Battle for the last spot in the East

It all comes down to who is hot, and who is cold in these last 12 games for each team.

Buffalo, St. Louis, and even Edmonton are just points out of the last spot.

St. Louis 1 point behind Nashville and LA. Have a the best chance to take the last spot in the West while Buffalo is just 4 points away from pushing the Islanders out of it.For the East side:

Who ever can step it up will take it. The islanders since Feb 5th have collected just 3 OT L points in 3 games and one win and a tie.

Buffalo holding down 3 wins and a tie in there last 4 is really trying to get the islanders to fall off.

Buffalo has these teams left.

Boston Next,

Lefts twice,




Pens 2 times,




And last Montreal

If they plan to make any type of move the test is now. Boston, Lefts 2 times, and Tampa are the next four games. They have to leave with at least 2 wins. They might have it in them but who knows. Once they pass that they could slide in with some none big named teams left to play till the end of the season

The Islanders have next.

The ducks,




Tampa again,

The caps,






And last Philly.

For them it’s a mixed order. Some hard teams then some not so hard teams. then some hard teams then some not so hard teams. It will be up and down for them, so they better keep there game on track.

It will be something to watch, as an Islander Hater, I can only hope they fall out. But I think they will just make it, It all depends on how consistent Buffalo can stay.

Buffalo has 5 basically cup contender games and the islanders have 5 cup contender games.

Grier has fit nice with Buffalo but and an addition of the rumored Kovalev would have really put them with higher chances. As we know, that trade never happened.

Here we go again, it’s a race in the East, with the Ice-Landers, But this time it’s that forever left out NY team right behind them.

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  1. markjohnston says:

    “Buffalo, St. Louis, and even Edmonton are just points out of the last spot.”

    all I can say is that it will make history if St. Louis or Edmonton get the last spot in the EAST.

    I don’t know if you just wrote that wrong or what, but it cracked me up.

    (Edmonton and St. Louis are in the West)

  2. Kalgon says:

    so since your an islander hater that makes you a ranger fan im guessing… sad if true

  3. PurpleHelmet says:

    Yes, Sands is a Ranger fan!

    The Good news here is Sands can finally sPeLL.

    The sad part, Sands, is that your grammar is questionable at best. ie…..

    “Buffalo, St. Louis, and even Edmonton are just points out of the last spot.”

    Is the West and the East just the East in your eyes or are you just one of those African guys in New York who sells fake watches out of a brief case, worships a coke bottle and who’s natural dialect sounds like knocking?

  4. Komic-J says:


    Just submited something like that…but for the Eastern Conference only…hope you won’t be mad…

  5. EmptyNetter says:

    And who are the “Lefts”? Communists?

  6. Aetherial says:

    I was wondering the same thing…

  7. nocuphere says:

    Dude that’s by far the funniest thing I’ve ever heard before. The knocking comment blew us all away. Dude you gotta take that act to broadway.

  8. nocuphere says:

    Go ilses!!

  9. Kashin says:

    They have been playing well on the offensive side the last few games. However they have been horrible defensively the last few games. Dipietro has not played well. Their PK has been a disaster. It is a good thing their next 3 games are against teams they have a good history against. They have own Khabibulin (4.50+ carrerr GAA against them) and I dont think in the playoffs they will bench him. It is good Yashin is back and if he gets going it is like they got a #1 go to option back.

  10. PurpleHelmet says:

    Maybe Lokomotiv or Moscow Dynamo or the Red Army are going to be making a surprise appearence prior to the playoffs.

    Maybe Sands knows something that we don’t know. He could be referring to a team or two supported by secret societies like the Illuminati, the Masons, the Skulls or the Shriners.

    Sands and his crazy conspiracy theories “Believe it….Or Not”

  11. PurpleHelmet says:

    True man! Nobody wants to see a team with a picture of a Yak head on their jersey make the playoffs. How barbaric.

    The next thing this team is gonna do is put a plate of Buffalo chicken wings on their jersey. These guys are sick!

  12. Beckfan5 says:

    How can you say theyve been playing well on the offensive side the last few games? Peca, Bates and Czerkawski can hit the ocean if standing on a pier!

    Their fowards arent scoreing like they should be. Their lucky they got Parrish back and I cant belive I said that cause I dont think he as good as Islander fans think he his.

    Too bad they didnt get Satan, AGAIN, like they were supposed to for the third straight year.

    Say bye bye to the 8th seed!!

    Bye bye.

  13. PurpleHelmet says:

    It’s OK. Sands is just one of those East L.A. kids who sprays paint into a paper bag and inhales.

    Not his fault really, just the socio-economic cir*****stance he was born into.

    Born in East L.A., I was Born in East L.A………….

  14. SwiftLEAF says:

    Yeah the title for the article should be:

    Battle for the last spot in the East and West

  15. PurpleHelmet says:

    It’s true. The Buffalo Yakheads are in the playoffs like Gary Leeman in Al Iafrate’s wife!

  16. Hyfte says:

    Nashville will take sixth place back Calgary and Edmonton will finish 7th and 8th respectable.

    St Louis has a better chance than LA the Kings are luckey they where in the race to this point.

