Banning IP's

I will make this very clear.

Some of you members have reached the level beyond immaturity. I was working on my next CM article where in it I would have sent out the message to cut down the disrespect that circulates on this site, but it is worthless now.

Trademan, me, and Lint07 put time into for all you hockey fans, but we also have our own lives. Now, not only are some of you forcing other members to leave this site, and I just lost one highly regarded member who was a top contributor to this site, but you are forcing the staff to waste time on your pathetic comments. Right now, I have to waste my time for you immature people to either ban your rear ends or to delete your idiotic posts.

Now this has gone far enough and too many of you have literally pissed me off. I’ll waste my time on you, but I will not even bother deleting comments.

This time, I will IP ban anyone who makes offensive remarks and anyone who falls under the category of immature useless comments. You have something stupid to say, then say it. There will not be any warning, there will be banning.

It is bad enough I have to waste my time to just ban people, but I won’t even try to discuss or give warnings. Warnings do not exist now. You’re either a good hockey fan, or you are an embarrassment to us hockey fans on HTR.

I do not care if you do not like an article. You do not like it, then you do not read it, or comment on it without being disrespectful. I’ve just about had it with you people. I am an easy going person, but anyone who hurts this site is going to get it.

From now (today) on, anything that falls under the minimum level of maturity on this site, means you are out of here.

The new rule is:

Any member who makes a comment that is considered immature, unnecessary, and stupid, will be IP Banned. No warnings will be given.

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  1. titans says:

    “the right to talk about unnecessary things” ???

    Since when do you determine what things I have the “right” to talk about? If I wanna talk about Bolivian Water Polo I can, and if you don’t like it tough. Go cry to someone who cares!

    Boo Hoo Hooo thats all I hear from you.

  2. PeterPuck says:

    Well the title of this site is called Hockey Trade Rumors, and not world events. It would be nice that you could talk about hockey but looking at your past posts it appears you do not have anything to offer to that topic. Titans you need help, try

    PS, do you walk on water too?

  3. 92-93 says:

    listen, i don’t like the comparison either… but if we did ban him for criticizing HTR that WOULD be like the USSR or nazi germany or the USA today (well, come on really, you can’t say what you want nowadays).

    it was a bad comparison and he/she needs to think out the analogies a little bit better. i think for this thread, we should be allowed to discuss the implications of the new rule without fear of being ‘banned’.

  4. OldGoalie says:

    Wasn’t intentionally quoting…but OK…

  5. 92-93 says:

    Well if anyone has scrolled this far down then I hope you read this … (not that its important or anything I just like to have an audience to listen to me because i am very very lonely … weeps)

    This rule was a long time in the making. I remember when I first started posting during the summer thinking that there were too many idiotic posts to sift through. Hopefully this rule will help. It sounds very familiar to the Canadian Charter in that it allows free speech BUT only free and RESPONSIBLE speech (i.e. not promoting hatred against a certain group, violence, etc.).

    But my problem with this (and many people point this problem out with the Charter as well), is that the determination of what is ‘responsible’ versus what is ‘immature, unnecessary’ is a very very subjective call. There are instances when the immaturity and offensiveness is very obvious – re: racial remarks .. WHICH INCLUDE characterizations of European players or non-North American players in certain ways (i.e. weak, money-grubbing, etc.). yet it is not always clear and my main concern with this rule is that someone will be banned who doesn’t deserved to be banned or because it will go against one of the HTR admin’s beliefs, etc. moreover, i have seen so many instances of racist posts (like the one above) or very irresponsible posts (like a recent posts that compared Czerkawski to the invasion and occupation of Poland by the Nazis) that go unpunished and the individuals are still posting today.

