Avs Acquire McAllister from Flyers

KKFN radio just reported that the Avalanche have acquired Defenseman Chris McAllister from the Flyers for a 6th round pick. I realize that this is not huge news, but this indicates that they are trying to groom Scott Parker as the force in front of the net that they are lacking instead of his standard enforcer role, which would be handled by McAllister..

So, theoretically, this could take them out of the running for Owen Nolan or any other “netcrashing” type of player that they have been rumored to trade for.

BTW — has anyone seen McAllister fight? I know he’s HUGE (6-8, 240), but don’t know much else…thanks!

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  1. matteo says:

    I have seen him fight a ton of times and he can drop gloves with the best of em. He is kinda slow, but when he connects….lookout. He is a defensive liability, so much so that the Flyers sometimes made him a 4th line winger just so he could goon it up. I personally liked him as a player. We have Todd Fedoruk and Brashear…and even Primeau who will all throw down. Clarkie said the reason for moving him was to make room for young defenseman Jim Vandermeer on the big team.

    There is a great site broadstreetbully.com that has alot of good Flyers fight videos to download.

  2. amok says:

    Hopefully dumping Warriner goes to show that Brian Burke is putting the finishing touches on a deal to bring someone in to help the team in the playoffs.

  3. Islesfreak says:

    Uh oh, the Fyers found the missing piece to the Stanley Cup.

  4. TheMinister says:

    I’ve read a couple of times already that people think this Warriner deal was done to give Ruutu more time but I doubt it. Why do you move the guy that wasn’t taking his time any way? Even with Todd gone Ruutu still doesn’t make the top 12 and neither does Langdon.

    I can only think that this was a good business decision to get someone else to pay the salary of a guy you aren’t using. Undoubtedly this comes on the heels of seeing if Warriner could be packaged in a deal for something else, and he was only worth a conditional draft pick to the highest bidder. Burke may be cheap but he’s not an idiot.

  5. superdemariobros says:

    well, the flyers are done now. they traded away their 8th defenseman on the chart right behind mark howe. how will the flyers ever go on. mcallister can fight, he’s so good at it he knocked primeau out before the season started. thats right folks…colorado added public dope #1 to the roster. it won’t matter though, the way lecroix makes deals, satan, kovalev, and amonte will be in avs uniforms by late march.

  6. anonomass says:

    guess that means they are now 5 steps ahead of the isles eh?

  7. vasko says:

    Actually, it was Primeau who knocked Mc Callister for a loop during the preseason. McCallister seemed to lose a lot of his agggresiveness after he broke his wrist. Perhaps it is not fully healed. I felt that McCallister was an improving player until the wrist fracture. He was given several opportunities to win a regular job this year, but gave too many lack luster efforts. Statemente by Hitch at the break all but sealed his fate.

    I don’t know how Warriner fits in here, other than Phantoms fodder.

  8. matteo says:

    Oh for the love of Mike……..Don’t mention Mark Howe or the Red Wings may try to talk him out of retirement. Also, I think Brad Marsh was just above McAllister on the depth chart.

  9. -momo- says:

    10 steps, actually.

    McAllister fights with both fists.

  10. mikster says:

    I am not understanding any of these moves.

    McAllister for a 6th round pick is not bad at all. Actually, i’d say it’s a steal for the Flyers. McAllister is decent…i guess he’s a good fill-in guy to put on a roster, but the Avs should have paid more to get more. There are other defensemen out there; sure….not for a 6th rounder, but in the end…wins count.

    Then, Clarke gets Todd Warriner for what reason?

    I thought it was a joke to see Chouinard play on the first line with Gagne and Roenick. Shocasing him eh? Nice, 4 shots, but in the end he only got 12 minutes of ice time.

    May i ask why Seidenberg was a healthy scratch?

    What will Warriner do to help the Canucks? I saw the Flyers get physically outplayed during the 1st period, kind of a joke too since the Islanders are the team with little toughness.

    Some funny thig i saw. Last season’s 49th game, with Barber as coach, Flyers had more points than this season’s Flyers when they played their 49th game.

    Hitchcockle (felt like calling him that way) will be all about the playoffs though.

  11. matteo says:

    McAllister pounded Primeau in the jaw several times after Primeau hit him in the nose with an elbow.

  12. matteo says:

    Did anyone else get the meaning behind Roenick wearing 92 on the back of his helmet. I know it was Tocchet’s old number, but I didn’t ge tthe meaning of it. They asked him in between periods, but I missed it.

  13. Aetherial says:

    It’s his IQ;

    on a good day.

  14. matteo says:

    Well that put’s him about 30 points higher than most people on this site.

    I think JR proved his mental acuity when he responded to Garth Snow’s comments regarding him “not being too bright because he wasn’t a college guy.” Roenick said that if all college got you was a career back up goalie job and a significantly smaller and JR’s way got you 1,000 points and a bigger contract then who was really smarter?

  15. guinsfan4life says:

    Could this position the Avs to make a deal for Kovalev and possibly give up a d-man? Maybe they are setting their chips up to send Skoula and Tanguay to the Pens????????????

  16. Antoski says:

    McAllister is the worst player in the league. A 6th round pick for him is a still. And no he can’t fight worth a squirt for his size

  17. titans says:

    Ahhhh…Clarkey once again makes a pointless and otherwise useless move. Whats the point of aquiring the Chounards and Wariners of the world? Are these players gonna help us go deep into the playoffs? No! Are these players gonna help our dreadfull powerplay? No! Clarkey stop with these pissant moves and for once land the big fish! Owen Nolan! Miroslav Satan! This is getting ridiculous!!

