Barnaby to the Senators?……..And More

Chicago and Ottawa have reportedly (Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun) been in talks……Matthew Barnaby being from Ottawa has reportedly always wanted to play for the Senators rumor is Vaclav Varada and a late pick for Matthew Barnaby…..

Now another possibility for the Senators who are weak on LW is Kyle Calder who is also reportedly on the block…….



The Florida Panthers lost Stephen Weiss for the rest of the season. Weiss was playing in key positions, sometimes with Nathan Horton and Rostislav Olesz. Look for the Panthers to be buyers for a forward…most likely a center. Possible centers: NYR: Steve Rucchin (unlikely), NYI: Oleg Kvasha (quite possible), NJD: Viktor Kozlov (for Devils to salary dump, possible), ANA: Todd Marchant (another salary dump, very possible).

Prior to the starting face-off in Anaheim where the Ducks faced the LA Kings, GM Brian Burke was interviewed about the Sykora trade where it ended with Burke stating that he’ll look to keep shopping. Though rumors have been strong about Montreal Jose Theodore heading to the Rockies, the Avalanche may take a look at Jean Sebastien Giguere, who Burke is more willing to move.

Tampa Bay’s Brad Richards continues to struggle offensively as he has gone on a five game pointless streak. A free agent in July, look for the struggling Lightning to shop Richards in return for a goaltender, maybe Martin Biron who is still drawing interest from the Western teams.

The Isle’s are starting to make changes and look for GM Milbury to continue shopping. The Janne Niinima trade was mostly a salary dump, freeing up about $2M in cap space, which would allow Milbury to take on more salary of a player, or players, he may be acquiring soon.

Added notes written by: mikster

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  1. Labrosse says:

    if florida needs a center to feed horton the habs should traded them ribiero in return of prospect and/or draft pick

    maybe something like this

    ribiero 2nd&4th rd pick


    1st&6th rd pick

    do you think it makes sense?

  2. ZeroX93 says:

    I don’t think we need another center in florida. As it is we’ve got…

    Olli Jokinen

    Josef Stumpel

    Chris Gratton

    Joe Nieuwendyk

    The lines I’m guessing will be looking like this without weiss.





    As you can see we need some serious upgrades on the wings. We’ve got some 2nd/3rd line players on our 1st/2nd lines 🙁


    Van Ryn-Krajicek


    our blue line could use some serious help too.

    We need to drop some dead weight (ex. could bes/lets wait and see type players, and the busts of the team) and pull in some up-to-date talent, NOT A COUPLE OF SEASONS AGO Talent

  3. neilios says:

    Just have to give up Luongo for couple of your guys is upgrades and the Canucks can help out there .This is a possible trade I can see happen.

    To Canucks-Luongo and Bauwmeester

    To Panthers-Auld,Ohlund,Kesler,and a 1st round pick

    What about that trade you guys get a proven Dman a pretty good goalie in Auldy the Baldy a player thats coming into his own in Kesler and a top draft pick,and the Nucks get there #1 goalie and a ok Dman.

  4. Laus723 says:

    no, ribiero isnt worth who could potentially come as a 1st rounder, even if we took the 2nd rounder!

  5. Laus723 says:

    i don’t see the purpose in giving up an elite goalie for some up and comers (possibly). bertuzzi and/or morrison/jovo would have to come along with auld.

  6. Laus723 says:

    the panthers don’t need more help at center, they have plenty, and not enough wings (unless sLumpel is part of the package). we fans says HELL NO to kvasha or kozzie come anywhere near this team except to be put into the boards during a game! we were pretty glad to see them go and they havent done that much better with their new clubs!

    i understand we’d have to give up draft picks to get them as well, but murray is possibly available in beantown and there’s talk of jovo possibly signing with his old team in the offseason because his wife is tired of living in the cold of vancouver (she’s floridian, and as a native, i cant blame her), among other reasons.

    i understand those 2 are long shots, but they’re possible…perhaps they could run after jovo and morrison???

  7. Laus723 says:

    i think the lightning will do all they can to keep richards, and i don’t see them needing to give up richards if they’re going after biron. the sabres have miller and noronen and everyone knows that (where louie would leave the cats without anyone), therefore, i think they could get away with shipping fedotenko and/or modin for biron and maybe grahame as well. then the sabres could ship out noronen for someone.

    with the cap going up next season and part of whats keeping vinny happy (other than having his name on the cup) is having his close friend on the team. getting rid of richards would be a step in the wrong direction for this franchise, unless they go after one of the elite goalies in the league.

