Battaglia getting Career back on track.

Bates Battaglia signed a PTO contract with Maple Leafs affiliate, the Toronto Marlies.Bates Battaglia, formerly of the Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche and most recently the Washington Capitals signed a 25 game tryout contract with the Toronto Marlies.

Battaglias best season came in 2002 when he registered 21 goals and 25 assists for 46 points, and 8 in the post season.

Since then, his career has been on a steady decline and he wants to play for Paul Maurice, his old coach from the Hurricanes to get his game back.

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  1. lindrosfan says:

    I’m pretty happy to hear this.. this is actually decent news…. i”ve always enjoyed battaglia as a player… he just never really had players to play with (except Colorado, where he got like five mins of play per game)… i really hope he does fairly well with the marlies and come up and replace Ponikorovski or Antropov…. oops.. did i just say that??? I guess i’d be the first..hahahaa anyways.. as I was saying.. Battaglia would be a good fit with lindros considering he’s playing with Domi and Kilger…

  2. Montrealsdogg says:

    his contract isn’t for the NHL, unless he signs it with the Leafs.

  3. AntoinePortilick says:

    Marlies = Maple Leaf affiliate = maple leaf farm team. Do the math.

  4. Montrealsdogg says:

    does not equal NHL Leafs, check the records, just because a guy has a contract with a farm team does not mean he’s owned by the NHL team.

  5. lindrosfan says:

    If you read the articles correctly, it says that he can get called up, if need be… if he goes through the 25 day try-out period, he can get a leaf contract afterward

  6. shuffleonin says:

    Bates is a BUM! He was given a chance on a line with Sakic in Colorado and wasted it.

    Who does the scouting for this team? Why bring these washed up, broken down, skill deprived bags of pucks into the system?Aside from O’Neill and Allison (big health concerns) the leafs have done little to nothing to improve a squad designed to implode.

    Here’s the kicker Leafer’s. Your team has been jerking all of your collective chains for decades. Even when the focus of every other organization shifts to youth and players who should succeed in the new NHL, there has been no mention of a change in staff or a hiring in the scouting department. What credentials could the current scouts have? What draft day steals can they brag about? They go and offer Stumpy a tryout and squash his dreams. Ponikarovsky…yeah! Stumpy… thanks. What about Marchment? Where is the sanity? I realize they were cut but with such weak competition for open spots were these old yellers really needed to spice up training camp? Wake up Toronto!!!!

    I have an idea why not continue to buy into the cash grab that is MLSE, buy the apparel, the overpriced tickets and sit next to your fatcat corporate bozo who is too busy text messaging his wife’s florist to notice the hockey game going on in front of him. I know show everyone how loyal you all are by showing up at every arena and gushing your blue blood all over while you financially support the other teams and make them better. Scream loudly about your allegiance to the boys in blue! Tell everyone how ignorant you are about real hockey matters and then stare back at them with that ridiculous look on your face that can only be called Leaf mania! The only ones benefiting currently are the retired Ontario teachers who reap the rewards of your lunacy! At least before the cap you all could see more of money thrown to the wind on so many failed experiments. Now it’s more for the teachers and less for the suckahs!

    You are being taken for a ride and I hate to see so many suckers take it from behind for so little.

    There are other options for you…explore them.

  7. 92-93 says:

    hey. this has nothing to do with battaglia but with the Leafs and their opening night loss …


    talk about over-reaction. unbelivable and hperbolic overaction by the media and everyone about a game that the Leafs were not expected to win or even compete in. The Leafs, with a patchwork D that had Berg as their top 4 blueliner, without Klee – their best Defensive blueliner, with rookies Coliacovo, Kronvall, and Woz, managed to hold off a team that scored 260 goals last year!

    now, the headline in the Star is “Lose-Lose” – referring to the loss of Sundin. this is no doubt not an overaction. the loss of Sundin for any length of time (but hopefully not like Nolan against the Sens in a regular season game late last year) will be a huge blow. but it appears that his injury might not be as serious as it could be. hopefully.

    the Leafs have lots of depth down the middle and Wellwood can now come up. Lindros is a huge surprise to me so far in the last 2 games he has played. I really didn’t think he was all that great against Detroit like everyone else but he was awesome last night. Allison looks really really good in the few games he has appeared in and will help McCabe immensely (perhaps more than Leetch!) on the powerplay. Belfour looks solid. The D was a surprise last night but will be their downfall (along with injuries like the one last night).

    But, losing ONE game and being so negative about that loss considering Toronto had no business even TRYING to win the game (according to Ottawa media) is ridiculous.

  8. mojo19 says:

    In regards to you saying this guy is a bum; I’m sure if it were up to him he’d still be on a line with Joe Sakic, but he hasn’t been playing well, and atleast he’s trying to get his game back.

    I guess thats why I said he’s “trying to get his career back on track”. Give this guy a break

  9. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Allison looks really really good? Wasn’t this the same guy that couldn’t even get a shot off during the shootout against the sens? Really really good? c’mon.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Are you crazy? Allison was arguably the best player in the game, no one can take the puck off him, hes outstanding along the boards, was making smart passes and a lot of heads up plays.

    He messed up in the shootout. One time Paul Coffey shot the puck into his own net, he must be terrible according to you. Anyone who messes up on one play can’t be very good. Its not like hes human or anything.

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