  17. nocuphere says:

    lmao. Dude i’m telling ya, you’re missing out on some serious dough in stand up comedy. Keep up the good work bro.

  18. PurpleHelmet says:



  19. PurpleHelmet says:

    Thanks alot man! I like your work as well!

  20. Beckfan5 says:

    Just like I wrote in my post above about the Islanders and the 8th spot, the same applies to you……..Bye bye!

    But for you it should be more like good riddance.

  21. nocuphere says:

    Well you know. I dabble. haha.

  22. PurpleHelmet says:

    Beckfan5, aren’t you the same guy who won the Becks beer contest by drinking assfunnels off Ruben Studdard’s asscrack?

    Aren’t you the same guy who has been brown nosing mikster and the rest of your NYR hotub clan so much that your face looks like an ant hill?

    Aren’t you the same guy who’s been known to give his Care Bear Stare into the brown-eye of random 60 year-old men?

    Yeah….Bye Bye, the rest of the free world would just love the opportunity to miss you. Why don’t you give them a taste of it and lock yourself into trunk with your pet Gimp!

  23. Petr89 says:

    God-damn socialists.

  24. Kalgon says:

    like the rangers jersey isnt bad enough

    wow you have rangers diagonally through the jersey like the other teams dont know who you are.

    At least with your liberty jersey you have a symbol and that should be like the perma away jersey not some third jersey.

    I will give ya this though at least you dont have a fisherman on your jersey

  25. 24cups says:

    He mentionned St-Louis and Edmonton in the West!!! Didn’t He?!?

  26. 24cups says:

    Wow, When was the last time that all of the 6 canadian teams got into the playoffs??? Never happened???

  27. kidhenry1 says:

    It’s a little bit nerve racking as an Isles fan, but they have the season series with Buffalo all wrapped up, so all they have to do is tie and they’re in. So that means that beating the Ducks, Florida, and Carolina twice should be enough to sneak in.

    What they need is for the defense to get their heads on straight–Aucoin hasn’t been holding up his superhuman effort, and Hamrlik’s been all over the place. But as long as they keep scoring, they’ll definately manage to win against some of the worse teams that they have over the final 10.

  28. chanman says:

    Thats what i say. people like him shouldnt be allowed tyo post here. Good riddence is right.

    The sabres are in a great place to make some noise and push thier way in there. That would be great.

    Hey, why is everybody bashing the guy for the east/west mixup?over half the comments were just crying about the spelling and misprint. You know what he ment.

  29. Sands says:

    “St. Louis 1 point behind Nashville and LA. Have a the best chance to take the last spot in the West while Buffalo is just 4 points away from pushing the Islanders out of it.”

    The it says:

    “In the East”

    It’s ok we do have a few 12 year old’s on the site that can’t read.

  30. nskerr says:

    Looking at their remaining schedules, here is how I see it going. The Isles already won the Anaheim game giving them a 6 point lead. They swept the season series with Buffalo, so Buffalo will have to have more wins than the Isles if they end up in a tie to get into the playoffs. Right now the two teams are tied for wins and Buffalo has a game in hand.

    I think the Isles will spilt with Tampa. They matchup well with them because both teams have speed. If the Isles defense plays well, this is definitely possible. The Isles have always played well against Tampa. I think the Isles might split with Carolina. Laviolette would love to knock his former team out and I could see a superhman effort from that group giving the Isles a problem in one of the games. I think the Isles will beat Florida, have some trouble with Minnesota, but get a point somehow, beat the Caps, but probably lose both to Philly, lose to Montreal and somehow get a point with NJ.

    If what I say comes to fruition, or close to it, it will give the Isles 10 points out of a possible 22 which is definitely possible. It would give them 86 total. Buffalo would then need 16 points out of a possible 24 for a tie. Buffalo would need to have more wins than the Isles to get in which is almost like saying they will need 9 wins out of the next 12. Looking at their schedule, I think Boston wins today. At best, the Sabres split with Toronto, they lose to Tampa, they beat Florida, they split with Montreal, probably beat Pittsburgh both times, beat Columbus, beat the Rangers and I have a feeling lose to Atlanta. That is only 7 wins. 14 points. It won’t make it. Even if they beat someone else, they have to make sure they have more wins which makes it very difficult.

    By no means is this race over. The Isles have definitley struggled lately, but the win in Anaheim last night was huge and really puts Buffalo under presure to win against some good teams like Boston, Toronto, Montreal and Tampa just to stay in it. That is 6 games right there. Those 6 games will determine if Buffalo can make it or not. If they come out 4-2 or better, than they have the much easier track with 2 against Pittsburgh and 1 against Columbus. .500 or below and they must pretty much run the table against everyone else. I don’t see that happening.

    To make a long story short, even though Milbury didn’t do anything to help his team and as an Islander fan want to see this team taken apart a little in the offseason because it is not built for success in the playoffs, I still think the Isles will make it. What they do in round 1 is anyone’s guess. If they play like they have been lately, unless it is against another good skating team like Tampa, they will be eliminated pretty quickly. If they play like they did in December when they consistently knocked off the best teams in the league, then they might give someone a real scare.

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