  8. muckies says:

    Another wrong rumour from Bruce Garioche

    Trade Smoke for Barnaby, are you crazy.

    Barnaby is the last player we need.

    All season everybody is saying we should trade Varada, get rid of a pest and get another pest, that doesn’t make sense.

  9. muckies says:

    I think they willl try and unload St. Luois. Maybe after he does well at the Oympics.

    Maybe to Phoenix for Comrie???

  10. Laus723 says:

    i actually believe they’ll try to do the same, though they’ll get some flack from the fans. st louis isn’t worth what he’s being paid right now and richards is more valuable, imo. not sure about going to phoenix, but not to bad an idea!

  11. muckies says:

    I think Wayne likes him and Nagy and Doan need somebody to help them make plays.

    MVP can help sell a few seats.

    Phoenix will be out of the playoffs after the Olympics and will look to change the team.

    That’ll be a deadly powerplay.

  12. mikster says:

    No way, a 1st for Ribeiro the diver? He is not Keenan’s type, though his skills with Martins could be effective.

    Keenan would rather look for a filler rather than trade too much for Ribeiro…. who in my opinion is worth a B-level prospect and nothing more, or a 3rd rounder.

  13. mikster says:

    Pretty good point, but Stumpel has also played the wing with the Panthers and so has Jokinen.

    Kvasha may be so so addition… maybe Martins could get him to reach his potential. If not, i’d take Kozlov back…. helll… Panthers need a passer for sure.

  14. V3n0m says:

    Ugh, please…it should be common knowledge that NO trade rumour uttered by Bruce Garrioch should ever see the light of day, except within that rag he writes for (the Ottawa Sun). This guy makes up bullshit rumours, 99% of which never happen – the only those that do are the ones that have already run rampant in a multitude of other media.

    So please, NO MORE GARRIOCH!

  15. V3n0m says:

    Agreed on every point.

  16. mikster says:

    I know, i’ve lived here in Florida for two years and i agree with Eddie’s wife…. (bleep) the cold.

    But, Kozlov may be useful since the Panthers could use a playmaker. Jokinen played a lot on the wing this season too.

    Murray may be worth a shot but it’s a tough call… i wonder if he’d be motivated at all and he carries a big contract.

  17. mikster says:

    Not only that, but Garrioch forgets that in 2004 Barnaby said “no way” to the idea of going to the Sens.

  18. Tweek says:

    Well if Bruce Garrioch said it then it must be true! Why do the sens need a guy like barnaby? They are already a team with enough “sandpaper” to get through the playoffs. What this team needs is another foward who can help spread out the scoring, somebody like a Doug Weight or something else along those lines. The sens rely too heavily on that one line and although its the best line in hockey who knows how they will react to extra defensive pressure in the playoffs. While its true that guys like Eaves and Fisher are playing better on the offensive side as of late the sens just need that one guy who can score and replace havlat to push them all the way.

  19. SensfanVone says:

    I agree with you I think the sens need some extra scoring punch and they are weak on LW where Havlat was playing I say trade for Bell and then put Havlat on RW for Playoffs..

  20. V3n0m says:

    They’re getting Weight at the trade deadline. The deal’s been done for months.

  21. SensfanVone says:

    Heres hoping….LOL

  22. muckies says:

    I’d love Weight in Ottawa with an Alfie on his wing. They would be an awesome 2nd line, Fisher and Neil on the 3rd.

    The Sens will have to trade some of their forwards to make room. Hopefully Havlat make sit back for the playoffs





    Eaves/Varada/Bochenski Taxi Squad.

  23. SensfanVone says:

    Lookin good ^ LOL

  24. SensfanVone says:

    How About This:









    Extras- Schubert-Gratts(if things get ugly aka:play the leafs lol)Eaves

    I like that lineup to giving us a very speedy threatening top 2 lines!!!

  25. V3n0m says:

    I don’t think Ottawa really needs to trade anyone for when Weight arrives (nor do they need to free up cap room, since at the trade deadline Weight will only have a month or so left on his salary). I mean, come playoff time, it’s not like McGrattan is going to be needed, so you sit him. Put Varada in his place, and there’s your agitator. The rest can sit in the press box and wait until someone gets injured.

  26. SensfanVone says:

    And Mcgrattan has made some costly mistakes this season which if done in the playoffs would be deadly.