  18. anonomass says:

    Ya & not with his purse


  19. anonomass says:

    are we not being a bit generous?

  20. mikster says:


    The Avs cannot afford to get Kovie! McAllister is just a fill in d-man just like Corey Cross was to the Rangers.

  21. mikster says:

    Yeah but then you’d have to give up Gagne, especially for Satan.

    You’re right though, these moves don’t do squat, just fill ins.

  22. slapshot1975 says:

    i don’t know about skoula, but i would say that de vries could be on the move……

  23. aaron says:

    And Sakic, Forsberg, Blake, Hejduk, Foote, Roy, Reinprecht, Skoula, and Vrbata will be out of Avs uniforms, the way Lecroix has dealt lately…

  24. BWbullies says:

    I think Hitch was mad at Seidenberg for some bad turnovers he made before the break. He was also scratched before the break. I just hope that they are not planning to trade him. I will be pissed if they do. You are right about thier recond under Barber but the big difference is they were healthy.

    He might have gotten Warriner to replace players that could be traded.

  25. aaron says:

    The Cup is won by your 4th line players and 3rd pair defensemen. Making huge ass deals is generally exactly what you DON’T want to do *cough*Rangers*cough*Oates*cough*Jagr*

  26. slapshot1975 says:

    Do you see him being a 6th defenseman at all, or is he just a healthy-scratch thug? can he handle 8-10 minutes of ice time a night? i just find the move interesting at this time — wondering if skoula or de vries are going somewhere in a package with tanguay…thanks fort the tip on the fight site, i’ll check it out!

  27. mikster says:

    Hehe, don’t talk to me about injuries.

    I have yet to see that $70M dollar team for ONE game…..just ONE!

  28. mikster says:

    Yeah but when you already have 3rd, 4th line players, then you do need scorers…especially for the PP.

  29. big_booty says:

    McAllister wasn’t very useful to the Flyers at all this year. Considering that all we gave up for him was Gino Odjick, getting another pick is considered a bonus.

    He had been slowly working his way down the depth chart. Bruno St. Jacques and Jim Vandermeer both deserve more time than he was getting.

    Yes, he is a larger-than-average human being, but size isn’t everything. He could fight when he really wanted to, but he didn’t always want to and most times he wasn’t all that good at it. He had a couple of nice tilts with Andrei Nazarov last year, but that’s about it. Hell, he couldn’t take down Keith Primeau in training camp. Todd Fedoruk is a better pure fighter anyway.

    As for Warriner, it’s another depth move that didn’t really cost anything. He’ll probably get some time on the grind line with Murray and Fedoruk, but don’t expect too much else.

  30. mikster says:

    Yeah, but they should have those guys in their system.

    Stupid trade.

  31. TheMinister says:

    McAllister is the worst player in the league?

    You should change your name to Naslund before you write that.

  32. big_booty says:

    True, but both the Flyers and the Phantoms have been bitten hard by the injury bug.

    The Phantoms are especially thin on the wings right now, even more so than the parent club. Patrick Sharp and Guillaume Lefebvre are both hurting. My guess is that Jamie Wright heads back to the AHL, and Joe Sacco’s ice time starts to decrease.

  33. bruinexpert says:

    haven’t you guys been reading the rumors???? the leafs are supposed to get kovie…you guys are dumb…the rumors don’t say “kovie to the avs” they say “kovie to the leafs”. why do i even waste my time here, rumors never lie

  34. mikster says:


    Now you see why the Rangers signed Cross. He was a fill in because the Rangers had injuries in the minor system. Now with Bouchard and Purinton playing solid though, Cross is the odd-man out, but solid substitute.

  35. Goldenscud says:

    I know everyone on here is probably thinking McAllister sucked. But, hey, did you see him act in those Toyota commecials??? Who is going to replace him in those commercials??? That is the real problem with that trade.

    Seriously, I am a huge McAllister fan. The guy is not the best defenseman but he is huge and can play up when needed. He can kick ass too. I have seen him KO McCarty, Oliwa, and give Worrel a good go.

    6th rounders are guys who end up at local rinks working behind the counter handing out skates. Obviously, since McAllister has played in this league, he is worth more than that.

    Warriner??? How many Joe Saccos, Marty Murreys, and Tyler Wrights can a team have? Since when have the Flyers become an expansion team?

    It sucks being a Flyers fan. It is like being a dude that gets close to a supermodel, only to be slapped when you try to lay your mits on her. Always close, but never closing the deal. ARGHHHHHHH

  36. CrackerZack says:

    Its a salary dump. The blue line is stacked, he went from a 7th defensemen to an 8th or 9th. Don’t give up yet, Clarke is making minor adjustments. Gagne needs to get healthy, he keeps reinjuring his groin and needs some time to heal completely. Once Johnie comes back , things will fall into place and a late deadline deal will also make things more interesting.

  37. CrackerZack says:

    I totally agree, his size, though impressive, didn’t make him even a half-way decent defensemen. I like Vandemeer and I like how the flyers are moving away from hard hitting guys that lack positioning to a more intelligent defensive unit.

  38. Antoski says:

    Have you seen him play?

  39. TheMinister says:

    Yes, I’ve seen him on both the Nucks and TO. No I wasn’t impressed.

    But the joke was that I’ve also seen Antoski play…

  40. Antoski says:

    Ha Ha he he! I chose his name for fun. I didn’t think anyone remembered him. I used to love to watch him try to skate. They should have strapped those duoble blades top his feet.

  41. IllinoisAVSfan says:

    He is ceartainly a goon for now…. Maybe the AVS feel that training with top defensemen like Blake & Foote & Morris may refine him into an actual hockey player!

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