Bargain or Bust?

Lindros has finaly seen his wish come true. He will wear a blue and white shirt that has 88 at the back. Like many Leafs’ fans, I sat there and tried to make sense out of the move… In the end, I came to one conclusion! This move makes plenty of sense…The Leafs signed Lindros to a one-year, $1.55 million deal yesterday.

For a guy that has won the Hart Trophy and Lester B. Pearson award and had previously rejected an $8.5 million qualifying offer from the Flyers, this is change for him. There must be a reason behind him signing for this money. I’m not implying that he had received a 5-year. $25 million offer from another team, but there surely was another team that had offered a better deal for Lindros. After all, he has continued to produce even after suffering from seven concussions.

Lindros obviously wants to play in Toronto, and he has been stating this desire for the past 5 years. The man loves to play in a city where hockey is worshiped, and there is non better than Toronto. He loves being on the first page of every newspaper, and the Toronto media provide him that opportunity. He wants to live close to his family, and there is non closer than Toronto.

So it does make sense to come to Toronto from Eric’s point of view…

The Leafs, on the other hand, get a prolific goal scorer and a player well known for his physical play. Not many players can offer that package. He is versatile as he can play both the center position or on the wing. The media should pose no problems as Lindros is very comfortable speaking about HIMSELF! He has size and is a force on the boards. He has plenty of playoff and international experience. He is a true leader, and was the captain of the Flyers (until 2000) and the assistant captain of the Rangers. Those are qualities rarely found in one player, let alone a player that is paid $1.55 million a year.

So after reading all of this, I believe that many of you are saying that this is too good to be true, right?

Well, in some ways, it is!

Lindros has suffered 8 concussions throughout his career, and there is no way that you can ensure that he won’t get another one. Unlike many other injuries, there is no way to be fully cured from a concussion. There is always the risk. It could happen at anytime, and at any point in the season. There is no guarantee that because Lindros has had a year and a half off that he will be less susceptible to a concussion. Leafs’ fans will have to hold their breath every time he is on the ice, every time he is near the boards, every time he receives a check, every time he is involved in a fight, every time he skates up the ice with his down, etc.

However, with the situation the Leafs are in, you have to take some risks. This is not a big risk in any way. The Leafs have taken a small risk on a player that can provide them with substantial rewards. Sure he can get injured at any point in the season, but what do the Leafs have to lose? He gets injured and he gets scratched from next year’s plans. If Lindros is healthy and he produces, John Ferguson will look like a genius. If he gets hurt, the Leafs pay him the $1.5 million plus a ticket out of Toronto.

Listening to the comments some of the Leafs’ fans had made on the radio, it seems that many of them disagree with them. That’s fine! You have the right to believe whatever you want, but at least give the man a chance to prove himself.

BTW, many people have criticized John Ferguson Jr. for not buying out Eddie Belfour and Mats Sundin. I would like to tell them that the GM only has the power to play with the money that he has received from the board of directors, and if he is given close to none, he will spend close to none. If you want to lash out against someone, you can begin with the Teachers Pension.

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  1. -Swizz- says:

    i dont wanna bash ur article..u obviously took the time to write it and good job on that…

    i dunno if i speak for everyone, but even tho its been just 1 day, im gettin pretty sick on the lindros topic…the last article had like 350 posts arguing the same issues in this article..

    and even the previous lindros article had like 100 posts dealing with the same issues..

  2. -Swizz- says:

    pretty sick OF the lindros topic..

    sorry, typo..

  3. dudemar says:

    Eh, for 1.5 I can’t say it’s a bust. If he plays like he says he still can, it’s a really good deal. I hope he does really well.

