Baseball Preview Update

I need all the article for the preview as soon as possible. I have only received about half of the articles.

I have been away the past couple of days because my computer crashed and I lost everything I had done. I had a template made for ever team and had different color banners made up for each division. I also had ever teams logo to start the article. Long story short the preview thats posted won’t shot the hours of work that I put into it. But I still want to get it done. Each team will be done with black banners and some with have logos and others won’t.

If I’m going to be able to complete the preview I need the articles with time to spear before opening day on Sunday.

I would like to thank everyone who has gotten involved and also say I’m sorry that the preview may not be up to par with the articles.

If you are a member of Wow Baseball send the article in on the site and if not E-mail it to me.

We also need writers for the 3 remaining teams.

They are: The White Sox, Devil Rays and Brewers.

Thanks again.

JaYs ”

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Umm… Umm…. *Throws buisiness cars in JaYs face and runs away as fast as he can.*

  2. JaYs says:

    lol Leaf,

    When do you think you will have both articles done?

  3. JaYs says:

    Article Check List:

    Nationals: zednik/Done

    Phillies: nordiques100/Done

    Twins: nordiques100/Done

    Blue Jays: JaYs/Done

    Braves: Little_T/Done

    Oakland A’s: PayUpSucka/Done

    Red Sox: KM/Done

    Cards: Josh/Done

    Mets: Beckfan5/Done

    Mariners: BigT

    Yankees: Foppa

    Dodgers: Gange84/Done

    Cubs: Mickey88

    Marlins: Jays04

    Astros: Jays04

    Orioles: Bruinsgal/Done

    Tigers: Al_Kaline

    LA Angles: Hockeyhead/Done

    Rangers: mattdude/Done

    Pirates: viperto/Done

    Giants: Wolfpacns

    Indians: Rico420

    Reds: quack_attack_is_back

    Diamondbacks: quack_attack_is_back

    Rockies: broncogregg

    Kansas City Royals: JaYs/Done

    San Diego Padres: JaYs/Done

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    As soon as I can, I have been rather busy lately.

  5. JaYs says:

    NOTE: If you haven’t joined the site PM the article to me.

    I’m on a laptop that doesn’t have MS Word.

  6. hockeyhead says:

    when will my article be posted so i can check it out and respond to any critiques.?

  7. JaYs says:

    I’m still waiting on articles after that the preview will be put up.

  8. JaYs says:

    The Wow Baseball Season Preview will be activated this Friday evening. We have received 20 articles and have writers for all teams but the Brewers and if time permits I’ll take care of it. If I haven’t received your article yet you still have time but after Friday it won’t be apart of the official preview. If your not a member of the site and E-mail me your preview please don’t send it in an attachment. Just copy and paste it into a normal E-mail. I’m using A laptop that doesn’t have MS Word and for some reason won’t load attachments with Wordpad.

    I’m missing the following articles:

    Brewers: No Writer

    Giants: Wolfpacns

    Indians: Rico420

    Reds: quack_attack_is_back

    Diamondbacks: quack_attack_is_back

    Rockies: broncogregg

    Cubs: Mickey88

    Marlins: Jays04

    Astros: Jays04

    Mets: Beckfan5

  9. 19Yzerman says:

    Hey Jay

    Check your email

    I need HEEELLLLLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  10. JaYs says:

    If you haven’t sent me your article please do so ASAP.

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    Still cannot sign in on WOWBASEBALL.

    I forgot my pass word and the Forgot password? feature doesn’t work either. Also my email is already being used so I cant just create a new ID.

    I am now blind folded with hand cuffs. I think soon I will not be heard either.

  12. JaYs says:

    I’ll go fix it now.

  13. JaYs says:

    I just fixed it check your HTR PM’s

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