Avery soon to rejoin NY Rangers

Sean Avery is reportedly in talks with the Rangers to take a league minimum salary.

After being sent down and somehow “kicked off the Dallas Stars”

The league is working out a deal with Sean Avery’s agents and advisers so that he can re-join the NHL and come back to the NY Rangers… maybe the only team that would welcome him.
Rumors from NY newspapers this January reported Sean Avery had been hanging out with Rangers active players, Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Nigel Dawes and Eric Staal on New Years Eve.

Any question of them getting along should be put to rest if this report holds true.

Avery may see some suspension time in his return, but it should not be much.

Avery somehow would rejoin the Rangers for minimum pay as long as the Dallas Stars contract stays in tact and must be paid to him in full.

The Rangers absolutely need someone to join this team and bring excitement and poise back to their game. They are a first place team, but they have proven time and time again they have no go to guy or any type of spark that gets them going. Their play is weak and most are surprised they hang on to this first place spot.

Without a doubt I would welcome him back for the rest of this season, and that is the key words here. REST OF THIS SEASON. Avery can really get a team going, but he wears out his welcome quickly.

Last season payers got sick toward the end of the year hearing over and over after each game “did you see what Avery did.” It is annoying and i’m sure they get board with it after a while. But the fans get board of Gomez’s DRY DRY HUMOR that or he is really a prick.

Avery went to Dallas and had no control. He was let loose and no one stopped him from doing whatever he wanted. He got out of hand and was on a team where players like Turco hated him.

The Rangers all and all controlled him pretty well. He did a few things wrong, but he never walked up to the media ever and started saying things like he did in Dallas. Most likely he was board with none of the attention being like NY media attention.

I say bring him back. because they need him…. they need something, bring him back if the price is right. This season and that’s enough. He’s the right guy for the job.

Report was being rumored after the Islander Ranger game.