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Winners and Losers of July 1rst. 30 teams version.

Here’s my take on what happened since July 1rst. There’s still a few good free agents available, but in general, most teams are done. Let’s start a good discussion!

Anaheim : The jury’s still out. While signing Niedermayer was a good start, they were needing at least 2 top 9 forwards. Also, if they don’t resign Beauchemin, the D isn’t looking as strong as it was. Time’s not up yet, so we’ll see. But they have to move if they don’t wanna be losers.

The calm after the storm…

This July 1st, hockey fans were able to witness something that is typically rare during free agency day. That being Canadian hockey teams actually signing free agents. Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto, spent some money and were able to get some of the most coveted free agents this off-season. Now…the calm after the storm happened and now all of us are starting to get a clear picture of what next years rosters are going to look like.

July the 4th, 2009 – NHL News and Rumors Roundup

Sundin saga II? Just as long as it’s not like last year

Leafs contend with tampering twitter over Sedin signings

Hawks may have goofed

Kessel-to-Leafs deal is off the table

Avalanche Trade Ryan Smyth to the Kings

Tonight the Avalanche have traded Ryan Smyth to the Kings for Kyle Quincey, Tom Preissing and a fifth-round pick.

Jackets Extend Nash

The Columbus Blue Jackets have made a great statement towards stablizing their franchise by re-signing star forward Rick Nash to an 8 year 62.5 million dollar contract.