Bad Apples

Bad apples spoil a bunch.

Its just a saying,,, but it is getting too much play in the NHL.

The flyers are NOT evil.

Now this is coming from a person who has watched Bergeron play every NHL game of his career, as well as Alberts- and is heart sick over what must be going through Bergy’s mind and that of his families. It is one thing to loose an NHL career, but worse to loose a peaceful life.

Why is this happening to the Flyers,,, over agressive maybe, coaches demanding finishing checks possibly,,, bad luck and coincedence, most likely.

Why is this happening more now then “before”?

Helmets, Armor and De-sensatized People.

Without a helmet, you wouldn’t bring your elbow up, or swing sticks, because you are just as vulnerable as the opposing players.

Without the body armor, you would think twice if sticking your elbow into the head of a player coming down the boards at full speed, since your arm would take as much of the impact if not more than the player in forward motion.

People in general- athletes, doctors, lawyers, ups workers, radio station DJ’s, housewifes, people are desensatized to these horrors because it is everyday, everywhere, all the time!

The internet, radio, newspapers, cable TV all run the stories, the pictures, the quotes over and over until everything is blurred together into a sitcom. Nothing is real, until it happens to you,,,

The world of mutual respect, manners and true passion. is as gone as 8 Tracks, shoe horns and soon “wooden sticks”.

The problem is not the NHL.

The problem is not the Flyers organization head hunting.

The problem is not the Bruins putting themselves in vulnerable positions.

The problem is people.

And if you have an answer,,, we are ALL listening.

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  1. UsedandAbused says:

    Ok. I miss understood you. I dunno if I like that idea. I think the fine and suspension does enough damage to the team. Beleive it or not the Flyers are trying to avoid these hits. There is absolutely no motivation for dirty plays. It is negative attention and no business wants that kind of attention.

  2. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Here's one from your own Volchenkov, almost an exact clone of the Jones hit


  3. Archion113 says:

    Funny i thought You and Hockeyhead were crying about the injustice for the past 2 days on here…

    Defending isn't crying…

    What you and Hockeyhead do is crying.  Big time.

    And i'm offended by the use of language in your post.  I honestly want some action taken against it.  I've been banned for less that that.  Honestly.

  4. leafy says:

    Go back and read the posts.  I don't attack anyone who doesn't attack me.  And it is YOU who was calling me an idiot and stupid before I called anybody anything.

    If I get reported, I'm reporting you and HockeyFan.  What goes around comes around.

  5. flyersfan10897 says:

    I hate how everyone seems to say they will only listen to open-minded people who can look at the situation objectively, then refuse to think about it in any way that goes against their opinion.

    First, as a flyers fan, i dont think there is any question that downie or boulerice should have been suspended.  They were boneheaded plays that shouldnt happen in the game.  But looking objectively at the Jones and Hartnell hits, it is completely unfair to compare them, which is reflected in the combined 6 games suspended to 45 games. 

    Jones, the man of 81 penalty minutes in 121 games, with a whopping 5 hits this season, is a dirty player?  Yes, he made a mistake, he should have held up and let Bergeron go.  If he was trying to injure Bergeron, he could have done hell of a lot worse.  But one accident makes a player dirty?  I agree that he should have been suspended, and Hartnell should have, too.  And they got the right amount of games for hits that did not have intent to injure.  Hartnell's player was even more obvious that he was trying to hold up.  Hell, I missed that part of the game and the first time i saw it i thought 100% that Alberts was in the process of standing up, so maybe Hartnell thought that too.  Is that an excuse? no.  But you can see Hartnell lift his elbow and make sure to not hit him with the stick.  So this whole lack of respect thing is ridiculous.  A player notices he cant stop in time and does the best he can to NOT hit the other player with his elbow or stick, and he doesnt respect other players?

    Dont let two bad hits and two accidents tarnish the reputation of an entire team.  Does this make Simon Gagne dirty? Sami Kapanen? Timonen? No.  And believing that the flyers are the only team that has "dirty hits" is ludicrous.  Personally, i think nailing a player who has their head down is one of the dirtiest things you can do.  I can see a slight check or hitting him from the side, but you have to know that skating right into him that there is only one place for his head to go – backward right onto the ice.  But that is a "clean" hit.

    The hits by Stevens and Perezhogin effectively ended the careers of Lindros (he played, but was never the same) and Primeau, without the players even getting penalties, let alone suspended. You can argue that the Stevens hit was clean, and i suppose technically it was, but its not disrespectful to hit someone knowing theres a 99% chance their head is going to smash into the ice if you do?  Bouwmeester gave Gagne a concussion without getting a penalty, you dont hear us whining about that.

    So before you call for the Flyers heads, specifically Jones and Hartnell, tell me no one on your team has ever done something similar.  And please dont give me crap about it being an epidemic on the flyers.  Downie hadnt even made the team, and Boulerice was only playing because of Upshalls injury, so holding that against the rest of the team is just plain stupid.  Jones and Hartnell were just involved in bad plays, they arent dirty.  They were suspended and got what they deserved.

  6. chanman says:

    "Your team", having more points than another team, speaks nothing about you and nothing about the fan of another team. Actually, it does speak something about you, if you actually believe the flyers and how well they do or don't play have anything to do with your character.

      Dirty and classless. Something like the leafs were with Roberts, Domi & Tucker. Here's something you two have in common.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    there is nothing to defend.  that is what pisses everyone off.

    that is why you are a troll.

    the entire hockey and regular world is against these hits but its a conspiracy against the flyers. 

    youre a blind loyalist at the very best.

    i would also worry about your stability in society as a functioning human being.

    after reading your posts and some other flyer fans i worry about schools and malls getting shot up.

  8. UsedandAbused says:

    We are just stating that the Flyers aren't a dirty team because of a few unfortunate events. Look at Tucker, he is a dirty player, but do we label the whole team dirty? No. That doesn't sound arrogant to me.

  9. UsedandAbused says:

    What is so stupid about that? It is well known that you need to protect yourself along the boards. Hockey is a physical sport and you can get hurt along the boards. Simple labeling a comment stupid because you can't argue the point won't get you anywhere in life. The last two suspensions were only two games because the league agreed that they weren't dirty hits.

  10. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    No reply here huh.

  11. my_sphincter says:

    I am not biased either way, but it was a dirty hit.

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