  4. leafsbud says:

    It was a good post, people have to be realistic and a little more positive, with any luck this year we may make playoffs and do some damage…..think positive. Its the first year in the new era, if the team does not work out this year we can start from scratch next year. Lets think positive and hope for the best……lets stop bashing our GM because we really don’t know who is pulling the strings….John maybe just a puppet……form what I have seen he has done a pretty good job……..without a doubt he is influenced from above and the decisions are not made strictly by him, he has surrounded himself with good hockey people and good things should continue to happen in leaf land…….as for the Leaf players, it is time for them to stick together, they have alot of talent in that room but they must fight through the season as a band of brothers and not individuals…..

  5. wingerxxx says:

    That’s a good article, and I like the premise behind it. The thing that gets to me, is that a lot of Leafs fans are expecting Lindros to be a 80, 90, 100 pt. scorer again. It’s just not going to happen, not with 2 other high scoring centers in the mix that will get high ice time as well. It’s just simple math. On the depth chart, Lindros is the 3rd line center on this team. And you have to keep in mind, this ain’t 1995 anymore. He hasnt been a point-per-game guy since he left Philly. Those are just the facts. Does he have the ability to make an impact? Of course he does. He’s not in Peter Forsberg territory anymore, but he can make an impact. Problem is, if he plays Lindros-style hockey, he WILL be injured at some point during the season. If he plays on the perimeter, he’s useless. He proved that in his second season in New York. He also proved that he’s not very good on the wing. It completely dilutes his effectiveness. I’m hoping the Leafs will put him on the top line and use Sundin on the right wing. If you want serious point production from him, that’s going to be about the only way you’re going to get it. Or having him play on the second line with O’Neill, and have Allison center a top line…but O’Neill is as streaky as they come. Bottom line, this Leafs team operates on a lot of “ifs” right now, and that’s not a great way to succeed in this league.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    I’m surprised there weren’t more posts. Leafs fans have been waiting for this guy for years. It’s not everyday that the hometown boy comes home, who cares if he’s not the same player he used to be.

  7. CaptainInsano says:

    This is just the beginning of the Lindros talk. If he stinks, or his noggin’ gets concussed this season, we won’t hear the end of it from non-Leaf fans.

    If he plays well, Leaf fans will jump for joy like a kangaroo on a trampoline in a zero-gravity chamber, and we won’t hear the end of it.

    Either way, Lindros will be news. That’s just how it is.

  8. Aetherial says:

    No, it isn’t a great way to succeed. Neither is bringing up half the farm and letting them get slaughtered. Neither is signing a whole bunch of career 4th liners because that is all you can afford.

    The Leafs, and a couple other teams, were the ones hit hardest by the new CBA because of their decisions in the past. I am not crying the blues about it because there is no point and all Toronto fans WANTED those decisions to be made.

    We took a shot, we lost.

    Quite often teams that get close for a number of years but don’t make it, have a down period. This is compounded in this case by the CBA and ownership that refuses to spend money buying out players for no return.

    So… given a whole bunch of bad options, it is simple, pick the one with the most upside, and cross your fingers. The Leafs have nothing to lose. Without these signings there is no hope of beign competitive… with them, there is a small chance, if luck with injuries is on their side.

  9. WYflyerfan says:

    well said

  10. leafsbud says:

    Hears hoping the flyers stay healthy because alot of their players are playing on wonky bones…Forsberg, Hatcher and Primeau……

  11. shmitball says:

    Leafs/Flyers are pretty bitter rivals…i just hope Eric remembers to keep his head up when Derian Hatcher’s on the ice!

  12. 19Yzerman says:

    You guys don’t think the big E can score 80-100 pts this year considering all the changes the NHL claims will help to open up the game for the “Skilled Players”?

  13. maples_leafs_4ever says:

    I am getting sick and tired of hearing how the Teacher’s Pension Plan is to blame for Toronto not having enough money to buy players, and thus the downfall of the organization.

