Avery soon to rejoin NY Rangers

Sean Avery is reportedly in talks with the Rangers to take a league minimum salary.

After being sent down and somehow “kicked off the Dallas Stars”

The league is working out a deal with Sean Avery’s agents and advisers so that he can re-join the NHL and come back to the NY Rangers… maybe the only team that would welcome him.
Rumors from NY newspapers this January reported Sean Avery had been hanging out with Rangers active players, Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Nigel Dawes and Eric Staal on New Years Eve.

Any question of them getting along should be put to rest if this report holds true.

Avery may see some suspension time in his return, but it should not be much.

Avery somehow would rejoin the Rangers for minimum pay as long as the Dallas Stars contract stays in tact and must be paid to him in full.

The Rangers absolutely need someone to join this team and bring excitement and poise back to their game. They are a first place team, but they have proven time and time again they have no go to guy or any type of spark that gets them going. Their play is weak and most are surprised they hang on to this first place spot.

Without a doubt I would welcome him back for the rest of this season, and that is the key words here. REST OF THIS SEASON. Avery can really get a team going, but he wears out his welcome quickly.

Last season payers got sick toward the end of the year hearing over and over after each game “did you see what Avery did.” It is annoying and i’m sure they get board with it after a while. But the fans get board of Gomez’s DRY DRY HUMOR that or he is really a prick.

Avery went to Dallas and had no control. He was let loose and no one stopped him from doing whatever he wanted. He got out of hand and was on a team where players like Turco hated him.

The Rangers all and all controlled him pretty well. He did a few things wrong, but he never walked up to the media ever and started saying things like he did in Dallas. Most likely he was board with none of the attention being like NY media attention.

I say bring him back. because they need him…. they need something, bring him back if the price is right. This season and that’s enough. He’s the right guy for the job.

Report was being rumored after the Islander Ranger game.

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  1. NHLman says:

    Any sources for this story?

  2. mojo19 says:

    WHAT!?? How the hell does that work? Wouldn't any team picking him up have to owe the man the money the Stars are currently on the hook for?

  3. lookche says:

    it’s a violation of the SPC to be signed by multiple teams, thus he won’t be able to recieve FULL pay from the Stars AND the Rangers. if Avery goes to NY, it’s most likely to dump someone like Rossival or a recall waiver claim.

  4. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    This imbecile is the antithesis of an Yzerman and a Sakic. He's a detriment to sports in general and to hockey in particular.

    I hope, for hockey's sake, he has already played his last game.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    This imbecile is the antithesis of an Yzerman and a Sakic. He's a detriment to sports in general and to hockey in particular.

    I hope, for hockey's sake, he has already played his last game.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. NHLSlayer says:

    No sources at all, just wishful thinking maybe from a Rangers fan.  Retarded article, that makes no sense whatsoever.  Apparently, being UNDER CONTRACT TO ANOTHER NHL TEAM means nothing to this guy, and he would NEVER be allowed to sign a second contract in the NHL, and still have his contract being paid by the Stars.  It is against the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was recently reached, so there is no basis whatsoever to this, and is just a joke of an article.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    And Sundin will be a Ranger.

    First off was he hanging out with Eric Staal or Marc? If Eric Staal, Drury, and Gomez were hanging out together I would be the happiest person.

    Secondly those are rumors. Gomez nor Drury appreciated Avery. Gomez in his comments and Drury during the "Avery Rule" play. Secondly it was Shanahan who was able to help keep Avery calm enough and now that he is gone, I don't see anyone else who could "control him". And Avery will not go to the Devils (e6)

    If Avery goes anywhere, I'd expect the Ducks or Canucks – a Western conference team who thinks that he could help them when facing the Sharks.

    I saw Avery as a disgrace to the Blueshirts. He is a individual player who did dumb things that didn't help the team. If you wanted an agitator who can fight and hurt the Rangers, why not get Dale Puriton back into the lineup?

