Bargain or Bust?

Lindros has finaly seen his wish come true. He will wear a blue and white shirt that has 88 at the back. Like many Leafs’ fans, I sat there and tried to make sense out of the move… In the end, I came to one conclusion! This move makes plenty of sense…The Leafs signed Lindros to a one-year, $1.55 million deal yesterday.

For a guy that has won the Hart Trophy and Lester B. Pearson award and had previously rejected an $8.5 million qualifying offer from the Flyers, this is change for him. There must be a reason behind him signing for this money. I’m not implying that he had received a 5-year. $25 million offer from another team, but there surely was another team that had offered a better deal for Lindros. After all, he has continued to produce even after suffering from seven concussions.

Lindros obviously wants to play in Toronto, and he has been stating this desire for the past 5 years. The man loves to play in a city where hockey is worshiped, and there is non better than Toronto. He loves being on the first page of every newspaper, and the Toronto media provide him that opportunity. He wants to live close to his family, and there is non closer than Toronto.

So it does make sense to come to Toronto from Eric’s point of view…

The Leafs, on the other hand, get a prolific goal scorer and a player well known for his physical play. Not many players can offer that package. He is versatile as he can play both the center position or on the wing. The media should pose no problems as Lindros is very comfortable speaking about HIMSELF! He has size and is a force on the boards. He has plenty of playoff and international experience. He is a true leader, and was the captain of the Flyers (until 2000) and the assistant captain of the Rangers. Those are qualities rarely found in one player, let alone a player that is paid $1.55 million a year.

So after reading all of this, I believe that many of you are saying that this is too good to be true, right?

Well, in some ways, it is!

Lindros has suffered 8 concussions throughout his career, and there is no way that you can ensure that he won’t get another one. Unlike many other injuries, there is no way to be fully cured from a concussion. There is always the risk. It could happen at anytime, and at any point in the season. There is no guarantee that because Lindros has had a year and a half off that he will be less susceptible to a concussion. Leafs’ fans will have to hold their breath every time he is on the ice, every time he is near the boards, every time he receives a check, every time he is involved in a fight, every time he skates up the ice with his down, etc.

However, with the situation the Leafs are in, you have to take some risks. This is not a big risk in any way. The Leafs have taken a small risk on a player that can provide them with substantial rewards. Sure he can get injured at any point in the season, but what do the Leafs have to lose? He gets injured and he gets scratched from next year’s plans. If Lindros is healthy and he produces, John Ferguson will look like a genius. If he gets hurt, the Leafs pay him the $1.5 million plus a ticket out of Toronto.

Listening to the comments some of the Leafs’ fans had made on the radio, it seems that many of them disagree with them. That’s fine! You have the right to believe whatever you want, but at least give the man a chance to prove himself.

BTW, many people have criticized John Ferguson Jr. for not buying out Eddie Belfour and Mats Sundin. I would like to tell them that the GM only has the power to play with the money that he has received from the board of directors, and if he is given close to none, he will spend close to none. If you want to lash out against someone, you can begin with the Teachers Pension.