    1. GM’s fault for not getting the right players for the team.

    2. Improper spending (too much for Eddie?)

    Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is a very small part of the entire Teacher’s Pension Plan. In fact it might only represent a maximum of 1% of the entire value of the plan (currently set at 85 billion dollars). The Teacher’s Pension Plan invests money in a number of corporations and businesses around the world. Whether or not the Leafs actually make $20,000,000 or $25,000,000 is not a big difference to the plan. If you would like to read more about the teacher’s pension plan, please check out:

  14. wingerxxx says:

    Unless Allison or Sundin goes down with an injury, he will not score 80-100. It’s simple math, you have to have a lot of ice time to score that many points. And he’s sharing center ice with two elite offensive centers (unless Sundin is slapped on the wing). If anything, their point totals will all be diluted somewhat. Lindros will need regular top line duty to score 80 to 100 pts, even with the new rules…and he ain’t gonna get it, with both Allison and Sundin in front of him on the depth chart.

  15. kyle88 says:

    The only way Hatcher hits anybody is if they are standing still.

    He may be a decent d-man, but hitting a moving target is not his specialty.

  16. wingerxxx says:

    Oh yeah. I usually could care less about Leafs-Flyers games since I’m a Rangers fan, but I’m watching em all this year! The fireworks during those games will be must-see stuff.

  17. Leafs88 says:

    Who do you mean by “not getting the right players for the team”? How can you blame the GM when he has no money to spend… You expect him to dish out money from his own pocket? He has done an excellent job under the new cir*****stances…

    I do agree with your second point. I didn’t agree with the money Belfour got when he signed, and I certianly don’t agree with it now…

  18. werdo says:

    Did anyone read an interview with Jason Allison about Lindros coming to TO?

    In it he says he hope Lindros will play on his line. Is this already the start of arguing about who will be the #2 center, or who will have to shift to the wing? Watch what you say Jason, or Carl and Bonnie will be after you.

  19. Scoot says:

    I agree…he’s always been one of my favourite players, and I’m thrilled he’s joining the Buds. It seems most people have a strong opinion of Lindros one way or another…either love him or hate him.

  20. wingerxxx says:

    If it’s Lindros shifting to wing, he’d better do some major work in the off-season to make the transition. He was very out of place at the position in New York.

  21. WYflyerfan says:

    Can we go one day without a leafs article. I know the flyers are bad but not like the leafs. I think Lindros will have a decent year in toronto and put up good numbers if and I think he will stay healthy. I think Toronto will have a decent team with some question marks just likes every team out there. I believe there will be about 7 or 8 teams in the east that will be a few points away from each other. Now can we let eric rest until the season begins….

  22. WYflyerfan says:

    I think at some time during the season they will move Lindros to the wing and play with sundin. Eric will stay healthier on the wing.

  23. nonhl2005 says:

    “The man loves to play in a city where hockey is worshiped, and there is non better than Toronto. He loves being on the first page of every newspaper, ”
    wrong – He hated being the center of attention and that was the beginning of his downfall in Philly, they wanted him to take a more active role and he didn’t want to.
    Point 2 “He has plenty of playoff and international experience.”
    wrong again, in his 11 years in the NHL he has made the playoffs only 5 of them, most of the guys in the NHL during that time frame have more Playoff experience then him.
    Point 3 “He is a true leader,…” incorrect He is not a true leader and that’s the reason he was stripped of the C in Philly, Bonnie and Carl told him how to put on his pants on everyday and the reason he never got it in NY, even with Mess offering.
    The fact he wants to play in his home town is the most disturbing thing in this for me. That means Bonnie and Carl will be all over the Leafs at every turn, no more calling the GM to *****, they’ll show up at his office. No hiding from them now.

    The tribunal rivalry of Ottawa, Philly and Toronto just took a hit. Looks like it will be a dance of 2 for a while now, that’s a real shame (no that’s not sarcasm, I will truly miss those series). Toronto can dance with the lowly Rangers for the next couple years. Maybe after a brief interlude you can come back and play with the big boys. Possibly now that Toronto is out of the picture the Flyers can beat the Sens.

