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Should the Habs look at Daze ???

I was thinking maybe the Habs should sign him at a base salary of let’s say 500,000 $, and throw in some incentives like games played, goals and so on.

The Vancouver Canucks sign Lukas Krajicek

Lukas Krajicek has singed has signed a one year deal on tuseday with the Canucks. Krajicek came to Vancouver this past summer in a block buster trade.

He reported 2 goals and 14 assists in 67 games with the Flordia Panthers

Who's going to backup the Canucks?

According to a Vancouver radio station there 4 goalies who could be the Canucks backup goalie this year.

Dumont going South!!!

According to an article in “le Journal de Montréal”, RDS is reporting that JP Dumont has reached an agreement with the Nashville Predators. The signing should be officially made public this afternoon.

Fantasy Hockey – Who's #2 in Goal?

It is no secret Mikka Kiprusoff is the top fantasy goalie heading into the 2006-2007 season. Kipper will probably be drafted in the middle part of the first round in almost all live drafts and rightfully so, as he has easily been the top goaltender over the past two campaigns. However, it becomes very difficult to rank goalies after Mikka. Teams such as Anaheim and San Jose don’t yet have a clear number one while goalies such as Lehtonen and Huet still have something to prove. Here are my top seven goalie picks after the defending Vezina winner.

Leafs lines and changes

Line one

Antropov Sundin Steen

Antropov and sundin have worked well together in the past with Antropovs Like of passing and Sundins Knack For scoring.

Line 2

Tucker Wellwood O’neil

THE 2006/2007 breakout sensations

You want to know who the next Jason Spezza or Eric Staal, looking for the new Bryan McCabe or Lubomir Visnovsky, well here are my predictions on the breakout players for this upcoming season.

Deeper Sleepers

In my last sleeper article I talked about guys that would benefit shallower leagues, but I got some feedback from readers that they were all little too obvious. I decided to make a list of lesser known sleepers that will impact deeper leagues, but also might become important parts of shallow leagues as well. As you can see, young defenseman who will potentially quarterback their team’s powerplay are a great way to pick up production on the blueline and can be had at the end of the draft or even sometimes via the waiver wire. Carle, McCarthy and Meyer are all examples of this and are featured in the following article.

A Swede addition?

According to Bruce Garrioch from the ottawa sun, the Senators might try to strike gold on the NHL’s trade market before training camp begins.

While Senators GM John Muckler has most of his roster in place as the Sept. 14 start of camp draws closer, sources say it’s anything but completely set and he and could be making a pitch for Boston Bruins left winger P.J. Axelsson.

They didn’t demand respect, they earned it

I remember a time when the “C” used to stand for something deeper than the obvious. It didn’t mean you were the best scorer, skater, the best at anything; it meant you were a leader. The ones wearing the “C” were willing to sacrifice it all for their team’s success. It didn’t matter if it was game 1 of the season or game 7 of the cup finals; they were out there giving 110%. They were leaders in the locker room, on the ice and off the ice. They could hold their own in front of the media and were willing to admit mistakes. They were role models for everyone, whether you were a rookie in the NHL or a kid playing street hockey out back. To put it simply they embodied the game. Here is a list of captains I believe still wear the “C” proudly:

NHL Team Offense – What’s Ahead

The final standings from last season in the NHL – specifically the goals-for statistic – will look quite different by next April. Detroit certainly will not retain it’s lofty No.2 spot of last year. The (not replaced as of yet) loss of Brendan Shanahan simply won’t allow for it.

Hot and Cold- Redone

Ok so I read that hot and cold article that was submitted before and I think I speak for many people when I say that that article can be redone a little bit better. This is my first article on htr even though I have been a member for awhile so I ask for just constructive critisism only and no useless insults or bashing.

Who Would You Trade For Gagne?

With rumores flying that Simon Gagne will be traded out of Philadelphia, here’s a chance to get creative. From your favorite team, who would you trade to get your hands on the 47 goal-scorer?