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Storm Watch: Hurricane Ryder

According to CJAD, the Hurricanes and the Habs could be talking trade. There were also some Hurricane scouts at the Montreal and Dallas game on Sunday Night.

Out With The Old, In With The New !

With some veteran players out of the line-up Montreal has made a few call ups from Hamilton. Sure they haven’t been dominant players in the league but they are showing they can do the job.

This could be an oppertunity for Bob Gainey to start building around his young talent and get something for the veteran players in return.

2008 All-Star Game: The Way it SHOULD look

Every year there are surprises and disappointments when it comes to selecting the two All-Star Teams and this year won’t be any different. There are always players that are All-Stars but find themselves shunned and out of the the honorable lineup. This year I feel as though the lineup should look as follows:

Hawks Want A DMan LW, Hossa Back To Ottawa? Bruins Ready To Make A Move?

- The Arlington Heights Daily Herald notes, even after the Ducks dealt Andy McDonald to clear cap space that the Blackhawks are one of several clubs inquiring about Ducks hard-hitting D Francois Beauchemin as the Ducks may still be looking to create more room for a possible Teemu Selanne return. Beauchemin would not come cheaply, as an inexpensive blueliner capable of logging 28 minutes per game.

Ovechkin in Rouge, Blanc Bleu?

In Montreal’s 5-2 win over Washington Thursday night, Canadiens fans got an up-close look at a superstar who could very well be wearing the CH in the near future: Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin, who will be a restricted free agent after this season, is earning a modest $1.3 million. While the Capitals thought they would be able to secure the Russian star with a Sidney Crosby-type contract (close to $8.7 million a year for five years), Ovechkin’s camp is apparently thinking something more in the $9-$10-million range, according to Jack Todd of The Gazette. And with Russian teammate Alexander Semin also taking on restricted free agent status next off-season, Washington will be hard put to satisfy both. And for the NHL to have a player like Ovechkin in a market like Washington is a crime.

Talk of Kaberle and Sundin

Talk of trading Kaberle for Marleau is intriguing and is something that I hope JFJ is exploring. One for one is not good enough… more would need to com TO’s way.

You as the new GM…

If you can be a GM of any hockey franchise, which and why?

CROSBY'S FIRST FIGHT! Gordie Howe Hat Trick!

For those Penguins fans out there who have been worried about the team’s recent struggles with the absense of Marc-Andre Fleury and were wondering what Sid could do to revitalize the team, you all got your answer today.

Not only did Sid score a goal and set up two goals, but he also, officially, got into his FIRST NHL fight… and did quite well!

Kudos to Sid and the Gordie Howe Hat Trick!

What To Do With Ryder

First of all, I am a Ryder fan, I think that he has lost his confidence under Carbs, and is trying to do to much instead of just shoot. He is a 30 goal scorer, on a team with limited offence. To be effective, Ryder needs time on the PP, and on a line with a set-up man, like I said he is a shooter.

Thumbs down to Paul; Would you trade Price?; and why its good to be a seller

Paul Maurice crosses the line. Two games in a row his post game comments are unacceptable.

Why would the habs EVER trade Price? Maybe because Lecavalier is coming the other way.

And this year is going to be a good one for sellers. Even if theres only a few of them.

Vote for Ozzie

I know somebody has posted this already, but i thought i should do it again. Chris Osgood, the NHL’s most underrated goalie, really really should be in the NHL All Star game. This year Ozzie’s numbers pretty much speak for themselves. This year Osgood is 15-1-1 and has a save % of .929 and a GAA of 1.76, with one shut out. yes i know you can argue that he plays on the NHL’s best team, the Detroit Red Wings, but he has played great. I think the goailes save % speaks more of how good he is then his goals against, even though Osgood is leading the league in GAA, so i’ll compare his Save % to the goalies on the All Star ballot.

Chicago Blackhawks swap players with Philadelphia Flyers

As per The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired defenseman Jim Vandermeer from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for left wing Ben Eager, according to club General Manager Paul Holmgren. Details to follow

Hawks looking for winger

Numerous sources are reporting that the hawks are looking for a second line winger.