioning the move or judging Bob Gainey for rushing Carey Price in the NHL.

I believe there is a plan behind this…

Leafs: The Whole Thing Stinks

As Leafs Nation waits for the outcome of Fletcher’s bid to start turning this team around, I’m starting to wonder if all Leafs fans want to see the Leafs win a cup or just merely win some games. Either way, the whole thing stinks!

Fabian Brunnstrom Sweepstakes!!! is reporting the several teams, including the Detroit Red Wings, Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs, are interested in signing this un-drafted talent. He is demanding top-six minutes and top-5 draft pick money. I’ve seen highlights of this kid, but like most people, I know very about him beyond his impressive statistics. Any insights? Where is he going?

Ryder a good fit with the Thrashers? is speculating that the Atlanta Thrashers could be one of the teams interested in Michael Ryder.

Forsberg to Philly? Not quite that easy

Alright, now that it looks as if Forsberg is probably coming back to the NHL, everyone is saying how Philly is his #1 destination.
Think again.
-Cap figures for Philly-including LTIR (around 6 million), Philly has less than .2 Million left for space this year according to These numbers aren’t exact, but they are at least close. What that basically means is if Philly wants to sign forsberg, they are gonna need to give him around the league minimum, that or wait until one of the last days of the regular season.

Filling Roles Should be Canadiens Focus At the Deadline

The Montreal Canadiens have enjoyed an excellent season so far, a strong revival after missing the playoffs last season. They are merely 3 points from first overall in the Eastern Conference and with that have come thoughts of the team possibly challenging for the Stanley Cup.
Many have felt that the Habs are a top forward away from truly being cup contenders and are really hoping GM Bob Gainey makes a big splash at the trade deadline.

Horcoff Out

According to, Forward Shawn Horcoff will be out for the balance of season. He will be undergoing should surgery to repair damage that was re-aggravated during the all-star game.