  24. bartsch says:

    He is a leader, he got in a fight with Clarke, a guy who thinks his dick is bigger than it actually is. Did you forget that Lindros was captain of the 1998 Canadian olympic team? What have you done lately? Ass hat… go get a job or something.

  25. Nevyn says:

    People always seem to forget that Sundin started out as a winger. “Too many centers” is an easy problem to fix, and just because someone’s natural position is center doesn’t mean that they can’t play on a line with another natural centerman.

    This doesn’t mean I think Lindros or Allison will have great numbers. Just don’t assume that Lindros will be a third line center with awful wingers.

  26. nonhl2005 says:

    And who named him Captain?

  27. nonhl2005 says:

    BTW Isn’t that the team that failed to medal, the only Canadian team since Pro’s started playing that didn’t medal?

  28. wingerxxx says:

    He’s matured since his stay in Philly. He was actually really good in the Rangers dressing room. All of his teammates always spoke well of him, and with the Rangers, that’s a feat. It’s no surprise that without him, in Lindros’ last season there, the Rangers went spiraling down. I do think that he can captain a team now, if he manages not to get himself killed in the process.

  29. wingerxxx says:

    Playing on the wing dilutes Lindros’ effectiveness though. The only effective Lindros is a crashing, banging, center-ice dominating Lindros. Problem is…the risk involved in playing that way. I watched him in nearly every game he played wing as a Ranger, and he looked very lost. He’s a natural center, not a winger. Sundin at least knows how to play the position. They’d be better off risking Lindros up the middle, and having Sundin flank him. It’s either that, or you waste Lindros’ talents.

  30. wingerxxx says:

    Actually I like him. I’m very hard on him, it seems like, but he plays the game the way it should be played…most of the time. Problem is…there are big risks involved with him now, due to the way that he plays. And he is in a strange spot, playing behind 2 other elite offensive centers. It won’t be easy for him. I really do hope he succeeds though.

  31. bartsch says:

    Gretzky was on that team, does it mean he sucks too? Look at the whole roster of that team, all great players (except Rob Zamunner, who the ***** is he?) Lindros is a leader, nuff said.

  32. TML_Fan_Since_1974 says:

    On Lindros: we’ll see…

    On JFJ: He’s not restricted by the TPP. They’ve been more than willing to spend upwards of $50M the past few years. So a cap of $39M only accentuates the good and bad that a GM does. Quite contrary to your statement, it’s ALL on JFJ…

  33. Adam_0486 says:

    Signing Lindros was not as bad a discison as people make it out to be. The signing delivers what the leafs desperatly need, i.e. He gives Leafs fans something to talk and perhaps gives Ferguson a slight break from all the bashing he’s recived for the lack of significant free agent signing. The real story line should be with young talents like Iginla and Thorton signing long term with there respective teams what is T.O going to do with all their cap space next year. There going to have a lot of cap space, but no trade bait and a shallow free agent pool to pick from.

    P.S According to alot of sports talk shows and networks (i.e. Sportsnet and Fan 590) Ferguson was given the green light to buy out who ever he wants and he choice not to. He probably thought buying out his star centre and franchise player with no significant young talent out there to sign in his place would be a risky procedure. Also There was no point buying out Belfour when he can just walk next year.

  34. bigmike93 says:


  35. letsgoNYR says:


  36. letsgoNYR says:


  37. Ace_Bailey says:

    I cant believe how blatantly biased you are and how you interpreted the words of the column writer.

    First of all, Eric has wanted to play with the Leafs all his life. I doubt he’d want to let the team he’s dreamed to play for down. He didnt play a whole season because he hated Clarke. It’s one of those cases where Lindros will love where he is just because its Toronto. It’s a simple fact, you cannot refute it. Just look at the press conference.

    In 5 years playoff experience he’s scored more than a point per game. I agree though, 5 years isn’t an awful lot, but he’s still more experienced than many on the Leafs squad.

