Ballard loves Sunrise

Keith Ballard, just acquired by the Florida Panthers along with Nick Boynton in the Jokinen trade, has just signed a 6 years extension with the Cats. Terms have yet to be disclosed.

With this 6 years contract extension, the Panthers now have a solid top 3 for years to come. Ballard, McCabe and Allen are all under contract until at least the end of the 2011 season. With the possible (unprobable, but possible) resigning of Jay Bouwmeester, the Panthers would have one of the best d-corp of the NHL. With Vokoun in the nets until 2011, we can say the Panthers are set in the backend.

Ballard being one of the best young d-man in the NHL, with good puck-moving abilities, strong physical play and great leadership, I expect this deal to be between 4 and 5 millions per year. Assuming he will continue to develop into a great d-man, having him locked for 6 years is a great start for any organization, knowing how tough it is to find a true #1 d-man.

Kudos to Jacques Martin.

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  1. pezzz says:

    According to Spector at, the deal's worth 24 millions over 6 years, with a cap hit of 4/year. Great move by Jacques Martin, locking up a future franchise d-man with considerable upside, and maybe a future C, to 6 years with a cap hit of 4/year is close to genius.

  2. pezzz says:

    Length and money have just been confirmed. It's 25.2 millions over 6 years, making a cap hit of 4.2/year. Great signing by Jacques Martin.

  3. Bure96 says:

    4 million for Keith Ballard is a steal. Young guy, big upside, and a good leader.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Ya considering what d-men get in free agency, that is a great signing.

  5. Kramer says:

    Today orange prices crashed while lemon prices skyrocketed.  What's going on in Florida?

  6. KingCanada says:

    With this signing of Ballard it looks like Florida is gearing up to be able to trade Bouwmeester by the deadline.  They have too many defencemen and are expecting to loose him anyway.  As much as their defence has greatly improved they still arent a playoff team in my eyes.  They could get great value in trading Bouwmeester and hopefully they can get some offensive talent for him instead of a 1st round pick and a prospect.

  7. mojo19 says:

    If they move him at the deadline it might be tough to get an equally good forward back. Since the team they'll be trading with will most likely be looking to keep their top forwards for a playoff run.

    But I definitely agree with what you're saying. I think Bouwmeester will be dealt for a couple good young forwards, or maybe one young fwd/prospect, and one veteran guy who can still finish.

  8. KingCanada says:

    That isnt always true.  Last season's deadline trade between Buffalo and San Jose for example.

    To San Jose: Brian Campbell, late pick
    To Buffalo: Steve Bernier, 1st round pick

    Something like…
    From Carolina: Tuomo Ruutu/Patrick Eaves, 1st rounder
    From Calgary: Matthew Lombardi, 1st rounder
    From Tampa: Jussi Jokinen, 1st rounder

    Any similar trade like that is possible and would be very beneficial to the Cats.

  9. pezzz says:

    You're right about the deal with San Jose and Buffalo, but I think the price for Bouwmeester would be a lot higher than a 2nd tier forward and a 1rst round pick. Look at what the Lightning got for Meszaros, and that wasn't even at the deadline. A top 4 d-man, a young player with fair upside and a 1rst rounder. I expect the price for BO to be a solid 2nd line player, a young prospect with great uspide and a 1rst round pick. Forget Calgary, they don't need another pricy d-man. Carolina makes sense, as well as Tampa. But my guess is the New Jersey Devils.

    to NJ : JBO, 4th round pick.

    to Florida : Dainius Zubrus, Nicklas Bergfors, 1rst round pick.

    I guess that if the Cats get rid of JBO, the impact will not be so harsh as some people think. Ballard as #1 potential, and they got Keaton Ellerby, their 1rst round pick in 07, coming soon. So their d-corp would look like this

    Ballard – Allen
    Ellerby – McCabe
    Welch – Boynton

    still a very nice d-corp, and Zubrus and Bergfors would provide very nice help up front. Bergfors has 1rst line potential.

  10. KingCanada says:

    Oh definatly I agree his value is more.  I was just shooting off the top of my head teams that might need a defenceman and the starting assets to a trade.  But like you said Florida doesn't need JBO as badly as they did last season with Ballard, McCabe and Allen signed long term.  The ball is in Jacques Martin's court now, let's see what savvy moves this GM will pull this year.

  11. KingCanada says:

    Id say its close to fair market price, he would have gotten maybe 4.5 to 5 on the UFA market.  Hes making Tomas Kaberle money, now THAT contract is a steal!

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