  27. Tweek says:

    mark bell is basically the hawks future captain and their best foward so I highly doubt dave tallon would trade that guy, the sens need a veteran who can create offense and distribute the puck and move seemlessly into the sens offensive system and weight would be the perfect fit in that situation

  28. muckies says:

    I agree you may not play Mcgratton for the entire playoffs, but he has to be there at the beginning to dust a guy like Peters or Goddard.

    If he goes out, you need another fighter because suddenly Chara is #2 on the depth chart. Maybe they need a guy like Barnaby to play on the fourth line, if Mcgratton gets taken out?

    Non of the rookies fight, and you can’t ask Fisher and Neil to carry the load for the playoffs.

    Chara will be under the ‘1 fight per playoff round rule’, so we need somebody in the everyday line-up who can win a big-time playoff scrap.

    I’d rather see somebody younger like a Jarko Ruutu (not a huge fighter, more pest) or Aaron Asham (come here Tucker you little shit-bag).

  29. tannerpeake says:

    not gonna happen. any team that wants luongo before the off season is really gonna have to pony up. hes an RFA and keenan isnt dumb. he knows luongo wants out, and he is eyeing all those first round picks coming his way from whoever is willing to give luongo his 5mil. even if he doesnt want the picks per se, he will use them well to sweeten some trades and get a great return.

    so it would be something like auld+kesler+late pick for luongo.

  30. sensin0506 says:

    For the Sens, I honestly see Vermette on his way out via whatever (if any) trades Muckler makes. I think management has been really disappointed with him so far in terms of his development, and when Muckler doesn’t like you, then you’re as good as gone.

    I’d take a Vermette and a very late pick for Weight or a Vermette and a pick for Samsonov or something.

  31. ZeroX93 says:

    Well true stumpel and jokinen have been on the wing. But Jokinen has openly said in the papers he doesn’t like playing the wing cause he doesn’t feel comfortable, but he’ll play whatever position Martins wants him at. Hes been racking up some points on the point on our powerplay…

    Being a panther fan since the beginning (which is not that long ago). Seeing Oleg Kvasha or Viktor Kozlov ago in a Cats uniform is not too thrilling. We remember their half-ass play and all the “they could be this or that because they have potential” But then again I haven’t been up to date on their play since they went to jersey and long island. But if I had to go with either, I’d take Kozlov cause we could use the passing like mentioned and maybe everyonce and awhile he’ll decide to get a little dirty and hustle, and if we’re really lucky he’ll use that wrist shot of his.

  32. ZeroX93 says:

    Jovo would be great back here, I’ll cross my fingers on him wanting to sign here this offseason.

    Murray? Last game I went to see was Boston vs Cats and I was lucky enough to get seats a few rows from the glass and I just watched Murray’s play and it dragged a bit, but you can definitely see what he does. I’d love to have a motivated Murray on my team!

  33. ZeroX93 says:

    Yeah we’ve had good luck in the lottery anyways lol

  34. neilios says:

    I dont know why you Sens fans are trying to fix your bull shit line ups saying your gonna get this guy and that guy cause you guys aint getting shit unless Havlat is part of any deal.Here are some possible trade that I have been hearing from the hocey experts like Bob MacKenzie and guys like him and not no made up rumors like your guys.

    To Canucks-Chara and Neil

    To Sens-Jovo and Ruutu

    and another possible trade is the Nucks picking up Luongo and we all know Keenan has a thing for Jovo and he will give almost anything up for him and like everyone said Jovo’s wife probably wants to go back home.

    To Canucks-Luongo,Baumeester,and Jokinen

    To Panthers-Jovo,Morrison,Auld,and a 1st round pick and maybe a 2nd round pick too since the Nucks have 3 in this years draft.

    What does everyone think of these possible trade and these are just names that are being trown around.

  35. baltic_thunder says:

    Barnaby? LOL …please. Why not Domi or Belak while you’re at it. Man are you out of touch with the ‘new’ NHL.

  36. TheCoach says:

    Jovanovski isn’t half the defenseman that Chara is.

    Neil is better than Ruutu.

    Jovo and Chara will both be UFA’s.

    Why in the hell would Ottawa make that trade? Its complete bull. Chara will not go anywhere this year, or in the offseason. Sorry guys.

    So in conclusion, you aren’t very smart.

    “cause you guys aint getting shit unless Havlat is part of any deal.”

    Ya, and the Canucks won’t get shit unless Naslund is part of the trade. LMFAO!

