Avalanche Ink Tanguay

According to TSN.ca, the Colorado Avalanche have signed youngster Alex Tanguay The deal was a one year deal, but the terms of the deal were not released.

This signing, was the only remainder of their free agents, Tanguay being the only one to be unsigned come training camp on September 13th.

Tanguay ranked up 26 goals, and 41 assists, to total to 67 points over the season.

Alex Tanguay, has been with the Avalanche since the start of his career, being drafted by Colorado 12th overall in the 1998 entry draft.

Tanguay is currently 28 years old, and appears to have some great years ahead of him.

Good signing by the Colorado Avalanche.

Any Comments?

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  1. leafs2003champs says:

    I like this signing because after the lock out there is no telling how many of the avs players will be around roumors of forsberg going back to his home land comtinue to go around sackic is 32 and will be 33 or 34 when the lockout ends depending on how long it goes blake is 33 foote is 31 or 32 maybe even 33 the avs could also lose kariya as he is making under the leauge adverage and salanne as he is over 31 he is going to be 34 on his next birthday.

  2. avsfan19-33 says:

    28?!?!? Tanguay is only 23. Where did you get that info from?!? Also, I posted a similar article that had alot better info and was longer as well.

    Anyway…good signing by the Avs.

  3. G_Money says:

    whoops, i thought i put 23. Weird.

  4. cementhands says:

    This might not be too relevant to the article posted, but does anyone know where one could find out the list of players who are in their final year of their contract? Magazine or website….


  5. G_Money says:

    i swear DG must of edited it to 28. I am positive i put 23.

  6. Lint07 says:

    Within 2-3 days from now, I’ll officially release my ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW 03-04. An article should be posted here.

    You’ll get all of these infos and WAY more.

    Worth the wait!

  7. Forsberg21 says:

    Both The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News has the contract at $1.5 million over one year. This was a good signing, I was hoping he wasn’t going to hold out because everybody who holds out against Pierre gets traded or let go less than a year after. Just ask Drury, Klemm, De Vries, and I think maybe Miller and Simon and some others but I’m not sure. Its kinda weird that he does that, it’s almost like a power trip kinda thing. I’m willing to bet that’s why Tanguay changed his agent to Sauve, who was Pierre’s old partner, and also why he signed for less than he probably could have gotten if he held out or maybe even got traded and signed with another team. Especially since palyers like Gagne who makes more than a million more than he does at $2.6 million, and came into the league in the same year and has less points and a lower point per game average in the regular season as well as the playoffs. Gagne who is a very talented player in his own right has 200 pts in 274 games in the regular season for a .73 PPG average, and 18 pts. in 41 games in the post season for a .44 PPG average. While Tanguay has 243 pts. in 310 games in the regular season for a .78 PPG average as well as 40 pts. in 66 games in the post season for a .61 PPG average. He also has those two game seven goals that helped them win the cup that look pretty impresive on his resume. I respect Tanguay a lot for this, for sticking with the team instead going for the dollar like everyone seems to be doing now. It looks like that way of thinking is finally sinking into the sport of Hockey. Tanguay did the same thing last year which is what makes this even more impressive, when he singed a one year contract for $900,000.

    Anybody who thinks Tanguay got all his points because he started playing with Forsberg and Hejduk, wasn’t watching the games. I watched all the Avs games last year except for like three or four, and he did look like he was lost for the first half, but when he started playing with Forsberg and under Granato’s more offensive mindput, it boosted his confidence, and it really showed in his play. He had been giving it his all on his shifts all year but it was just like he couldn’t finish. But then all of a sudden it just started working for him and it showed in his 2003 NHL season best 16 game point streak (10 goals 16 assists) so that alone says it wasn’t just Forsberg.

  8. Forsberg21 says:

    Actually Sakic already is 34 and Foote is 33, so you’re right about this being an important signing for the future of the team. I just hope we don’t need to trade him to get a goalie.

  9. leafs2003champs says:

    sackic 34????? I thought he was 32 tops I knew he was over 30 though and this isnt just an av problem my leafs have this problem but we do have some young guys coming through the system so we will be ok.

  10. OldNord says:

    It’s not a huge problem, I think that Sakic can do well in the next five.

  11. DG says:

    I didn’t edit anything.


  12. G_Money says:

    oh, ok. Must have put it in by accident.

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