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Red Wings Sign Cleary

The Detroit Red Wings announced Monday that the team has re-signed forward Dan Cleary to a $1.325-million, two-year contract.

Flyers' season depends on the youth

My first article, so be gentle.

Many were quick to criticize the Flyers during this year’s free agency period, as they chose not to go after many big names and were strapped down by their attempts to sign Gagne. Not knowing how much Gagne is going to make yet limited their ability to sign highly-payed players. They instead signed defenseman Nolan Baumgartner, and wingers/centers Randy Robitaille and Mark Cullen. I say wingers/centers simply because Center is a position the Flyers are overloaded with right now, and these players will most likely be converted to the wing. They also signed 2000 unsigned draft pick Lars Jonsson, who spent recent years in the Swedish Elite League, but has yet to play an NHL game. Bob Clarke countered these seemingly small signings by claiming that they made their big moves last year, in obtaining Forsberg, Knuble, Hatcher and Rathje. This would be a fine answer if Rathje and Hatcher actually panned out, but apparently admitting mistakes isn’t something this franchise likes to do too often. But, all is not lost.

Ducks Bring Back Chistov

The Ducks have agreed to terms on a two-year contract with left wing Stanislav Chistov.

The deal will pay Chistov approximately $800,000 each of the next two seasons.

Leafs sign ex AHL scoring leader Erik Westrum?

According to, the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed the AHL scoring leader last season (who was an UFA with the Minnesota Wild organization last season), Erik Westrum to a one-way contract.

Leetch back with the Rangers???

The Toronto Sun reports that sources claim the Rangers are considering bringing back former Rangers blueliner Brian Leetch.

Habs sign prospects

According to The Montreal Canadiens announced Monday the signing of forward prospects Mathieu Aubin, Matt D’Agostini and Mikhail Grabovski.

Canucks get Chouinard

TSN – Vancouver Sun reports that the Canucks will announce early this week they have signed free agent centre Marc Chouinard to a two-year, $2 million US contract.

UFA’s – The Second Wave

By Darryl Dobbs

Free agency opened in the NHL last weekend, and from noon that Saturday until the following Sunday many of the elite players were scooped up by GM’s hungry for that missing piece that will put their team over the top.

The daily action has since slowed down over the past week, but many significant moves still occurred. Here are some of the signings/deals with the most impact on your fantasy squad:

Shanahan Article #8: The Finale is reporting that Brendan Shanahan has decided to sign with the New York Rangers. The deal is said to be for 1 year at around the 4 million dollar mark. Apparantly Shanahan turned down bigger offers from both the Red Wings and the Canadiens. Reportedly Shanahan called Gainey on Saturday to tell him he was going to reject his offer. So finally we are able to end all speculation from Boston to Detroit to Montreal in the biggest media capital of the world, New York, New York.

Rangers make offer to Shanny

According to Sports Radio 66 WFAN in New York City, the New York Rangers have made an offer to Brendan Shanahan. While listening to the 20-20 updates, Jerry Recco stated that the Rangers are currently waiting to hear a response from Shanahan on whether or not he’ll take their deal.

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