Battle for the last spot in the East

It all comes down to who is hot, and who is cold in these last 12 games for each team.

Buffalo, St. Louis, and even Edmonton are just points out of the last spot.

St. Louis 1 point behind Nashville and LA. Have a the best chance to take the last spot in the West while Buffalo is just 4 points away from pushing the Islanders out of it.For the East side:

Who ever can step it up will take it. The islanders since Feb 5th have collected just 3 OT L points in 3 games and one win and a tie.

Buffalo holding down 3 wins and a tie in there last 4 is really trying to get the islanders to fall off.

Buffalo has these teams left.

Boston Next,

Lefts twice,




Pens 2 times,




And last Montreal

If they plan to make any type of move the test is now. Boston, Lefts 2 times, and Tampa are the next four games. They have to leave with at least 2 wins. They might have it in them but who knows. Once they pass that they could slide in with some none big named teams left to play till the end of the season

The Islanders have next.

The ducks,




Tampa again,

The caps,






And last Philly.

For them it’s a mixed order. Some hard teams then some not so hard teams. then some hard teams then some not so hard teams. It will be up and down for them, so they better keep there game on track.

It will be something to watch, as an Islander Hater, I can only hope they fall out. But I think they will just make it, It all depends on how consistent Buffalo can stay.

Buffalo has 5 basically cup contender games and the islanders have 5 cup contender games.

Grier has fit nice with Buffalo but and an addition of the rumored Kovalev would have really put them with higher chances. As we know, that trade never happened.

Here we go again, it’s a race in the East, with the Ice-Landers, But this time it’s that forever left out NY team right behind them.