    And Eric’s playing in Toronto will improve. He’ll be under the microscope at all times. He wants to stay for several years and in order to do that, he has to remain healthy and play smarter. He’s changed a lot in New York since being in Philly where in fact he sustained most of his concussions. He doesn’t want to let the city down, he’ll do his best to bring all that he can to the team.

  38. Maximus says:

    A Bargain…too lazy to read the article, but 1.5 is the average salary of a player in the NHL. Even if Eric is just average he will be paid accordingly. At one year it does not tie the hands of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I would do that again in a heart beat.

  39. LeafsFan85 says:

    This comment is to the anti-leaf lovers out there. Yes we get upset and bash players when they choose not to come to our great hockey team, but we are no different then any other major sports team fans. Of course people are gonna be pissed when we dont get the player we want, so every fan makes excuses, and its justified. Secondly Maple Leaf Fans are the most supportive out of any NHL franchise, we bring in the most profit, and if it wasnt for a salary cap would have the best team in the league because we CAN AFFORD IT. Instead we are stuck supporting crappy franchises who cant make money, and its that our faulty no. When 27/30 teams make no money it’s the LEAFS who support your shitty franchise, im talking to you rangers, Thrashers, Pantehrs, Hurricanes… etc. You better thank us for our money making kills, cause if it wasnt for us the cap would be smaller and you’d never see those big names your signing now. The Leafs Are ALWAYS contending, and we’ll do the same this year, why, because the Leafs and their Fans have heart! We stick through the thick and thin. Sens you have no chance of a cup… Ever, and dont ask me when was the last time we won the cup, because Ottawa(not the Sens) havent been on it since 1908.

  40. letsgoNYR says:

    “The Leafs Are ALWAYS contending, and we’ll do the same this year, why, because the Leafs and their Fans have heart! We stick through the thick and thin.”

    Hhahahahaha i pitty you for that comment. Most of the franchises out there have fan with heart morong! All die hard franchise fans stick through thick and thin. You probably have never been outside of canada moron

  41. toronto77 says:

    ya hatcher isnt a dirty player like the rest of the team

  42. nonhl2005 says:

    Is that Canadian Dollars or US. Give me a break, the US teams have been carrying the northern teams for years.

    Always contenders? When was the last trip to the finals, last trip to the conf finals?

    Most supportive, how many sellouts last season, Detroit got you beat in their first month.

    “if it wasnt for a salary cap would have the best team in the league because we CAN AFFORD IT” hello, what about 2004 and before, no salary cap then, and Leafs ended up buried under the Primeau freight train.

    Your comments are the reason there are so many Leaf haters out there.

  43. blahblahblah says:

    I agree with LeafsFan85. Leaf fans are defiently the most passionate fans in all of hockey for sure and maybe even all sports out there. I hate it when all of you people bash the leafs saying they suck and they won’t make the playoffs. You even bash there players like Lindros, who I think will stay healthy and play great, and Belfour, who maybe old but still has the ability to keep Toronto in against any team. The fact is the leafs still ahve a good team and u may very well see there name on the cup this season, is it defiently gonna happen? no but ya never know who it will be, but theres one thing for sure if it wasn’t for the cap you would defiently not be seein a team like the Pens or the Panthers there anytime soon.

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. DTucker_16 says:

    Dude…I don’t think that there’s been a game in Toronto that hasn’t been sold out since 2000.

  45. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Lindros will be a bust. Hey JFJ, what’s the next deal your goin’ to pull off? Trade the Zamboni for an Ambulance! Give me a break. Leafs Suck! Always have, always will!

  46. shmitball says:

    Do you mean the ’98 Olympics team that Canada lost???

  47. Leafs88 says:

    The last time we played in the conference final was when we played the Canes… That’s not long ago. Think before you speak, idiot!

  48. Resmo112 says:

    i have a will for a while believe that lindros is washed up and never really was that great to begin with. i hope they don’t tarnish the hall of fame with his ugliness.

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