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Bonk out of Montreal?

“According to Gabriel Morency of Team 990, the Montreal Canadiens are close to trade Radek Bonk to the Washington Capitals for a draft pick that would free up cap space to sign J.P. Dumont wich they reportedly offered a 4yr/10m$ contract. And to the same Morency again, coach Carbonneau is willing to let Markov and Ryder go for more offensive and defensive help. Just rumors but i will keep you posted on this one. “

not the greatest web source but the Team 990 did report it.

Trevor Linden staying for one more year!

Reports from Vancouver are saying Trevor Linden has signed for one more year with the Vancouver Canucks. He will be some much needed leaddership on this new look Canucks team. There are no numbers yet, but I am guessing around $750,000 with some bonuses. I will have more later.

The Best Line…In The World

There are tons of all-stars in the great world of hockey today. Europe and North America combine to generate some of the most talented players to ever walk the earth. Likely most people are going to group the best lines in their minds out of players of the same nationality.

What should power rankings take into account?

What should be considered when calculating power rankings? Wins, goals for-against differential, schedual difficulty, captain’s birthday? What do you think?

Favourite team(s) ????

I would like to know what NHL team(s) do each of us support.

Most nicknames make it obvious but they also don’t tell the entire story. Please feel free to comment as to why if you wish. I respectfully ask that you keep the negative comments regarding teams you do not like or choices of others to yourself. Thank you kindly.

Zetterberg won't need surgery

It appears Henrik Zetterberg has avoided surgery on his injured left wrist.

Which Unit is harder to play on PP or PK?

I was talking to a gentleman the other day about which unit was harder to paly on the Power Play (PP) or the Penalty kill (PK).Both units have the advantages:

Toronto still ahead in Carter Race

According to Toronto is still leading the pack when it comes to signing foreward Anson Carter. The Ranger are also supposedly interested

Why the Leafs WON'T make the playoffs

I still contend that had Allison, Lindros, Sundin,Belfour, and the ilk not had their injury troubles, they would have placed 5th or so, well that, and they coulda used O’neill on the top line… can’t score really when Domi and Kilger are your line mates… unless you’re Eric Lindros. Anyways, This years team, on paper, is much better then last years team, and now my prediction is 6 spots lower then last years prediction, and 1 spot lower then where they placed last year. Why do I not be-Leaf? Why do I, the person renound across the internet for being the biggest Leaf homer around, not beleaf the Leafs can even get into the playoffs?

Dumont A Possibility, And That's All

We all know that J.P. Dumont is now a unrestricted free agent, the question now is what team will he decide to sign with.

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