Avalanche news and notes: Will Paul Stastny be trade bait to Maple Leafs?

Some rumors today about Dion Phaneuf possibly being on the trade block. If the Avs got him, they’d almost certainly have to deal Paul Stastny to get him – in large part just to make the math work on the salary cap. Phaneuf’s cap hit is $6.5 million, just under Stastny’s $6.6 million. Like Stastny, Phaneuf can be an unrestricted free agent after this season.

Would I make that trade if I’m GM of the Avs? Sure I would. Especially if I knew I was getting MacKinnon in another seven days. Assuming the Avs don’t take Jones, they’ll need to add more on defense and Phaneuf would be a nice get for Stastny I think. Yeah, they might lose him for nothing after one year, but that might have happened with Stastny too.
I’m not aware of any actual talks so far between the Avs and Leafs on this though. But let’s see how the week plays out. It’s going to be interesting I have a feeling.


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  1. mojo19 says:

    Got it –

    Phaneuf for Edmonton’s pick (7), Paajarvi, 3rd (2015)

    21st overall + Ashton for Dan Boyle
    Paajarvi, Holzer,3rd (edm) for Stastny

    Out- Phaneuf, Ashton. Holzer, 21st pick
    In- Boyle, Stastny, 7th pick

    I dunno we probably have to add a bit somewhere, but we take on a pair of $6.67 mil contracts. With the cap situation, in this market, who knows?

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      take on over 6M in cap and lose in the Phaneuf for Boyle swap to temporarily win in the Ashton + Holzer for Stastny swap (MAYBE win outright if we re-sign Stastny) to trade up 21st to 7th.

      I wouldn’t give up that much youth for Boyle right now, subtract that and the Leafs look pretty good in those deals (even though Edmonton would be retarded to take that deal).

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