  8. paulieplatypus says:

    Regardless of what anyone might think about Avery, he has not been kicked out of the league.  Nor should he be!!!  How is Cod Bertuzzi still playing (not sure if he retired)? Just disgracefull that this poor excuse for a human was ever allowed to play again! How are the Ruttu brothers still playing and allowed to eat chicken fingers on the ice?  How many chances did Chief Simon have to scalp and step on his opponents.  Even the epitomy of old time hockey Eddie Shore cheep shotted the great Toronto legend Bailey ending his career and almost caused his death, but was allowed to keep playing.  Etc, etc, etc.  All Avery did was speek the truth.  Seriously, if you were to date a woman who previously slept with Avery, would you not expect her to be extremly sloppy?  There are lots of unwritten rules in hockey, one of them is that you don't sleep with any other players girlfriends or exgirlfriends… Especially Avery's – yuck! 

    Anyway I don't see how Dallas could send Avery down to the minors, when they are obviously way too cheep to even own a minor league hockey team?  I suppose one could feebly argue about all Avery has done in the past?  But then why would Dallas way way way overpay for the guy just a few months prior to the incedent if they were oh so concerned about all the water thats under his exgirlfriends bridge?  I don't know "all" the rules in hockey -who does or cares?  But that is why there's a players association, to make sure an ignorant franchise from a non hockey knowing town like Dallas cannot sign a player for four years and then refuse to let him play because they might not like his "accurate" comments.  

    So right now Avery is not allowed to play, but I'm sure as soon as the players association gets involved…  Dallas will either have to play him or let him play somewhere else for the league minimum, with Dallas picking up the rest of the almost four million $$$ per year contract.  Never will Dallas or any other team ever have the ability to not let a player earn an income for four years.  Even if it is allowed under the current CBA?  The players association will find a way to overturn the rules.  Even if they have to bring up a lawsuit against Dallas in order to get them too.

  9. NUCKINGFUTS says:

    How can I know that there is any truth to this when they say he was out with Eric Staal?Mark Staal playes on the rangers.

  10. paulieplatypus says:

    Just wanted to put the names out of the refs (mike Hasenfratz and Dean Morton) who were trying as hard as they could to help hand Chicago the victory or in this case one point…  Or maybe ??? they were not acting so sinisterly and were just completely incompetent tonight.  Regardless, these two fools will soon be refereeing at the AHL level if they have nights like this again on a consistent basis.

    Unless of cource Bettman told them to call the game this way because he really needs to go out of his way to have Chicago be successful this year?  I could see the NHL growing very tired of the most inept team in hockey for the last 20 plus years playing in one of the biggest major markets? Regardless, the refereeing tonight was much more of a disgrace than hockey in Chicago has ever been! Anyway, beware if these clowns are the refs when your team is playing! 

  11. ranger_fan says:

    It was disgraceful both ways. There were marginal calls both ways and the Rangers shouldn't expect immunity despite they are "owed". That doesn't exist anymore and for good reason.

  12. paulieplatypus says:

    I disagree with you… But now that I've had some time to cool off a little bit, maybe I'll leave the conspiracy theories to Kramer from now on? 

  13. beckfan05 says:

    The league should be ashamed of itself from the display of poor judgment last night on the parts of the referees.

    But this is what Bettman wants, he wants more scoring chances. Too bad its in the form of specialty teams.

    And this is what makes the NHL continue to be the laughing stock of the 4 majors sports in North America.

    Great job once again Garry Bettman!!!

  14. trueblue says:

    Its just a matter of time before the legal B.S. gets settled between Dallas & Avery….and Dallas is going to be on the losing side of the stick. 

    Avery will be cleared to sign a contract with another team and I hope the Rangers pick him up…. he is what they need this year to take them over the top…that and a trade with St. Louis for Barret Jackman.

  15. jayhabsjay2 says:

    Have you ever seen a game with Chris Lee as the ref? 1 word, Horrible.

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