Avs Fire Harltey

According to ESPN, the Colorado Avalanche have fired head coach Bob Hartley. Assistant Tony Granato will take the reigns for now. Could Ted Nolan be knocking on Lacroix’s door if he doesn’t get the Flames job? Should be interesting.

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:


    I put my “Tool” in your mothers mouth….

  2. UltimateB says:

    As heard on Around the Horn, ESPN at 5:30 PM:

    The avs hired the wrong Granato! Cammi Granato was the best hockey player in the last olympics, she should be coaching.

    That’s an interesting idea. A woman coach in the NHL? Hmm…

  3. Habfan1234 says:

    The problem was that the team has too much money tied up on Sakic, Forsberg, Roy, and Blake. Therfore they could not obtain that power foreward that the team is missing. The team is too soft. It is easy to play against them because they only have Blake and Foote as thier true nasty hitters. Forsberg has grit but he needs another player a la Todd Bertuzzi on his line to protect him (Scott Parker won’t do). Forsberg is often injured because he has to fight his own battles due to a lack of overall toughness on the team.

    They will make the playoffs but will probably bow out in the first two rounds. Their streak of division titles will be stopped by my hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks.

  4. aaron says:

    *starts singing* Heaven…I’m in heaven…

    Hahahahaha, Avs are slowly, slowly dying. Every player with any semblence of grit and leadership is slowly leaving that team…what next? Package Foote and Forsberg for Jagr and Gonchar?


  5. jammer21 says:


  6. jammer21 says:

    aaron: 1 colorado:0

  7. Leaf_Expert says:


    your a fan….

  8. shorn89 says:

    Thanks for the insight guys. I was not aware of his comments

  9. Renegade says:

    Hahaha…..Avs are doing the opposite. And it gets better. Wait till Sakic returns. Granato 3-0, only 190 more wins to pass Hartley!

  10. Renegade says:

    Hahaha…..Avs are doing the opposite, Aaron, and it gets better. Wait till Sakic returns! Granato 3-0, only 190 more wins to pass Hartley!

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