Baseball Preview Update

I need all the article for the preview as soon as possible. I have only received about half of the articles.

I have been away the past couple of days because my computer crashed and I lost everything I had done. I had a template made for ever team and had different color banners made up for each division. I also had ever teams logo to start the article. Long story short the preview thats posted won’t shot the hours of work that I put into it. But I still want to get it done. Each team will be done with black banners and some with have logos and others won’t.

If I’m going to be able to complete the preview I need the articles with time to spear before opening day on Sunday.

I would like to thank everyone who has gotten involved and also say I’m sorry that the preview may not be up to par with the articles.

If you are a member of Wow Baseball send the article in on the site and if not E-mail it to me.

We also need writers for the 3 remaining teams.

They are: The White Sox, Devil Rays and Brewers.

Thanks again.

JaYs ”