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give the kid a chance

With the recent injury to Toskola , and both raycroft and clemmenson playing worse then trevvor kidd did in 03/04. Why not give Pogge a chance, the kid has been playing well for the marlies this year with a 12-2-4 record and a .909 save percentage why not give him a chance to show us what he gots. What do you guys think?

Best fight of the year to date? Tucker vs. Ruutu?

Once again the Pens faced the Leafs, and once again the Pens rolled the Leafs. Evgeni Malkin scored his first hat trick, joining Jordan Staal as Pens players to score their first career hat trick versus the Leafs. [Here’s to Sykora, holding the longest hattrickless drought getting one next game.]
But the REAL story of this game was the awesome fight between Darcy Tucker and Jarkko Ruutu.

Check out: 2mins 26seconds
or: 1min 39 seconds

Ovechkin Will Sign In Montreal – True or False?

I have started to become an Eklund fan. Although he blows more hot air than my heater, he is entertaining. I have started reading his blog on a regular basis. However, every once in a while, Eklund really PISSES ME OFF. In his latest article, he is exploiting the possibility that Ovechkin might sign in Montreal, seeing that his contract negotiations (he received one offer, I’d hardly call that negotiations) are falling through with Washington.

Is it Kovalev's Team?

If anyone has been watching the Canadiens play lately you have to admit that they are looking good. Last season Kovalev was invisible on most nights, This season it looks as if he grabbed the team by the throat.

If anyone watched the game against the Rangers you know what I’m talking about…

Ranger Fans Fed Up With Jagr

It’s been a while since you’ll have heard from me but I gotta get involved a little here.

Ranger fans I’m back to speak for the people. And Jagr is on my list of problems.


Toronto Star: The Maple Leafs' con job

Hey guys,

According to Rosie DiManno of the Toronto Star, the Toronto Maple Leafs are swindling their fans on a regular basis by passing off Wellwood, Stajan, and Steen among others as stars of the future because the team coddles the players too much by protecting them from criticism when they play poorly, and gives them way too much credit when they are performing only at a decent level.

What it will cost to get Sundin out of Toronto.

Yes it is a rare occurance when a Hab fan like myself writes an article concerning the Maple Leafs. To me, however, this article is more than just about the Maple Leafs, it is about a player I’ve always had a soft spot for, even though he plays for the enemy. Mats Sundin can crack the top 10 centers in the NHL on sheer consistency alone, his career point totals along with his similar numbers every season support this theory. In the end, with everything he brings to the table, he deserves to win the Stanley Cup, and let’s face it Leaf fans, it’s not going to happen in Toronto anytime soon.

Flyers place players on waivers

HockeyBuzz is reporting that the Flyers have placed both Dowd and Fitzpatrick on waivers.

Does Canada need the NHL?

There’s an article in today’s Guardian newspaper which I found interesting and rather to try and paraphrase here’s an excerpt and a link to the full article:

Canada Advances To The Semi-Finals!

In Wednesday’s quarter-final between Canada and Finland, Canada came on top with a 4-2 victory over Finland. Canada (4-1-0) is going to face Team U.S.A (4-0-0) on Friday, January 4th, 2008 in the semi-final. Team U.S.A, who is 1st in Pool B and Canada is 2nd in Pool A (behind Sweden). Hopefully, Canada keeps the streak going! GO CANADA!!:D


There are many articles posted that offer Joe Random’s two cents on their favourite team and how they should trade for Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovenchkin. A lot of these articles come from ignorant leaf fans such as myself. Unfortenetly for those of you who are looking for an article that insists that John Ferguson Jr. should trade our garbage for pure goal scorers and first round picks, that is not the type of article this is. Hopefully this will inform leaf fans such as myself as too where the leafs stand and how the team can improve.

All Time International Dream Teams

We have all seen All Time Teams for NHL franchises but what about international teams? Given the current World Junior Tournament and the upcomming Olympics, I thought it would be fun to see what these international all time teams would be like.

Holmgren In Trouble This Summer?

When Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren signed 22-year-old center Mike Richards to the richest ($69 million) and longest (12 years) contract in team history, he took several calculated gambles. He gambled that Richards, who missed 23 games last season with a sports hernia and a separated shoulder, would remain healthy throughout the rest of his Flyers career.