Avs not going to make a trade

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  1. Not the ideal thread for this…

    I’m hearing Kessel is locked up for 8 years/8 million’ish.

    • doorman says:

      Ya, amazing the mixed reactions. I read so many talking about how over paid he will be and is a playoff dud, lol. But seriously not that anyone is worth 8 mil, but how does anyone not think he wouldn’t get that a a UFA? I like that they were proactive on this, 7mil woulda been sweet but it is what it is. Now on to Dion, who i hope is a much more reasonable resigning.

      • reinjosh says:

        This is the new reality of teams signing their stars under the new CBA. Kessel’s just the next one to do it. It all goes back to the term limit in the new CBA.

        Getzlaf, Perry, Giroux, Malkin, Kessel all signed to 8 year deals for 8 million or more post CBA.

        This is going to be very normal. You can’t take a Parise level talent and give him a 12 year contract with fake years on the end anymore.

        I honestly think Kessel would have gotten more than 8 million if he hit UFA. I have no problem with this deal

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