Avs Land Gratton, Vaananen

TSN.ca reports that the Colorado Avalanche have traded defenseman Derek Morris and prospect Keith Ballard to the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for centre Chris Gratton, 2004 2nd rounder and Ossi Vaananen.

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  1. Killa_Bs says:

    Pretty good trade for both teams. I think Derek Morris is a solid player and a good leader.

    Chris Gratton is never going to get any better than he is. Too bad because a couple of years ago he showed real promise. Vaananen is a 3rd pairing defenseman at best.

    Of all these players I like Morris the best. It’s got to suck for him to leave Colorado.

  2. commonwealth says:

    Why make this deal? I don’t really get it, I think if anything it hurts us to lose Morris and this kid Ballard more. Gratton is a big lumbering dissapointment, unless he see’s a magic light and becomes a new player I don’t see why Lacroix pulled this deal off. Maybe Vaananen was the intrest here…. I don’t really know anything about him or if he is good or not… Lacroix is rolling the dice here if you ask me. I would have been happier with Zhitnik and Satan from Buffalo.


  3. commonwealth says:

    I guess Vaananen is okay, he’s young and has average stats. I think they are intrested in Gratton’s size more then anything. The hype is this guy is worthless, but he does have like 12 goals and 16 assists or something, so he could be alot worse offesively… remember Battes Battaglia? yesh….


  4. Lint07 says:

    Lacroix gave WAY to much.

    just Morris for Vaananen & Gratton would’ve been nice for both teams, but adding Colorado’s best (and almost only) prospect left is just plain stupid.

    Gratton is a bust.

  5. Marco_Sturm says:

    that’s it!

    two young promising d-men for an underachiving gratton & vaananen is too much.

    but now colorado has a perfect mix of scorers and checkers.

  6. HabsNick says:

    The Avs got *hosed* on that deal. Just Morris should’ve been plenty enough to get Gratton and Vaananen.

    “Mr. Lacroix, what about your future prospects?”

    Lacroix: “Prospects? Future?”

  7. daredevil says:

    Gratton is a +/- -19 and Vaananen is a -10. The Avs gave up playoff clutch goal scorer Chris Drury to get Morris, who I think is a very solid defenseman. I know Gratton and Vaananen play for a poor team in Phoenix, but Gratton’s game has been in the dumpster for a couple of years now. In a playoff situation, Morris will give you far more than Gratton and Vaananen. Stupid trade for Colorado. Great trade for Phoenix.

  8. Zamboni says:

    So basically the Avs traded Chris Drury for Chris Gratton…OOPS!

  9. defenestrate says:

    Gratton? Why?

    Doubtless Morris’market value went down with his 2 goals in 43 games.

    Still, I’m mildly disappointed.

  10. NHLman says:

    Hah, the Avs are digging themselves deeper and deeper in the trenches. They better hope they win the cup this year because if there is a full lockout season when the NHL comes back for play most of the team will be either old, retired, playing in Europe or just play sucky.

    Terrible move, the Avs are going to need D to help their young goalie in the playoffs. Where the D now?

  11. Lint07 says:

    by the time I wrote this the 2nd rounder wasn’t part of the deal.

    it even things out a bit but still, I say advantage Coyotes.

  12. wayne2 says:

    Gratton is a good fit for the avs but they gave way

    to much.

  13. justsomeguy says:

    I don’t like this trade at all. Granted Morris hasn’t lived up the hype offensively since the Drury trade. But, nonetheless, he is a competant D-Man and I would much rather have him in front of Aebischer in the playoffs than an unknown quantity like Vaasanen. AND even if they really wanted to get rid of Morris, he alone shoud have been enough to seal this deal without having to throw in Ballard.

  14. MAniac29 says:

    Well the Avs will be intently watching the Mars rovers, as I am sure they made this deal hoping that today they discovered a secret hockey league on the Red Planet where they can turn around and deal Chris Gratton for their best player. Anything less will make this deal unbelievably lopsided. On what planet is Gratton still a valuable piece?!?! Get real Lacroix!

  15. wingerxx says:

    I’m readling a lot about how the Avs gave up too much for Gratton, Vaananen, and this pick. Well…that might be true, but this trade wasn’t apocalypitally awful. Gratton is actually someone they needed…a guy guy up front, who can win faceoffs. Now, they have Nikolishin and Gratton as their key faceoff guys. Gratton can also play well in the playoffs, as he’s demonstrated with Buffalo. He has his severe limitations, and this is a gamble by Lacroix…but they did need a big boy up front like Gratton. Vaananen is a bit more steady in his own end, than Morris was, and still does have some upside to his game. The Avs also still have Liles on defense who can play on the PP…but I think this will hurt the transition game from the Avs. Also, a 2004 2nd Rd. pick is nothing to sniff at. With Colorado’s rep. for developing players…who knows what will happen with that pick. I wouldn’t have included Ballard in that deal though. He could be a decent player in the future. Overall…Lacroix didn’t perform his magic in this deal, but it’s not nearly as bad as its being made out to be.

  16. Lynchmob450 says:

    “A guy guy”? Do you mean a GAY guy?

  17. wingerxx says:

    haha big time typo. that should be big guy, not guy guy, or gay guy lol.

  18. AxisofEvil says:

    The Avs got ripped off big time….Gratton is a big chump…..I watched him suck ass for almost 3 years in Buffalo…..This is the first great trade Pheonix has ever made

  19. Sundinfan says:

    isnt keith ballard that really good defenseman we got from buffalo who was going to be the “cornerstone of the franchaise”. he was supposedly the key part of that trade. if thats the guy. holy shit. the avs are *****ing terrible. moore’s gone, morris is gone. we have no defense. blake, foote, liles, skraskins and a bunch of nobodys for the 3rd line. smooth. the avs are done after this year. i guess i wont be renewing my season tickets.

  20. Madman9 says:

    Yep, Ballard is the great d-man (top 10 pick 2 years ago) from U of Minnesota we traded Rhino for. So if you look at this trade, we gave up Stephane Yelle, Stephen Reinprecht, and Chris Drury for Chris Gratton, Ossi Vanaannen, and a 2nd rounder. Absolute shit.

  21. Madman9 says:

    oh, and I forgot about Derek Morris. That’s even worse.

  22. Madman9 says:

    Pretty good trade for both teams? How about an awesome trade for the Coyotes, and an absolutely shit deal for the Avs. We basically traded our only good prospect in Ballard, and our only good young d-man other than Liles in Morris for a Bates Battaglia replica and some kid that will never become anyone worth remembering. The top player the avs get from this deal would have to be the 2nd rounder.

  23. Madman9 says:

    oh, and I forgot about Derek Morris. That’s even worse.

  24. commonwealth says:

    Throwing in Ballard is a mistake, but It’s not like there will be hockey being played next year anyways.

    It’s clear the Avs want to win this year, I think this move at first didn’t look so good, but may end up being alright. The avs play a different system then both Phoenix and Buffalo and I don’t think they really want Gratton for his scoring ability. I think they are happy with him winning face-offs and throwing checks, but he will have to do those things right.

    The Avs are fine on Defense, Vaananen is young and has good size and average stats, I just think the addition of Ballard along with Morris who is great at running the power play makes Phoenix the winner in this trade.

    At least they picked up Salo and Barnaby, and that monster McAllister is finally gone….


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