    Now I know it was a rare example but its a good one: what about the posts made in the ‘remember 9/11’ thread? If I posted something that criticized the way it was initially posted (which I did) and made a comment about American foreign policy (which I did) that might have offended Mikster or whoever, would i be banned? If I said that Bertuzzi should have been sent to jail for what he did, or ANYTHING that might be somewhat controversial that wasn’t racist or sexist or homophobic but that challenged people’s sense of what ‘common sense’ is – would I be banned?

    as for the earlier response to whether or not we can still post funny posts: “As long as it is obvious humor, yes.” … this is very very problematic, especially because of the communications technology that we are using where its very hard to tell sarcasm from seriousness. what exactly is ‘obvious humor’?

    ok, so my point is: i admire the HTR admin. for all the work they have done and this is a necessary step to take. however, i also want to help and give suggestions so their job could be made more easier/less problematic in the future. I just wish that the whole banning process was more transparent to other users. HOW exactly do you ban someone? is there a meeting? are their certain steps, votes that are taken? how do you respond to the very real problem of banning someone based on subjective opinions of what is ‘immature’ and ‘stupid’?

    Perhaps we should put the banning process to a vote among the users on the site in a way that does not reveal the identity of the person who is going to be banned? maybe their comments can be explained by the HTR staff to us, we can all vote while also have an better idea of what kind of comments are considered to be inappropriate or that would give cause for a banning. or maybe there is another way? if not, fine. i am not really too worried about my own posts because they are not immature, but they might be controversial or go against ‘common sense’ or received wisdom.

  6. hockeyhead says:

    please you guys….

    we need a sense of humor.

    it is guys like electro and such that write in caps lock and have rediculous homo phobic crap spewing out them in every post that they are talking about.

    if we can only have serious hockey discussions ALL the time….i don’t think any one wants that.

    dont sweat the small stuff…its all small stuff.

  7. Squid33 says:

    Good job in explaining to the immature one’s what will happen. It’s unfortunate that you had to do that but I guess some people are like kids and have to check how far they can push before getting reprimended.

  8. titans says:

    I don’t care what it’s called. I’ll talk about whatever I feel like talking about. I love people like you who want everyone to march in the same straight line and for everybody to do what you deem is correct. People like you who can’t understand that people are individuals and each think their own way. You can’t possible fathom someone having any opinions or thoughts that differ from your huh?

    I just love your type

    And yes I can walk on water.

  9. PeterPuck says:

    “love people like you” ??? You don’t even know me.

    “I love people like you who want everyone to march in the same straight line” ??? really where do I say that. You can walk on water and read minds. (then what are you doing on here wasting such talent?)

    What I do know is that this site is designed to talk about hockey, so why do you not humour us in giving your views on the game instead of mumbo jumbo on a totally different topic. Because you can’t, face it. It is not hard to fathom different views on the topic on hand but to go on about nothing is something you see in grade school.

    You need help,

  10. titans says:

    Your repeating the same drivel! You keep saying I should only talk about hockey. Your making my point for me! You can’t accept anything outside your narrow definition of reality! I say I can talk about anything I want, you can’t accept that I have the open mindedness to think outside the box. You keep repeatedly going back to the same tired “everyone should think like I think arguement” And I think your pathetic!!!

  11. edmontonrules says:

    He keeps repeating because you seem to be the kind of person who can’t accept something the first time you hear it. You still haven’t said anything hockey related that is half-ways intelligent. Should I stop saying it because I already said that once? Freaking stick to hockey titan. Go ahead and think he’s pathetic but I bet you’re the only one.


  12. PeterPuck says:

    first you say you love me and then you say i am pathetic…. you sound like a dizzy chick i once knew and I mean dizzy.. serious Titans, you need help, I am sure he can help you.

    I think you better learn what the term “thinking outside the box” really means, cause thinking outside of your Fruit Loop Box of Cereal does not count. Stop showing me how stupid you really are.

  13. bruinfan_2 says:

    immature u need to lighten up its sports and its fun to give ppl a hard tim im a bruins fan i take wa more than i can dish out u just get useto it

    so dont be so uptight

  14. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    i got suspended you biatch i hadnt made a bad comment in a long time

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