Avery back to New York?

Fox Sports is reporting that the Rangers are working quite hard on a deal to try to bring Sean Avery back to the Big Apple for the balance of his contract.

Apparently the Rangers have had meetings about Avery and the belief is that Avery would be able to help the Rangers team. HTR also believes that he may be able to give the rangers the spark that they appear to be lacking.

The process of acquiring Avery appears to be quite complicated. Sather is not willing to just make a deal for him because he would then be on the hook for the full salary. In order to get him at half the contract hit toward the cap it is reported that the Stars would have to first put him on waivers and if he clears he would then have to be assigned to the Wolf Pack of the AHL. To complete the process, Avery would then have to be recalled on waivers and have the Rangers pick him up on re-entry.

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