Avery a Detriment?!

According to Larry Brooks, this article shows what the Rangers management had to say about Avery in his arbitration hearing:


Rangers management calls Avery a detriment?! That he plays as an individual and not a team player?! Are they absolutley CRAZY?! Avery was the main reason the entire TEAM played better when he was acquired!! They say this is shown as his inability to see the ice?! ARRGG! I know Sather is only trying to help the team’s salary cap situation, but damn, spare the guy some dignity! Although it probably will, I hope this doesn’t turn Avery away from the team when he becomes a UFA next season. I hope, and know the fans will show him how much we appreciate him, and I hope he takes that into account after this year. Why Sather, why?!

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  1. leaffansareajoke says:

    No way in hell would i pay that guy 2.8 million.

    They're just saying the same things LA said about him.  THats he's a selfish center who only cares about himself. 

    Dunno though, i thought he played well for the Rangers last year.

    Still not worth that much though.

  2. JuicemaN says:

    I'd say even 2.5 would be TOPS for a player like him…there's no way he can do all season long what he did for the Ranger after the acquired him…he turned it on to much that come playoff time he was pretty much burnt out.

    He's the exact guy that I love seeing get their asses kicked at a bar when he starts the fight….and he apparently grew up in a town right next to mine.

    this guy will be like this for the rest of his career, he'll mouth off, be selfish and each time his team says anything about it he'll stand back and act all innocent.

    I hope he loses his arbitration and chokes this year only to be forced to sign with Columbus in 2008-2009.

  3. rangers11 says:

    i dont like it either, but all slats is doing is trying to win the arbitration case so that they dont have to pay avery that much money. this would help them stay under the cap and maybe allow them to get jovo some how. also i think the peca-rangers rumors are also a ploy to get avery to agree to a lesser contract.

  4. johnrot says:

    Hockey is a business and any player that opts for arbitration should know this. Why do you think that they wanted to get Lundqvist signed before any arbitration hearing? Because Sather didn't want to say, Hey, remember all those times you left the net to play the puck and we were scored on?

    Avery is the type of player that these words may sting, but ulitmately he knows that the team must do what is best for the team. Avery knows this and he wants to stay in NY and, in turn, NY wants him to stay.(when I say NY, I mean the fans as well as management). I say he signs a 1 year and if he plays well over the first part of the season then they will make him a long term offer after Jan 1, if he plays like he did against Buffalo, then maybe no team will want him. The Rangers will have plenty of youth and someone will step up eventually.

    On another note:
    There was a poll last year filled out by NHL players and one question they were asked who is the most hated player in the league:

    Sean Avery won hands down, He drew about 70% of the votes, and the next closest player was Jordan Tootoo of the Predators with 5%

    Avery knows the deal and I am sure he is making his own case as well. The fact is, just because he is playing well and loved in NY, doesn't mean he will mesh with other teams and play just as well elsewhere. I hope he stays beyond this year, but again, Hockey is a business.

  5. Shatterday says:

    2.8 LOL? that's almost what habs got ryder for…thank god ryder didnt go through arbitration they would havegiven him 4.5

  6. habswinthecup-again says:

     With Avery whining and *****ing about this, does that not prove that he is a detriment to the team? I think it does. Avery should have known that it was not going to be fun to go to arbitration, the team will always put the player down so the arby gives the player less, its just the business of the game.
     Avery should have just shut his mouth for once in his life and if he didn't like what Slats said then he should have gone out and played his a** off this season to get a great big UFA contract next season.

  7. WYflyerfan says:

    You are right that he won the poll, but it was the most hated player to play against.

  8. rangers11 says:

    rangers just signed hossa. http://www.newyorkrangers.com/pressbox/pressreleases.asp?id=2976
    i dont think this bodes well for avery

  9. mundus80 says:

    i have said this before but i wll say it again. 2 season ago when the rangers traded ville nieminen away the team lost its spark and went down hill and they started out last season with out that spark. they bring in another spark in avery and he turned the team around.
    i hope this is sathers last year for the rangers.
    they better sign him and make him happy, sather owes avery a happy ending for what he did last season

  10. Flyers4Ever says:

    It was both actually.

  11. wingerxxx says:

    I don't like that Sather made these comments public.  One thing about him, is that he is not afraid to call players out, if he feels something is wrong.  Who can forget his comments about John MacLean, when he first came aboard?  Arbitration can get pretty nasty.  And this is nothing compared to the Tommy Salo arbitration situation some years ago.  But it's definitely unusual.  I was all in favor of Sather acquiring Avery last season, unlike a ton of Rangers fans, and I think that his stay in New York may be short lived.  Although I do think the team would be ok without Avery, I think that Sather has doubts about Avery's long term output, as well as a potentially explosive locker room, featuring guys like Drury, Jagr, Shanahan, etc.

  12. johnrot says:

    Is there much of a difference?

  13. Wings19 says:

    Around 2 million is good enough for this guy. I personally hate him, but he didnt play too bad for the Rangers last season. My favorite Avery moments are when he got beaten up by Kovalchuck, and when he'd run away from Laraque when he played for Edmonton and Avery played for LA.

  14. the_next_agent says:

    The Rangers are payin a lot but there stealin this guy especially with how much players like him are getting.  Darcy Tucker recieved at a "bargain price" at 3 million a year and he could of recieved 4 million a year.  Jason Blake got 4 million aswell.  His scoring ability is not worth 2.8 million but what he does when he is on ice is worth 2.8 million i say trade away some usless players get under the cap.  Avery is a player that any GM would love to have even at 2.8million

  15. ranger_fan says:

    Hossa for 780,000 is a great deal. Mara or Malik will have to be traded before the season with Kasparitis looking to be in great shape – and that will easily get Avery in under the cap and the Rangers would still have space.

  16. Rico71 says:

    …and to think…

    His girlfriend? Elisha Cuthbert!

    Who's laughin now? lol

  17. JohnnyCash says:

    Well yeah there is.  You could hate playing against Mario Lemieux because he'd make you look stupid every time, but that doesn't mean you hate the guy.

  18. kamullia says:

    Don’t you think that comparing Avery’s salary to Blake’s a little outside the box? I can see the relevance to Tucker in playing styles, so I think that is quite valid. But Blake has better skills by far than Avery, which will prompt a higher paycheck. They both do forecheck and they are both jabber-mouths, although I think only Avery is actually effective at either (unless Blake starts spearing everyone like he did Crosby), but other than that the similarities stop.

    How about Jarkko Ruutu instead? Maybe Jordin Tootoo?

  19. johnrot says:

    I completely understand what you are saying, but if you look at the names on this list you wouldn't be thinking of players that make you look stupid, if so, then Crosby, Ovechkin, and Jagr would probably be on the top of the list. This list jumps from Avery to Jordin Tootoo.

  20. mcpeach2 says:

    Sather didnt, Avery emailed The New York Post after the meeting

  21. mundus80 says:

    hossa signing was pre-arbitration

  22. senators101 says:

    I commented on B_&_W's raycroft's post.  I would like you to read it and post your comments on that.

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