Avs cut loose Keane

According to the Avalanche spokesman Hayne Ellis, the team has bought out the final year on the contract of the 36-year-old Mike Keane. The move ends the second stint with the Avalanche for Keane.

Could this be a cost-cutting move to maybe acquire a veteran goalie, like Potvin? But probably just to clear room for prospects and the new signings of Kariya and Selanne.

This is on the same day that Bryan Marchment signed with Toronto, ending a short stay with Colorado.

Keane won a Stanley Cup with Colorado in 1996, and also won the championship with Montreal in 1993 and with Dallas in 1999.

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  1. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Any word on who might be interested in him? I don’t know if he’s still any good, but I’d like to see him go back to Dallas for a year.

  2. tsaler says:

    Boston could use a 4th line right wing, Keane fits right in there if they don’t resign Grosek.

  3. Rampage_Winger says:

    Have the Avs really improved that much? From the beginning of last year to now, they’ve done this:



    Vrbata, Reinprecht, Drury, McAmmond, Keane

    Picked up:

    Kariya, Selanne, Battaglia

    Overall, they’re fine here…their depth is worse…but later…



    Marchment, de Vries

    picked up:


    Again, the depth chart suffers.




    No-brainer here. They still aren’t addressing two problems: Goaltending and depth. Aside from their top two lines and top two defense pairings, who have they got? Not freaking much. Despite making like bandits with the former Duck duo, they’ve lost quite a bit.

  4. titans says:

    NO MIKE KEANE?!?!?!?!


  5. -Swizz- says:

    well from the beginnin of last year, they didnt have mcammond, or marchment..

    they only lost vrbata, reinprecht, drury, keane, de vries and picked up kariya, selanne, battaglia, morris…so thats pretty good…

    they lost roy..but thats not their fault really..

  6. avsfan19-33 says:

    I figured the Avs would move Keane before the start of the season. Although i didnt think it would be this way. The Florida Panthers were said to be looking to add some veterans and i figured Keane could be moved there. The Panthers were said to be looking at Adam Graves, a similar player to Keane. Also, Florida is one of few teams that were looking to add payroll. The Avs accomplished there goal by moving out some older players and making room for some prospects. (Nedorost and Hahl) Good luck to Mike were ever he signs!

    Go AVs Go!!

  7. Rampage_Winger says:

    Yeah, they didn’t have them…I was saying over this period of time, they’ve lost these people. I didn’t mean that they had them to begin with. They just ended up losing them.

  8. RangerBlue says:

    They done it now, behold the curse of Mike Keane!

  9. amok says:

    No big loss at all for the Avs. With their lineup and success over the past few years it’s not like they need a guy around who just brings leadership. Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, etc. can all more than take care of that.

    I think that the Avs fan who mentions Keane heading to Florida is onto something. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they make a run at the last playoff spot this year. Keane would be a good fit there.

  10. Dancing_Mule says:


    Vrbata, Reinprecht, Drury, McAmmond, Keane

    Picked up:

    Kariya, Selanne, Battaglia , Nikolishin

    Losing Reinprecht was a bit of a blow, since they finally have the scoring depth to allow him to play on the third line where he belongs.

    Still, Battaglia-Nikolishin-Willsie/Hinote is better than the third line last year, and the Avs fourth line has almost always been notable for it’s absence. The only thing Keane would’ve been this year is a 2mil bench warmer.



    Marchment, de Vries

    picked up:

    Morris, Skrastins

    Losing de Vries is going to hurt (it’s now or never for Skoula to show some sign of improvement), but Marchment, like Kasparitis a year ago, didn’t contribute much of note and won’t be missed.

    Obviously, they’ve gotten weaker in goal without Roy, though I do want to see what Suave and Aebischer can do before bemoaning the abscence of goaltending. Though I haven’t seen Aebischer show much more than career backup material, the Avs have been grooming Suave to be Roy’s replacement, so I would like to see if he’s actually as good as they think he is.

  11. Malurous says:

    Does that really matter? When you get an oldish player to fill a hole for a year, you’ll expect to lose him.

  12. Malurous says:

    You forget Nikolishin and, importantly, Skrastins. Their defense is much stronger than it was this time last year. They had Foote, Blake, DeVries and Skoula then, now they have Foote, Blake, Morris, Skoula and Skrastins. That’s five instead of four, and Skrastins is one of the most underrated d-men in the league today.

    They could have used Reinprecht. Vrbata for Battaglia didn’t make any sense. Still, the offense is OK: They have Selanne, Kariya, Battaglia and Nikolishin instead of Drury, Reinprecht, Vrbata and Keane. So, the offense is stronger than last year.

    If they can do something about their goaltending, they’ll be tough once again.

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