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2007 Outlook, Part 2

The UFA 2007 Forwards

Zherdev to toronto?

Spectors hockey is reporting a rumour out of Toronto, stating that NikolaI Zherdev might be headed to Toronto for Matt Stajan, and a draft pick(most likely a first rounder). Although this rumour is hard to believe it might just happen, but i think Antropov should be moved instead of Stajan because Stajan is my favourite player. Thus giving Sundin a winger to play with. Any thoughts?

Fergusons offseason report card

Many people dispute the job Ferguson has been doing as GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has made both good and bad decisions as GM this offseason.

Canadiens not among suitors for Dumont

If you’re going to a spead dumb rumour tied to fantastical trades then you may as well report actaul events too:

Darcy Tucker in Contract Negotiations

Darcy Tucker and his agent are currently in contract talks with the Maple Leafs…

How good IS Malkin?? [Ovechkin vs Malkin]

This is a pure stastical comparison between Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin.

Sources: &

Which team has the largest wealth of prospects? Whose future is the brightest?

List your team’s prospects and youth and explain why they will be the NHL’s next power house.

For example, is there a team with a more promising assortment of youth and prospects than the Rangers?

Kaigorodov joins Ottawa

Russian centre Alexei Kaigorodov gets OK to join the Senators for training camp.

Rangers not giving up on Leetch

So news breaks…Brian Leetch and the Edmonton Oilers will NOT happen! Brian Leetch and his agent put to rest the possibility of Brian Leetch playing in the West. reports:

Speculation still has Rangers a possablity and somewhat chances of Boston.

Let’s List possible homes.

Habs Pass on Dumont

According to and unrestricted free agent winger J.P.Dumont has narrowed down his options to about three or four teams, none of which include the Montreal Canadiens.