Could the Avs and Leafs make a deal?

If it’s true and Matt Duchene is available, the Leafs should be all over the Avalanche in trying to make a deal. The Avs need defence badly. I’d move Dion Phaneuf and Kadri for Duchene in a heartbeat and even eat a little salary if need be. Would you do that? Would Joe Sakic?

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  1. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    Tough one. Duchene is a huge upgrade over Kadri but would moving our top defenseman be worth the upgrade? I personally would probably be on board if we ate 50% of Kadri’s pending RFA deal or $1M of Phaneuf’s deal (if they don’t go for Kadri). I would also want them to throw in Gormley. He isn’t performing like Colorado was expecting and I figure the former 1st rounder is worth the investment, I would even move back a body like Marincin or Brennan if they wanted an extra defenseman outright.

    That being said I don’t think Colorado goes for it. It is a lot of salary (Kadri’s contract) to take on for the best player in the deal.

  2. leafy says:

    How about those Leafs?

  3. razer1818 says:

    There is always that possibility but the long term problem is this:
    I believe that the Leafs are in a wait and see aspect with Stamkos so going out and Trading for Duchene is tough…. with your potential centers being for 16/17 Stamkos, Bozak, Duchene, Wynnik. Now I dont have an Issue with it but Bozak is a lot of money for a 3rd line center. In total that would be 20+ Million in centes not including Holland, Nylander and Marner. I believe they will try and wait and move out Kadri and Bozak to make room for Stamkos if possible and the two future rookies

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      I’m not worried about that. Worse case we trade for Duchene and end up signing Stamkos in FA. That is not a problem at all. Plus deciding to reject a fair deal for Duchene for the small chance we end up with Stamkos is dumb. We won’t win with Kadri / Bozak as our 1-2 and it is more than likely that Marner and Nylander will either end up as top 6 wingers or 2nd line centres. Odds are anyway.

      I mean I hope they both turn into ligitimate number one centres, odds are they will fall short.

  4. kessel_leafs81 says:

    The guy I would throw a crazy amount at receiving is Ryan Johansen. The guy is a prototypical number one center and Tortorella is an awful coach that doesn’t have the respect of his players. They turned the page a bit in Columbus right now because of getting a new voice in the room but its going to get old quick. They’ve been winning way more hockey games and all you hear outta there is problems still. Lets be honest, Nylander and Marner are 85% going to be wingers. The skill is through the roof but there tiny. Marner looks stronger on his skates to maybe be a tyler Johnson center but nylander doesn’t look that way at all. Go strong at johansen. If he’s available, maybe a JVR flip? I would for sure flip him for a center and work around that. Johansen reminds me of a Sundin type player and a guy who’ll bleed his heart out to win given the right scenario. Doesn’t look that way right now with torts but could you blame him? the guy is a joke. Rant over.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      Yeah he would be an amazing pickup. Though I doubt he would be made available I can see it costing us more than JVR. I’m pretty sure we would have to include a big sweetener. I would definitely offer them:

      JVR, Polak, Holland
      Johansen, Bourque (cap dump)

      Though to be honest if I’m Columbus I’m demanding Pittsburgh’s conditional 1st on top of the deal before I even consider moving Johansen.

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