Avs miss playoffs again; time is ticking on their future

The Avs have a real decision to make about Paul Stastny. He entered Saturday’s season finale with 21 goals and 53 points. Respectable numbers, for sure. But, fair or not, the burden of expectations that came with his five-year, $33 million contract haven’t been met.

Too many times, his performance was lacking in big games, with a pointless, minus-4 game at San Jose a couple of weeks ago part of a contest that essentially sealed his team’s fate. We all expected Stastny to meet or exceed the two 70-plus point seasons he had in three of his first four in the NHL. But the fact is, he hasn’t hit the 60-point mark in the last two seasons.

Sherman has to decide if continuing to invest in Stastny is best, or whether the better option is to ship him for what probably would be a decent return and thereby go with Duchene and O’Reilly as the 1-2 centers for the foreseeable future.

In the final analysis, the Avs deserve some credit for still being playoff-eligible entering Game No. 81, despite having the league’s youngest roster and second-lowest payroll. But there is only so much time fans — especially in a hockey market like Denver that was conditioned early to expect excellence — will issue passes for nonplayoff seasons.

Starting next season, the clock starts ticking on the Avs’ excuse-making about missing the playoffs.

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  1. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yeah I may do one up after the lottery as well. 

  2. reinjosh says:

    Is the points against weak teams thing even true? I know it got mentioned by someone a little while back and I'm pretty sure it got debunked on HFBoards, at least the point where he doesn't show up against strong teams. 

  3. TimTheBone says:

    Forsberg does not drop from the top five I'm sorry….

    I know everyone just assumes Edmonton selects a D-man because of all the recent forwards they've selected but MPS hasnt worked out for them and i think he'll be traded… besides Eberle Gagner Hall RNH and a couple other bottom 6 guys they have some aging forwards… guys who might be traded or retire soon…

    So I just cannot see them passing up a Grigorenko or Yakupov….Gagner has shown he's a decent center but Grigorenko will be better i think… Grigorenko will be selected be Edmonton and will slide into the #1 center spot within a few years…

    I dont see Edmonton passing that up….

    so If Grigs is taken by Edmonton… MTL has to take either forsberg or Gal… Leaving the Leafs with the "leftovers" so to speak… Forsberg/Galchenyuk will go to MTL/TML….. either or….

    |I really Believe this

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