Bad starts : defensemen

Here’s a list of all the impact players that are not giving satisfaction to their respective teams. Because they are starting to be a negative charge for the rest of the team, a change of scenery might be the solution :

Defense :

Ed Jovanovski (12g : 5pts and -6) : this guy is totally overated. Has a NTC and makes too much money. The Rangers were reported interested, would only add another big ego on the team…. Wont move.

Bryan McCabe (10g : 4pts and -6) : his reputation is well known. Can produce much more but earns too much money and is clearly one of the worst defender. Want a proof? Kubina is +8 and Kaberle +7… Wont move until he returns from his injury.

Alexei Zhitnik (14g : 5pts and -9) : Atlanta’s 1st defensemen is definitly not able to play against the other teams best line. Was expected to put more points… Still, the Thrashers cant afford to lose their only defender that can pass the puck to Kovalchuk… Wont move unless its for another defensemen.

Brad Stuart (15g : 5 pts and -8) : What a deception for the Kings. This guy was poised to be a superstar… The only good thing he brought to a team so far war being the main piece that allowed the Sharks to get Thornton. His salary is still not very high… might be a better fit elsewhere. With a very good stay at home defender, he could exploit in a better way his offensive abilities.

Scott Hannan (15g : 2 pts and -7) : Owns the excuse of being the go to guy against the best players in the league for the Avalanche. Still a deception, on pace for a -41 season. Clearly puts in light how weak Colorado’s defense is. They need someone better than him if they want to contend with Sakic on the team (this year). Might move or stay as a 4th d.

Marek Zidlicky (13g : 6 pts and -5) : The best solution for teams in search of an offensive D. Showed before he can play much better. Nashville’s deepness and need for offense/goalie makes him an obvious choice. The funny thing is that the obtained part would have to earn at least 3 millions dollars otherwise the Preds would not respect the salary floor set by the league.

Jay Bouwmeester (15g : 5pts and -4) : This guy clearly lacks motivation. His size and talent would normally put him in the top 5 best D’s in the league. Even made Team Canada 3 years ago… On pace for a 27pts and -22 season. Never looked overhappy to play in Florida. Still quite young at 24. An RFA after this year. Would demand the highest compensation.

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  1. leafy says:

    There's some pretty damn good players in there.

    With talent like this underachieving, it strongly indicates that it is almost next to impossible for defenseman to play at a high level for a long time in today's NHL.  The physical toll their bodies face while exposed to the rigors of the NHL for a prolonged period, quality defenders end up playing less effectively..

    Nevertheless, I'd take Bouwmeester on my team any day, underachieving or no underachieving.

  2. jarcpitre says:

    Please add Ian White to the list. Been saying it for 4 games now, he thinks he's a forward. Just Brutal.

  3. KevinBaconFan says:

    The Daily Planet reports that the New York Rangers have placed a personal ad reading :  Wanted one good defenseman who enjoys scoring goals, long strolls on the beach, the Facts of Life, Whoopi Goldberg and any movie with Steve Guttenberg.  A picture of the perfect candidate is listed below.


  4. wingsfan13 says:

    kronwall he's awesome to watch….when he's playing.  Gets hurt way too easily and his shot is not that hard.  Gets caught to often and not strong enough to protect the front of the net. may never reach even half potential

  5. jpmac says:

    The difference between white and these players is that these guys have already proved something. White is just a youngster, I say give him some time and he will be alright

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Hannan definitely doesn't belong on that list.  For a few reasons:

    1.  He has played all of 15 games in an Avalanche uniform…and already calling for a change of scenery for him?  Come on man.

    2.  He is not an offensive defenseman by any stretch of the imagination.  Never was and probably never will be.  His point totals are simply a bonus, not an indicator of his play.

    3.  He's had a season or two where he has started off extremely slowly.  I remember a season or two ago, he was one of the worst in the league, in terms of +/-, for the first half of the season.  Then things balanced out for him.  He's not playing badly.  When you're a defenseman like Hannan, sometimes, you are going to take a hit in your plus/minus rating.  He is not going to finish at -41.  Not unless the Avs, as a team, go straight down the tubes. 

  7. leafsfan86 says:

    Also, you can add all of the Leafs’ d-men with the exception of Kaberle and Gill. Gill is good to have on the penalty kill because of his ability to cut off shooting/passing lanes with his long reach. Kaberle for obvious reasons. White is too slow and thinks he’s a forward, Kubina is WAY over his head he has no idea what he is doing, McCabe is way too sloppy and is afraid to hit to keep the puck in control, Wozniewski is the worst d-man i think I have EVER seen in my life he gives the puck away way too damn much and frankly i’m sick of the fact that he’s still in the lineup….just my thoughts.

  8. lukeleim says:

    kubina is off to a decent start. I wouldnt say he's been playing great but much better than last season with 11 pts and a +/- of 7. On many nights this season he's been the Leafs best defenseman.

    Ian White being considered slow? I've never heard that claim before. He hasn't been playing poorly but definately could pick up his game a little.

    As for Hal Gill and Andy Wozniewski… they're the cancer on defense that is slowing this team down. Gill plays ok on the PK, but considering out PK isn't anywhere near where it should be to be a contender in this league, that's not saying a whole lot.

    And yes, Bryan McCabe definately deserves to be on this list of "bad starts"

  9. habsalicious says:


    I'm no Leafs fan but 11 points and a +7 is not good enough for you? What the hell do you expect from your Ds?

  10. habsalicious says:

    I think Souray is a name we could eventually add on that list. I garantee he will be a total disapointment in Edmonton by the end of the year. He has some upside but not worth the money he makes and is injury prone.

  11. JuicemaN says:

    If the NHL wants to better itself it needs to act like the NFL and introduce "no guaranteed contracts" plain and simple, if you don't perform then they can just cut you and you lose out on your paycheck and contract that you argued for.

  12. Archion113 says:

    Didn't Bouemeister just sign an extension?

    Hannan just signed, so he's not being moved.

    Zhitnik and Stuart are possibilities.

  13. Archion113 says:


  14. Archion113 says:

    When the cap gets higher i think i'm all for it.  To many players are killing their teams with their salaries with the cap now adays.

    I was opposed to the cap all along.  But i don't think having a cap AND guarenteed contracts is really business smart.

    on the other hand.. you can still pay the guy and just send him to the minors…

    But if you don't have guarentee'd contracts the player could just walk out on a team as well, couldn't he?  That would probably hurt the league… hockey players are tough guys who stand up for themselves… eh

  15. prospectiv says:

    Bouwmeester didnt sign anything…

  16. prospectiv says:

    Kubina, even at 5m, is doing an excellent job right now.  Montreal pays more for Hamrlik, get less points and the guy is getting praise from everybody.  If Ferguson was stupid enough to trade him for a couple hockey sticks and a jack strap, there would 29 teams interested…

  17. prospectiv says:

    This is not a leafs fan site…  There is about 50 D's of Whites caliber underperforming around the league…   I'm talking about impact players here.

  18. prospectiv says:

    I agree with your statements… but the point was that he is still underperforming.  As I said, this guy will stay in Colorado, they just signed him last summer.

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