  37. V3n0m says:

    The fact that Weight is coming to Ottawa isn’t a rumour. It’s a fact. The deal was done as part of the Lalime trade.

    I know, I know, you don’t believe me. You’ll just have to wait until we’re closer to the trade deadline.

  38. sensin0506 says:

    You don’t sound like a very bright person.

    1. Havlat isn’t part of any deal

    2. Chara isn’t part of any deal

    3. Neil isn’t part of any deal

    4. Trade deadline deals involve non-playoff teams dumping their UFA’s for draft picks and young players.

    Don’t post again until the summer, please.

  39. Laus723 says:

    not with previous GM’s we haven’t, but Olesz, Horton and Stewart look pretty good (though stewart and Horton are Dudley guys).

  40. Laus723 says:

    i think you need to learn how to spell bouw’s name, its Bouwmeester! and there’s no way they’d give up the 2 guys everyone knows in florida in jokinen and louie and get morrison and auld in return, you’d have to throw bert in there! Keenan’s no milbury!

    despite all the rumors, i don’t see louie going anywhere, or olli. They’re way to valuable and I think keenan’s asking for a lot. plus, like jovo, louie just married a flordian, and louie really does like florida! as does olli. if louie does go, i’d like to see them bring in jose and ryder for him, not a bad trade and improves the offense.

    BTW, why trade for jovo and give up that much when he may (remote possibility or not) come here in the offseason and they wouldn’t have to give up anything!

    basically, very lopsided trade that’ll NEVER happen!


  41. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Why is that in every rumour about Ottawa, Varada’s name comes up? I read earlier in the year that he was unhappy about his minutes, but is there something more to it than that? Do he and Murray not get along? I thought Muckler really liked the guy.

  42. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    That chain of newspapers on the whole is an ultra right-wing joke with little credibility. While it’s sports sections get a little more respect than the rest of the paper does, some of the writers it employs (Garrioch and Strachan come to mind IMMEDIATELY) are absolute hacks.

  43. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Since the cap is a day to day thing, it makes sense for the Sens to hold off on getting Weight. They don’t need him right now, but he’ll be a valuable asset down the stretch and come playoff time, so why not wait until the last minute possible to get him and save as much money as they possibly can? Smart move on Muckler’s part.

  44. dre2k5 says:

    I was skeptical about Tampa shipping out Brad Richards, but the rumors of a trade with Minnesota don’t seem to go away. When you take into account that the Lightning have not had stellar goaltending and the Wild have two goalies that could be number one guys in net, it starts to make sense. Still, everyone knows Richards is a free agent after the season and the Risebrough/Lemaire M.O. has always been prudent and cautious. I would be a little surprised to see them part ways with an asset like a number 1 calibre goalie for a guy they might end up renting. But its possible.

    Everyone keeps talking about how the Ducks are dumping salary so Burke has room to do some damage on the free agent market next summer and build the team he wants. Okay fine, I get it. But still, I would have to imagine Duck fans are a little disappointed with the way he has gone about doing it. He gave up Ruchin and Sykora (who are playing pretty well in NY by the way) for Kondratiev, as the pick he received he sent back with Sykora.

    w/r/t the Devils salary dumping Kozlov to the Panthers, it is unlikely. They were up tight against the cap but Malakov retired, Mcgillis and Mogilny were waived. They have room to breath. Also, Kozlov hasn’t played badly and in shootouts he is there go to guy. Now that they look to have turned a corner with Elias’ return I dont think the Devils will be sellers come the deadline.

  45. ZeroX93 says:

    To Canucks-Luongo, Bouwmeester, Jokinen

    To Panthers-Crap


    Maybe Luongo and a 2nd round pick for what you mentioned… But Luongo isn’t leaving so sorry.

  46. wayne2 says:

    Personnaly i dont think the sens should go for Barnaby simply because we already have enough players like him.What i would like them to do is trade Smolinski and a pick for Weight to form two solid offensive lines.I personnaly havent gave up on Vermette and think the sens should keep him.









    * Of course that is when everybody is healthy and we dont need Mcgrattan due to a physical game.

  47. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I think the Ottawa Senators are going to go after Garry Roberts and Doug Weight and Kyle Calder.

    I think that Garry Roberts will be avaible at trade deadline time and Doug Weight and Kyle Calder to.

    I think that the Ottawa Senators are going to trade Bryan Smolinski to St.Louis and Vaclav Varada to the Chicago Blackhawks.

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